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Pelagic Warrior Lures
We manufacture and distribute 100% handcrafted poppers, stickbaits, and jigs. Using the highest quality materials we have developed a range of tried and tested poppers, stickbaits and jigs covering the full spectrum of sizes, weights and colours to cover every aspect and demand of Saltwater Popping and Jigging. Our lures catch GTs, AJs, Dogies, Kingfish, Grouper, Cobia, etc. E-mail us for a full catalogue and price list.
Contact: Egor
City: Hamilton
Tel:  +1 646-397-3577
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Pepper Tackle Distributors
Wholesale fishing tackle and fishing supplies for dealers. Complete line of brand name fishing products.  Free catalog available to licensed dealers. Makers of and home to the patented BIG DADDY Catfish floats and POPEYE SPECIAL jigs
Contact: Mary White
City: Louisville, Ky
Tel:  (502) 933 3454
Fax: (502) 933 3454
Email: [email protected]
Poor Boys Baits
Hand poured tournament grade soft baits and the original creators of the darter jig head.
Contact: Kurk Johnson
City: Warsaw
Tel:  (574)276-4651
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Porta-Bote International
Porta Boat has revolutionized the world of portable boats. Avoid flimsy inflatable boats!© No pumps, no patch kit, no more worrying about a popped air chamber, no more trying to stop the slow leaks that develop every day you own an inflatable boat. Over 70% of new Porta-Bote owners are former inflatable owners who have "had it" with all the hassle involved with an inflatable. RV Owners can "hang" Porta-Bote on the side or roof or underneath. When your're through using a wet, soggy inflatable, where are you going to store it? Sailboat & Cruiser Owners can store the folded Porta-Bote anywhere you can store a surfboard. Notice how many boat owners never deflate their clumsy inflatables? Porta-Bote tows like a dream behind a sailboat. Towing an inflatable is like pulling an anchor. Reduces speed up to 30%.
Contact: Sandy Kaye
City: Mountain View, California
Tel:  +1 650 961-5334
Fax: +1 650 961-3800
Email: [email protected]
PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue
The only Fishing Glue you'll ever need! Wholesalers of our own Fishing Adhesives. Call about becoming a Tackle Store or to Distribute our line. Good Fishin.
Contact: Michael Rice
City: Ashland
Tel:  1 + (804) 798-5225 EST
Email: [email protected]
Prowess USA
We are importer and distributor of fishing, surgical, dental and manicure instruments like scissors, pliers, tweezers and clamps.
Contact: A. Main
City: Irving, Texas, 75061
Tel:  +1 214 718 5158
Fax: +1 972 986 2929
Email: [email protected]
Rangely Mfg.
We mfg. Rangely Spinners and Spoons. We also repair rods and reels
Contact: Mike Searles
City: Sinclair
Tel:  +1 207 543 7473
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
RDI Footwear
RDI Footwear is a manufacture of boat shoes and boots made from PVC Polyurethane, and light weight durable EVA. Slip resistant boots in 11" and 14" heights from size 4 to 14 We also make kids boots in a number of fun colors.
Contact: Scott Velepec
City: Wood Dale
Tel:  +1 5857211444
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
R.E.P. Lures
Handcrafted fishing lures, made of solid wood, hand carved with old world pride and new world materials. Outdoorsmen for over 100 years, a family tradition. Hunting and fishing guides in North Central Wisconsin.
Contact: D.B. Young
City: Phillips, Wisconsin
Tel: (715) 339 7153
Email: [email protected]
Real Fish Bait Company
We specialize in manufacturing fishing swimbait lures for all trophy fresh  and saltwater gamefish. We are currently accepting new wholesalers and  distributors. Email for discounted price quotes, photos, and MOQ.
Contact: Ho Pham
City: Mondesto
Tel:  +1 209 604 5359
Fax: +1 415 969 2432
Email: [email protected]
Redneck Lures
Contact: R. Bearden
City: Brandon, Ms
Tel: (800) 242 0363 ext. 1793
Fax: (310) 495 0170
Email: [email protected]
ReelBait Tackle Company
Selected "2012 - Best New Walleye" Lure by Outdoor Magazine, by Mr. Gordon Pyzer. Manufactures of Fergie Spoons, Lytle's Secret and Original, Red Tail, and Transparent Series Walleye Flasher Jigs.
Contact: Al Patterson
City: Seward, NE 68434
Tel: +1 402 643.4127
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Reel Draggin' Tackle
Offering high quality big game offshore fishing tackle. We specialize in spreader bars, daisy chains, shell squid, skirt squid, straight running lures. We also have a great line of high quality, low cost Black Mesh Tackle Bags. Get your logo on the bag and promote your business with every sale.
Contact: Ken Lahr
City: Harwood, Maryland
Fax: 301 669 5492
Email: [email protected]
Reelin Fishing & Tackle
Specializing in bulk closeout fishing items. Wide range of fresh and saltwater tackle. Rods, reels, lures, tools, rigs, fishing line and combos. All name brand at "rock bottom" prices.
Contact: Kevin Bell
City: White Plains
Tel:  1 800 319 5719
Email: [email protected]
Renaldo Enterprises
Fishing tackle from Europe. Line from Bentley Fishing Products, Reels and rods from Grauvell
Contact: Paul Renaldo
City: Branchburg, NJ
Tel:  908 685 0970
Fax: 775 514 7559
Email: [email protected]
Revolutio Sales & Marketing
We offer the newest line of jig heads on the market. Unlike any other jig head the hook and the head are separate pieces.
Contact: Sean Francis
City: Aurora
Tel:  (303) 818 9042
Email: [email protected]
Tangled fishing rigs? Not anymore with RIGRAP! Anglers all over agree that RIGRAP is the most innovative and unique fishing rig storage solutions to ever come along. RIGRAP is simple, effective, convenient, loaded with features and affordable. Offering 13 different sizes and accessories, no matter what type of rig, freshwater or saltwater, RIGRAP has a size solution that keeps rigs organized and tangle free. Your customers will go crazy for RIGRAP and you’ll enjoy what RIGRAP can do for your bottom line. Give your customers what they want. Contact RIGRAP or your area Distributor and order RIGRAP Today!
Contact: Glen Oberacker
City: Jupiter
Tel:  +1 561.200.5958
Fax: +1 561.658.7844
Email: [email protected]
River Works Sports Center
Bait and tackle, archery, repair and servicing, manufacture our own rods, long bows, Mississippi river guide services, boat rental and canoe rental.
Contact: Tom Laschiava
City: Cassville, Wi
Tel:  (608) 725 5963
Email: [email protected]

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