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Aquaculture Associations - Canada


Aboriginal Aquaculture Association
Campbell River, B.C. Canada
The Aboriginal Aquaculture Association is a sectoral organization designed to assist, support and facilitate the meaningful participation of First Nations in sustainable aquaculture development. It serves as a resource body providing guidance and advice with respect to sustainable aquaculture development, regulation and management of aquaculture. It believes that aquaculture development has the potential to play a major role in the diversification and strengthening of the local and regional economies of First Nations.


Alberta Aquaculture Association
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
The Alberta Aquaculture Association supports the pursuit of aquaculture promotion and education.
Aquaculture Association of Canada
St. Andrews, NB Canada
AAC is a registered charity with a mandate to transfer information between the various sectors of the aquaculture community. It does this by organizing workshops and conferences on topical issues, publishing the proceedings of these events, and supporting students through scholarships, travel bursaries, and best-paper awards.
Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Information on products farmed in Nova Scotia: Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Striped Bass (Morone sacatalis), Soft Shell Clams, Scallops (Bay Scallop - Argopecten irradians and Sea Scallop - Plactopecten magellanicus), Quahog (Clams) - Littleneck Clams, Cherrystone Clams nd Chowder Clams, Knotted Wrack (brown algae - Phaeophyceae), Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), Atlantic Halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus), Blue Mussels (Mytilidae), Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char and American or Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)
Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association
Letang, NB - Innovative and home-grown, Atlantic Canada’s fish farming industry is filling a global need for healthy food and bringing economic prosperity to our region. Truly one of the best locations in the world to farm fish, Atlantic Canada’s abundant natural ocean environment provides optimal conditions for the well-being of farmed fish and the sustainability of the environment. Atlantic Canada fish farms are locally owned and operated, and our region’s fish farmers have built the industry over the last 30 years, becoming recognized leaders in sustainable and environmentally-responsible finfish production. Atlantic salmon is by far the most important finfish species grown by our fish farmers, but many companies are now expanding to include other species such as cod, trout and arctic char as well as mussels and seaweed from integrated multi-trophic aquaculture farms.
British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association
Campbell River, BC, Canada
The BC Salmon Farmers Association is a forum for communication and cooperation within the salmon farming sector, and the focal point for liaison between the industry and government. BCSFA also provides information to the public and stakeholders about salmon farming, and coordinate industry-wide activities, research, and community events. Our members include both farmed salmon producers, and many of the companies who provide services and supplies to them.
British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association
Comox, BC, Canada
We offer information about the shellfish farming industry in British Columbia, from how we grow our products to our association and the people involved. Our farmers rely on a healthy environment and have been considered stewards of the oceans for over 100 years in BC. The cool, pristine, nutrient-rich coastal waters of BC’s vast coastline (over 27,000km) provide the perfect location to grow some of the highest quality shellfish that can be found on menu’s throughout the world. Our sustainable industry provides over 1,000 full-time jobs in rural and coastal communities and is an economic driver accounting for over $33 million in farm gate sales yearly.
Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) is a national industry association, headquartered in Ottawa, that represents Canadian aquaculture operators, feed companies and suppliers, as well as provincial finfish and shellfish aquaculture associations.
Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association
St. Alban's, Newfoundland, Canada
The Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association represents the interests of aquaculturists in Newfoundland & Labrador. It is a member based non-profit organization with a mandate to facilitate and promote commercial development of aquaculture. The aquaculture industry in Newfoundland and Labrador is changing rapidly, and growing steadily. Newfoundland and Labrador: Blue mussels, Atlantic salmon, Steelhead trout and Atlantic cod. Our sites employ the latest technologies from around the world and our companies are committed to a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. NAIA works closely with the many community, regional and national development and regulatory agencies to foster an atmosphere of positive growth of the aquaculture industry for all residences of this province.
Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Alliance
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Rich in tradition, PEI has a superior world-wide reputation for our quality and flavour with chefs, retailers, and consumers of cultured seafood products. The cool fresh waters of PEI’s bays and estuaries provide optimal growing conditions for farmed blue mussels and Malpeque oysters. Our abundant supply of high-quality groundwater also allows for dynamic Rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, Halibut hatcheries, and nursery production units to thrive in the global marketplace.
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Prince Edward Island
The mission of the Aquaculture Division is to provide quality advice, assistance and information to the aquaculture and estuarial shellfish fisheries with the goal to support the development of the industries in a sustainable manner. Description of the development of the aquaculture industry on PEI. Information on the cultured fish species in PEI, including the blue mussel, American oyster and finfish species.
Quebec Fish Processors Association - L'Association Québécoise de l'Industrie de la Pêche
Quebec, Canada
The Quebec Fish Processors Association is the oldest association of fish and seafood processing companies in Canada, and its head office is strategically located in Quebec City
International Salmon Farmers Association - Aquaculture, or fish farming is centuries old. Salmon farming began in Norway approximately 40 years ago but it has become an economic driver and social mainstay of coastal and rural communities all over the world – in countries like Canada, the United States, Chile, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands. Salmon farming currently employs thousands of people, generates billions of dollars into local economies and provides leadership and training opportunities for young people so that they can work and raise families in their home communities. Farmed salmon has also become a staple part of a healthy, nutritious and affordable diet for people of all ages.
Aquaculture Stewardship Council
The ASC's mission is to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility using efficient market mechanisms that create value across the chain.


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