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Sea-Ex is celebrating 25 YEARS of assisting Seafood, Marine & Related Companies with online marketing!

Sea-Ex is celebrating
25 YEARS of assisting Seafood, Marine & Related Companies with online marketing!

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Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia  AFFA  (Fisheries) Exciting opportunities exist for further growth through aquaculture and increasing returns from current commercial catches through value adding. The challenge is to develop these valuable industries while at the same time ensuring the sustainability of the marine ecosystem and respecting the rights of other users.


ABARE is a professionally independent applied economic research agency. We work with industry and government to provide stakeholders in Australia's rural and resource industries with up to date public policy analysis and commodity forecasts. Our research prepares our clients for the emerging economic issues that will affect the competitiveness of these industries.

Economic forecasting and analysis give organisations a competitive edge in the tough, global marketplace.....


OECD The Directorate analyses food, agriculture and fisheries issues and provides information and advice to governments on practical and innovative options for the reform and the development of policies and the liberalisation of trade.


Research on Export Opportunity For Eel Farmers....


Seafood Industry Victoria: is a non-profit organisation whose members are involved in the harvesting, processing, wholesaling, retailing and exporting of seafood in Victoria


The Fisheries and Forestry Sciences Division serves, Fisheries resources include what are often called 'common property resources' AFFA in the areas of fisheries, aquaculture and forests.....


Seafood Industry Quality Initiatives: Like other primary industries, the seafood industry must constantly adapt to changing preferences and expectations of consumers, and to changing market conditions, if it is to be economically sustainable.....


Greenpeace campaigns to: Safeguard marine biodiversity; prevent fishery bycatch; end all commercial whaling.....


Safe:food Queensland: Safe Food Queensland is all about ensuring consumers have as much confidence in the safety of Queensland-produced food as they have in it's great taste.....


South Australian Fishing Industry Council: As the Peak Industry body under the State's fisheries legislation SAFIC is responsible for providing a range of representative services to the fishing industry in South Australia.....


Fisheries Research & Development Corporation: The FRDC is a rural research and development corporation within the Commonwealth Government portfolio of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia (AFFA)....


CSIRO  is Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. By igniting the creative spirit of our people, we deliver great science and innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment......


AGRICULTURE FISHERIES AND FORESTRY ~ AUSTRALIA: The Australian fishing and aquaculture industries are Australia's fifth most valuable rural industry after wool, beef, wheat and dairy.....


QSIA Queensland Seafood Industry Association INC, The Seafood Site The ultimate resource for all things seafood and the Queensland Commercial Industry in Queensland, Australia...


Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development Northern Territory: Commercial fisheries in the Northern Territory are diverse and are based on prawns, mud crab, barramundi, threadfin salmon, shark and Spanish mackerel as well as some snappers and reef fish. Significant aquaculture activity focuses on pearls, prawns and barramundi.....


Commercial Fisheries Western Australia Commercial fishing in Western Australia is managed by controlling either inputs (eg the number and size of boats the amount or type of fishing gear, the length of the season) or outputs (eg the amount of fish which can be caught). In general, controls are established through Management Plans or Orders made under the Fish Resources Management Act 1994....


Fisheries Ecologically Sustainable Development of Fisheries Ecologically Sustainable Development (or ESD) is a dynamic concept that seeks to integrate short and long-term economic, social and environmental effects into the decision-making of government and industry...

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