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Subzero Grimsby Ltd

Subzero Grimsby UK Seafood Processors - High Quality Seafood Processing Equipment

Contact Name: Steven Chapman
Company Position: Manager
Address: Estate Rd 7, South Humberside Ind Estate
City: Grimsby
State: NE Lincolnshire
Postal (Zip) Code: DN31 2TP
Telephone: +44 1472 289794


SUBZERO Grimsby Ltd are Seafood Processors providing Plate Freezing, Band Sawing and Nienstedt Pressing and Belt Freezing.

We have one of the most skilled workforce’s in Grimsby of any independent fish processor, and this allied to our range of equipment, and our highly trained workforce, means we are able to work to tight customer specifications whilst still ensuring full traceability.

We operate from a recently fully refurbished facility of 12,000 sq ft. and we are accredited to the BRC Global standard – Grade A and have full MSC – chain of custody approval. You will find us listed in their website directories. Certificates can be downloaded from our website in pdf format.

We have adequate onsite cold storage and chiller space to accept your raw materials prior to processing.

Subzero Grimsby UK Seafood Processors - Highly Trained Staff

Production of industry standard 7.5kg laminated fish blocks.

Various species and product types are produced at Subzero to include: fillets, pieces, mince & scrapemeat from Salmon, Cod, Haddock and various other whitefish.

Our machinery and block frames where all sourced from Beck, the world’s premier supplier of block packaging. Our process incorporates the beck-liner only to ensure the perfect block is produced to perfect dimension, perfect weight with no freezer burn, ice or air pockets.

Please get in touch if you have a particular specie or product type for block production.

Our bandsaw department is one of the busiest in the UK. Our highly skilled operatives enable Subzero to offer a full range of cutting services to customer specification, which often includes cutting to tight weight and dimensional specifications. Some of the services offered are listed below:

7.5kg Laminated Blocks
- Portions
- Fingers
- Trapezoids
- Dice/Cubes

- Portions / Tails / Loins
- Goujons
- Supremes
- Steaks

We produce many other products so please contact us if you have a particular enquiry.

We have been pressing & shaping frozen products for over 10 years and have developed what is regarded locally and the best fillet shape mould for both the food service & retail sectors. We can produce a range of fish fillet shaped sizes from 30g up to 130g.

Our pressing machinery utilises 7.5kg laminated blocks which are precut into bricks before being formed under pressure into the desired shape & size. We have various tooling sets for different sized products.

A fast turnaround from block to pressed portion often offers a real alternative to hand made equivalents imported from China where delivery times are many weeks.

For more information on this service, please get in touch.

Our Starfrost line is a triple belt hybrid inline tunnel with dual purpose for both IQF freezing and glazing.

We can freeze a wide range of products and species. Our freezing capacity is around 10mt per 24hr cycle depending on product size & thickness.

Bespoke glazing equipment is attached to the starfrost when we are running the glazing operation. This allows for up to 4 dip/spray passes between each cycle through the freezer to achieve the required level of glaze and by glazing in layers we achieve the perfect glazed level every time.

For further information on either IQF freezing or glazing please fill out the enquiry form below or give us a call.



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Subzero Grimsby UK Seafood Processors - Quality Control Systems



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