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Sunsea AS

Sunsea AS - Seafood From Norway, Seafood Processor, Seafood Exporter, Seafood Wholesaler, Seafood Distributor

Contact Name: Hallvard Lidset
Company Position: Managing Director
Address: 6076 Moltustranda
City: Oslo
Postal (Zip) Code: 607
Country: NORWAY


Seafood From Norway, Seafood Processor, Seafood Exporter, Seafood Wholesaler, Seafood Distributor


Sunsea AS is an independent, family owned seafood business in Norway operating since the 1990s.

We work with fishermen and ship owners of more than 60 Norwegian Trawlers and Long Liners that supply us Frozen at Sea raw material products. We receive new catch at 15 cold store terminals in Norway daily and arrange logistics by truck and reefers to 25 countries. We trade more than 10 000 tons of sea frozen goods to customers in Europe, North America and Asia every year. All our suppliers are vetted and the goods we export are quality assured.


While we have been blessed with the most fantastic conditions for fisheries close to our coastline we are also proud of the fact that Norwegian fisheries have been managed prudently for decades. The sound and conservative management policies have ensured stable harvesting opportunities while the base stock of key fisheries such as cod, haddock and saithe has gradually increased.



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