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This section of the Sea-Ex site is for Australian Chefs and Restaurants sourcing suppliers of quality Australian seafood products.

South Australia Seafood Suppliers


Adelaide Fish Processors Pty Ltd

Located at the central fish market. We have set up a full service contract processing facility equipped to handle your local or export needs. Our facility is accredited with full HACCP, EU and FDA. We have a general base price that we quote. All prices are charged on return weight. We are able to source and supply a wide range of seafood from South Australia.
Contact: Arthur Poligerinos    E-mail:  
Ph: 08 8351 8201   Fax: 08 8351 8202

Eyre / Rainbow exports

Sea urchins, processed in brine or fine packed in wooden trays, sea snails , live ocean jackets , eye fillets.
Contact: Rockne Little   Email:  
Ph: 08 86872108   Fax: 08 86855005

D & M-J N Parker Nominees Pty Ltd

Fresh chilled whole and filleted farmed Yellowtail Kingfish, live graded Yabbies and frozen crumbed Calamari snitzels. If you need to source another seafood product in South Australia just contact us.
Contact: Melissa Parker       Email:  
Ph: 0417 - 801 837   Fax: 08 8234 0516

Harry Goudias Pty Ltd

South Australian Green/Cooked King Prawns, South Australian Squid, South Australian King George Whiting Fillets, South Australian Garfish Fillets, South Australian Blue Swimmer Crabs.
Contact: Harry Paul        Email:    
Ph: 08 8341 0102     Fax: 08 84478 412
Limestone Coast Trout Coast Trout (Rainbow Trout), Fresh Trout - Whole HOGG Fillets. Smoked Redgum Trout comes loose or vacuum packed. Trout Pate and pickled Trout. Tourist Shop - Farm Gate Sales with free tastings of all our products and other regional produce from the Limestone Coast of South Eastern Australia
Contact: Carlien Lavers        Email:    
Ph: 0407 791 669     Fax: 08 8733 1407
Ocean Fresh Seafoods Fresh Fillets etc - Adelaide Metro area.
Contact: Vito Lombardi        Email:    
Ph: (08) 8336 5266     Fax: (08) 8336 5489
Port Lincoln Fish Market Specialise in Port Lincoln, South Australian Hand Selected Premium Grade Seafood, such as the Coffin Bay Oyster, Spencer Gulf Slipper Lobster or Bug, King George Whiting, Snapper Species, Southern Calamari, West Coast Crayfish, Blue Swim.Crab, Sand Crabs and many Deep Sea Varieties.
Contact: Tamara Roberts        Email:    
Ph: (08) 8683 3377     Fax: (08) 8683 3300

Seafood Works

Whole + fillets fish: Ocean Trout / Red Snapper / baby Snapper / Tommy Ruffs / Sardines / Mullets / Atlantic Salmon / King George Whiting / Snook / Flat Heat / Trevally / Rainbow Trout / Flathead / Boarfish / Whitebait/Prawns (s/m/l)/ Crayfish / Yabbies / Marron / Squid (Whole/Tubes) / Octopus / Scallops / Mussels / Oysters / Smoked Variety of fish / Marinara Mix
Contact: Sales Manager     Email:    
Ph: 08 8365 6557    Fax:08 8365 6558

Seamaster Seafood Supplies

Specialists in Live Mud Crabs.    Target region Australia wide & Export
Contact: Dung Hoang Le & Cindy Dang   Email:    
Ph: 08 89329992   Fax:08 89329998

Strother Fish Pty Ltd

Aquaculture: Farmed black bream, unprocessed whole fish, any size from 150gram to 300grams. Smaller ones suitable for mincing or stir fries, larger ones for smoking or baking whole for plate-size meals. Will sell smaller ones live for aquariums.    Farmed Mulloway, 300g-500 grams, plate-sized 30-40cm in length.
Contact: Roger Strother     Email:    
Ph: 08 85754280    Fax:08 85754204

South Australia Mariculture Pty Ltd

Canned Cocktail Abalone, Canned Abalone Petites.    Australia Wide
Contact: Nikki Meredith       
Ph: 08 86843669     Fax: 08 86843571

The Rock Lobster Company

Cooked, Live, and Green Lobsters. All forms Shark/Flake, Scale fish most cold water species, Green and cooked King Prawns, Imported Pilchards for human consumption.  Australia wide
Contact: Arthur Poligerinos    Email:  
Ph: 08 87682594   Fax: 08 87682626




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