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Qingdao Unifood Co. Ltd

Contact Name: Michael Chen
Company Position: General Manager
Address: Room 1730, No. 38 Taishan Road, Shibei District
City: Qingdao
Province: Shandong
Country: CHINA
Telephone: +86 185 6157 0120
Fax: +86 532 6698 1705
Skype: xunlu886

Qingdao Unifood Co., Limited
Seafood Producers, Seafood Processors, Seafood Exporters

We are producer and exporter of vannamei shrimp, squid, cod, salmon, mackerel, red fish, yellow fin sole, mahi mahi, arrowtooth flounder, mix seafood, mussel, and so on. 

Qingdao Unifood has been supplying quality seafood at a reasonable price for around 10 years.

Our products are exported to more than 20 countries, including USA, EU, South America, Australia, Africa and Russia.

Unifood factories are certified by HACCP, EU, ACC, BRC, MSC and ISO.

Our inspectors physically inspect each container on the product quality, color, flavor, texture, weight, size etc. No single container can leave China without our QC Stamp. 

We also implemented traceability system. We have taken all steps to ensure that our customers receive satisfactory goods.

Frozen Product:
vannamei shrimp, pink shrimp, red shrimp, illex squid, todarodes squid, loligo squid, baby squid, Pacific cod, Atlantic cod, chum salmon, hake, Greenland halibut, catfish, mackerel, red fish, yellow fin sole, mahi mahi, john dory, arrowtooth flounder, saithe, pomfret, tilapia, seafood mix, surimi, mussels, octopus, baby octopus:


Qingdao Unifood Co Ltd China - Producers, processors and seafood exporters of seafood mix, frozen baby octopus flower, octopus, frozen baby octopus, frozen loligo squid T+T, frozen loligo squid block, frozen baby squid block, squid strips, todarodes squid rings, todarodes squid pineapple cut, frozen todarodes squid strip, frozen todarodes squid tube and tentackle block frozen

Qingdao Unifood Co Ltd China - Seafood processors of todarodes squid tube, illex squid tube, illex squid ring, mahi mahi fillet, mahi mahi portion, john dory fillet skin on, john dory fillet skinless, red fish fillet, red fish fillet skin on, alaska pollock loin, alaska pollock fillet, alaska pollock portion

Qingdao Unifoods Co China - Exporters of saithe fillets, yellowfin sole fillet, pacific cod loin, tilapia fillet, tilapia whole round & gutted, chum salmon steak, chum salmon fillet, chum salmon portion, pink shrimp PUD, red shrimp PUD, blanched PD vannamei shrimp, vannamei shrimp HLSO

Qingdao Unifood Co Ltd - China producers of vannamei shrimp CPDTO, vannamei shrimp cooked & peeled, vannamei shrimp PND cooked, vannamei shrimp PND, vannamei shrimp skewer, cooked shrimp HLSO, cod fillets, cod portions, CPTDO vannamei shrimp

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