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Aqua Sea Food (India) Pty Ltd

Aqua Sea Food (India) Pty Ltd - seafood manufacture and export

Contact Name Abdul Ziyad
Company Position Managing Director
Address 16/1083-A, Hadees Centre
Address Cont. Near Cochin Fisheries Harbour, Karuvelipady
City Cochin
State Kerala
Postal (Zip) Code 682005
Country INDIA
Tel +91 484 232 8108
Fax +91 484 232 8109

Processors and Exporters of
Fresh Frozen Indian Seafood Products.

We are a group of company into trading, processing & exporting of fresh and frozen seafood products . Our state-of-art factory/unit is eu approved (eec no. 691), Russian federation & usfda registered. Have 2 air blast freezers, 2 plate freezers and 1 iqf line, altogether 43 tons capacity and 350 m/tons cold storage. Our company has employed a team of Filipinos workers together with the Indian workers in order to look after the production lines and to ensure the highest quality.

please find below the products list that we produce subject to the seasonal availabilities:

yellowfin tuna : gg, hgt, loins, co treated and regular/canning grade loins
skipjack tuna : wr , h&g , precooked,
sardine : whole , hgt {bait, human consumption and canning}
indian mackerel : whole
travelly : whole
scad mackerel : whole

sword fish : chunks , steaks
marlin : chunks , steaks
sailfish : chunks , steaks
mahi mahi : whole, gg, h&g, steaks, fillets
red snapper : whole, gutted, gg, scaleoff, steaks, fillets
reef cod/grouper : whole, gutted, gg, scaleoff, steaks, fillets
king fish / seer fish: whole, gutted, gg, scaleoff, steaks, fillets
white/pink snapper : whole, gutted, gg, scaleoff, steaks, fillets.
leather jacket fish : whole , hgt skinoff, fillets
japanese thread fin bream : whole, h&g , hgt,
emperor fish : whole, gutted, gg, scal eoff, steaks, fillets
barracuda : whole, gutted, h&g
ribbon fish : wr, hgt

squid : whole, cleaned, tubes, rings, tentacles, broken, stuffed squid
cuttlefish : whole , cleaned , fillets
octopus : whole, cleaned , chopped
shrimps : pud, hoso, hlso etc etc

freezing method : block, blast frozen, iqf. Ivp.

our premium iqf,bqf/ivp products are produced under brand name : best bite , fish 'o' fresh & aashiyana.

tuna, sardine, trevally, mackerel, swordfish, marlin, cod, king fish, seer fish, leather jacket, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, shrimps

For more information about our company and products, please visit our website: