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U-Charters - Slide Diver
Like other disk style divers, the Slide Diver utilizes water pressure against the planing surface which forces the unit to dive when trolling. The adjustable weight shifts the diver from the center to the far right or far left trolling positions from the boat. Based on the setting and the amount of line released, the Slide Diver will descend to the selected angle or position. The Slide Diver is unique in one major way--it is a true in-line diver. The line passes through the diver and is locked into place when diver is set. This design allows you to vary the lead length between the bait to the diver. Other divers are tied in a stationary position with a limited lead length from diver to bait. With these divers many people use an obtrusive rubber snubber to combat some of the tension issues that result.
Contact: Eric Trempe
City: Sheboygan Falls
Tel:  (920)452-9964
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
UD Lures
The Ugly Duckling Company started the serial production of the balsa fishing lures in the early 1980s. Due to the great experience and years of testing, the Ugly Duckling Lures have become popular worldwide, well-known for their fantastic quality and effectiveness
Contact: George Smith
City: Chicago, IL
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Venom Mfg Co Inc.
Injected soft plastics of all types, usa leader for over 25 years. Packaged and bulk baits available.
Contact: David Maurice
City: Lancaster, OH
Tel:  +1 740 689 3536
Fax: +1 740 689 3636
Email: [email protected]
Vermont Fly Box Company
Solid hardwood fly boxes made from native Vermont lumber in rare Birdseye Maple, Vermont Cherry and Black Walnut. These are not presentation boxes but are made to use and pass on. We use solid brass self-hiding cylinder hinges, magnetic disc closures and closed cell ripple foam inserts. The size is 3-1/2" x 5% x 1-1/4" and weighs only 4 ozs. And they float.
Contact: Laura Lenart
City: Bethel
Tel:  (802) 590 2118
Fax: (802) 590 2118
Email: [email protected]
VersaLures, LLC
Manufacturer of Patented sport fishing products. V-X4 transforming lures, Energy glide Swivels.
Contact: Randal Turner
City:  Granite Falls
Tel:  +1 425 923 0018
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Wiggle Rigs
Wiggle Rigs are the hottest new fluke/flounder rigs to hit the East Coast in years! The only rig that swims, giving your bait the most lifelike presentation possible!
Contact: Tom
City: Brick, New Jersey
Tel: 732 451 1077
Email: [email protected]
WiggleFin Tackle, LLC
We manufacture the: ActionDisc - adds action and vibration to plastic worms, hoochies and flies. Three sizes for fresh and saltwater applications.
Contact: Dean Teegarden
City: Boise
Tel: 208-388-8539
Fax: 208-388-8539
Email: [email protected]
Wild Wolf Products
We Make Big Slip Floats for Catfish, Striper's and even salt water fishing. Also the best Swim noodle jug kits with our custom just master spool. Along with  a safety float to keep those things you drop in the lake floating.
Contact: Marilyn Kildow
City: Stantonville
Tel: -
Email: [email protected]
Wilderness Access.com
We advertise to the Retail, wholesale and online market place. Oue Retail outlet is a full service Fly Shop. We also wholesale to other Fly Shops along with our Online products. We accept Paypal and all credit cards.
Contact: Dale Coryell
City: Moscow, Idaho
Tel:  208 882 2868
Fax: 208 882 2399
Email: [email protected]
Wilson's Bait
We are a wholesale distributor to retail stores of quality fishing tackle.
Contact: Debra Gobble
City: Bristol, TN
Tel:  +1 276-628-7546
Email: [email protected]
Wormies Bait & Tackle
We have 3 fully stocked bait and tackle retail stores in Indiana that also service Kentucky and Ohio customers. We also sell wholesale and have an online store. Be sure to check out the 5 acre paylake at our Lawrenceburg location that is stocked with farm raised catfish.
Contact: Bill Reynolds
City: Lawrenceburg
Tel:   812 537 5839
Fax:  812 537 5839
Email: [email protected]
Yank'em'n'krankem Custom Fishing Rods
Custom fishing rods of all types, production rods, repairs.
Contact: Anthony Corcella
City: St Pete
Tel:  727 432 6446
Email: [email protected]
Yellow Bird Products, Inc.
Yellow Bird Products, Inc. manufacturers fishing tackle products and has 8 separate companies under it's name sake: Yellow Bird planer boards, Doctor Spoon, KB Spoon, Prescott Spinner Co, Kandlefish metal jigs, Erie Shiner weight forward jigs, T-Weights snagless teflon coated weights, Bord-Rak planer board storage racking system. Made in USA!
Contact: Rick Battalini
City: Spring Grove
Tel:  815 469 9686
Fax: 815 469 2012
Email: [email protected]
ZAP Custom Lure Co.
Manufacturers of 100% US-Made, Tournament-Quality, freshwater fishing lures, tackle items, and fishing accessories.  Lures for: Bass, Walleye, Crappie, and most other freshwater species.
Contact: Dennis Bryant
City: Toledo
Tel:   +1 419 475 2621
Fax:  +1 419 475 2736
Email: [email protected]
Zephyr Fishing Inc
Zephyr Fishing Inc is aka the "ESSENTIAL TACKLE BOX".I specialize
in Customization-WOOD PLUGS, COD & TUNA JIGS, Quality Proven Hand-Made
Rigs. Fly Tying Materials, Custom Bucktails & Teasers
Contact: Capt. Larry Osit
City: Suffolk County, LI New York
Tel:  +1 631 831 4992
Email: [email protected]

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Sea-Ex is celebrating
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