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Smyrna Goods

Smyrna Goods - We export fresh, frozen, dried and live seafood and fish worldwide from Turkey

Contact Name Ogun Demirel
Company Position Manager
Address 1362sk No. 35 1 Konak
City Izmir
Country TURKEY
Tel +905322918049
Skype tamaycetiz

We export frozen, dried Sea Cucumber and Rapana worldwide

The products that we supply are well frozen and dried and also we can add the processes which purchaser wants. Our factory has many skills (equipment and hygiene) and experienced employees to produce Turkish origin SEA CUCUMBER and RAPANA.

Smyrna Goods - Production of Sea Cucumbers



We mainly export frozen and dried sea cucumber (Holothuria polii, Holothuria mammata),

Rapana Topshell Meat (Rapana venosa)


export fresh, frozedried sea cucumber (Holothuria polii, Holothuria mammata) Frozen sea cucumber (Holothuria polii, Holothuria mammata)
Fresh sea cucumber (Holothuria polii, Holothuria mammata) Topshell Meat (Rapana venosa), whelk meat


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