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Emmah Andoh Eva Seafoods

Contact Name: Mr Jiraporn Upatch
Company Position: Sales Manager
Address: Soi 18, Tambon Tanyongmat
City: Amphoe Ra-Ngae
Province: Chang Wat Narathiwat
Zip: 96130
Telephone: +66 9561 9675
Fax: +66 9561 9676

Emmah Andoh Eva Seafoods

Leading manufacture and exporter of safe & high quality seafoods, supplying hygienic and uncontaminated seafood products to customers worldwide.

Emmah Andoh Eva Seafoods Thailand - Seawater shrimps, freshwater fish, sea water fish.

Our Products include: Atlantic salmon. Vannamei White Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimp farmed, wild Black Sea Tiger Shrimps, Freshwater Shrimps, Seawater Shrimps. We can supply about 600 different species Marine Fish (Saltwater Fishes) including: red mullet, red snapper, grouper, barramundi, seabass, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, seer fish, king fish, Spanish mackerel, silver croaker, yellow croaker, ribbonfish, cobia, escolar, butterfish, oilfish, fusilier, ghoul, kooth, leather jacket, mackerel, parrot fish, black pomfret, Chinese pomfret, silver pomfret, red spot emperor, silver sillago, sweetlip, swordfish, threadfin bream, tongue sole, skipjack tuna. Freshwater fish: rohu, tilapia, mrigal, ayer, boal, catla, puti, koi, climbing perch, Pangasius basa, live & frozen king crab, snow crab, mud crab, loligo squid, Japanese flying squid Todarodes pacificus, cuttlefish, giant octopus, baby octopus.

Emmah Andoh Eva Seafoods Thailand - Vannamei white shrimp, black tiger shrimp, freshwater shrimp

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