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Blue Gulf Seafoods Co., Ltd.

Blue Gulf Seafoods - China seafood suppliers of squid and tilapia products

Contact Name: Doris Zhang
Company Position: Sales Manager
Address: 126# Phoenix Lake Road, Shidao
City: Rongcheng
Province: Shandong
Country: CHINA
Telephone: +86 631 736 0519
Skype: qingteng999

Blue Gulf Seafoods Co., Ltd.
A supplier and exporter of all kinds of frozen SQUID and TILAPIA products

squid tubes, rings, carvings, steaks, strips, 5/8TT, 5/8TO, tilapia fillets, G&S tilapia and W/R tilapia etc. Also supplying Alaska Pollock fillets, Hake fillets, Cod fillets, Sole Fish fillets, Arrow Tooth Flounder fillets, Salmon fillets, Golden Pompano, Pacific/Spanish/Horse Mackerel, Red/Pink/White Shrimp etc.

Export to USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, EU countries, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, African countries, Middle American countries etc. HACCP certified, FDA, Brazil, Russia registered

Products as follows:

TILAPIA: Oreochromis Niloticus
Tilapia fillets 2/3, 2/5, 3/5, 5/7, 7/9, 9oz up
Tilapia Gutted&scaled 250/350, 350/550, 550/750, 750/950, 950g up
Tilapia whoe round 100/200, 200/300, 300/500, 500/800, 800/1000, 1000 g up
Breaded tilapia
Red tilapia

SQUID: Todarodes Pacificus/Illex Argentinus/Dosidicus Gigas/Chinensis Loligo
Squid tubes U3, U5, U7, U10, U15
Squid rings 3/7, 5/8 cm diameter
Squid flower, 3/6, 6/10cm length
Squid tubes +tentacles, 3/5, 4/6, 5/8 inches long
Squid tubes only, 3/5, 4/6, 5/8 inches long
Squid rings + tentacles
Squid strips
Squid steaks
Squid tentacles

Other products
Alaska Pollock/Hake/Arrow Tooth Flounder/Cod/Sole/Salmon fillets
Pacific/Spanish/Horse mackerel
Red/Pink/White shrimp
Golden pompano
Baby squid
Mussel meat
Baby clam meat

HACCP, ISO, EU approved, FDA /Brazil/Russia Registered

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