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This section of the Sea-Ex site is for Australian Chefs and Restaurants sourcing suppliers of quality Australian seafood products.

Victoria Seafood Suppliers - 2 -


Daht Abalone

Our products are:- Frozen fresh Abalone to restaurants.
Contact: Aaron Hoskin        Email:  
Ph: 03 5241 9377     Fax: 03 5241 9388

Golden Dragon Abalone Pty Ltd

Restaurant supplier, Hotels Supplier, Retail supplier, Supermarket Chain, Cruise Ships, Airline, Resorts.
I am a Specialist Seafood supplier of.. Canned Abalone, Sun-Dried Abalone, Frozen Abalone, Cooked Vacuum Packed Abalone, Prawns, Scallops, Squid, Fresh Fish.
Contact: Ravi Narain  E-mail     
Ph:03 5272 3122     Fax: 03 5272 3144

Seafood Store Pty Ltd

The Seafood Store brand seen around the CBD has become synonymous with the consistent delivery of quality fresh and frozen seafood to some of Melbourne's top restaurants
Contact: Steven Gambrellis        Email:      
Ph: (03) 9335 5530   Fax: (03) 9335 5770

Parkdale Seafoods

We supply to the following region: Melbourne  South Eastern suburbs We supply the freshest fish daily and all frozen seafoods required by the restaurant and hotel industry. Products are  Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Frozen Seafood, Value added Seafood eg: Seafood Vol-au-vents , seafood Lasagne , Thai Fish Cakes ,Scallops Mornay on rice ,
Consultancy at reasonable rates to the industry..
Contact: Christopher Tandy     Email:    
Ph: 03 95875437     Fax: 03 95875437

Portland Bay Seafood Pty Ltd

We are a a Specialist Seafood supplier, supplying Australia wide. Our product range includes Southern Rock Lobster and King Crabs.
Contact: Joe Jenkinson  E-mail     
Ph: 03 5523 6923     Fax: 03 5523 7110
Russell Stevens Products are: frozen southern rock lobster, live and fresh cooked southern rock lobster, live eels, smoked whole eels and eel fillets (Vacuum Packed), king crabs and other seafood products. Refrigerated delivery for your goods.
(Victoria only).
Contact: Russell Steven          Email:      
Ph: 03 98133428    Fax: 03 98133428

Sushi Supplies Australia

We are a a Specialist Seafood supplier, supplying the Melbourne region. Our products are Vacuum packed Tuna and swordfish loins.
Contact: E-mail     
Ph: (03) 9700 0474     Fax: (03) 9700 0475

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