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Commercial Fishing & Seafood Industry Contacts - Maldives M - Z


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Centurion Fisheries Investment Pvt Ltd (MDV021)
Our company is establish plant and fishing fleet we are reliable supplier from Maldives. Fresh Product: Fresh Yellow fin tuna, big eyed tuna, mahi, groupers, cuttle fish, snapper, emperor, etc. Frozen Loins, saku, steaks etc.
Contact: Ismail Rasheed
City: Orchidmagu, Male
Tel:  009603385333
Skype: isseyr1
Email: [email protected] 
Maldives Quality Seafood Pvt Ltd
EU Approved Fishermen, Producers, Processors and Exporters of grouper, coral trout, red snapper, green job fish, trevally, rainbow runner, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, sailfish.
Contact: Roy Schofield
City: Male
Tel: 988 0745  Fax: -
Skype: royschofieldbkk
Email: Email Maldives Quality Seafood
Maldive Seafood Pte Ltd
Fishermen, Producers, Processors, Wholesalers, Exporters, Agents and Retailers of fresh and frozen yellowfin tuna.
Contact: Ahmed Ashraf
City: Male'
Tel: 300 1050  Fax: 300 1051
Skype: maldiveseafood
Email: Email Maldive Seafood Pte Ltd
Marea Maldives Pvt Ltd
Export of fresh Yellowfin Tuna as Whole / Loins
Contact: Abdul Wahid Mohamed
City: Male, Machchangolhi
Tel: 998 3781  Fax: 332 4759
Skype: marea
Email: Email Marea Maldives Pvt Ltd
Marineca Pvt Ltd
Fishermen, processors, exporters, wholesalers and buyers agents of Fresh Yellowfin Tuna Loins / H&G / G&G
Contact: Marineca
City: Male
Tel: +960 912 6500  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Marineca Pvt Ltd
Marketing & Sales Services Pvt Ltd
We are a sea food exporting company based in the Maldives. We export yellowfin tuna, canned tuna, dried fish (maldive fish), reef fish and sea cucumber. We import all kinds of canned/bottled food items, including juices, milk, different kinds of coffees, canned veg and fruits and items such as pasta, sauces etc.
Contact: Hussain Ibrahim
Tel: 777 6589  Fax: 331 8978
Skype: -
Email: Email Marketing & Sales Services Pvt Ltd 
MGH Investment Private Limited
We are Dried tuna (Maldive fish) and seafood exporters from Maldives. We have been in the trading business since 2005. We have our own seafood processing factory and a brand named "Mikado Fish". We have the capability to export different varieties of seafood on weekly and monthly basis. We are seeking for seafood buyers around the world. If you are interested to do business with our company please let us know. Fresh and frozen Yellow fin Tuna, Skip jack Tuna, Reef fish
Contact: Ahmed Shamin
City: Male' , Kaafu Atoll
Tel:  +9603304055 
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]  
Oriental Exports Private Limited
We are a supplier and distributor for dried sea cucumber, yellowfin tuna (frozen, fresh&chilled), Grouper (Live, fresh & chilled) - red grouper, coral trout, marble grouper, peacock hide, slender grouper, montail grouper, giant grouper, Skipjack( fresh, frozen), Mackerel (Fresh, frozen), snapper, trevally, emperor
Contact: Suzen
City: Male
Tel: +960-3325279
+960 330 8070
Skype: alfieguo1
Email: Email Oriental Exports Private Limited  
Royal Marine Products Pvt Ltd
Export company. Our main export product is chilled yellowfin tuna products and reef fish.
Contact: Ahmedh Yaameen
City: Male
Tel:  +9609990161 
Skype: marketing.maldivesseafood
Email: Email Royal Marine Products Pvt Ltd
Seafood Auction Co. Pvt. Ltd
We do the Seafood business throughout the world, we have more than 300 staff and have been established since from 2002. We import and export Yellow fin tuner, and many varieties of reef fish, a different types of Ambergris and many more
Contact: Hidaya Firaz
City: Mali
Tel: 3337552  Fax: 3337552
Skype: hussainfiraz
Email: Email Seafood Auction Co. Pvt. Ltd
Seasource Maldives Pvt Ltd
We are long line fishing company and a exporter of various seafood products available in the Maldives, our main products are Yellowfin and Big Eye and we have been supplying sashimi quality tuna to Japan and Spain. We can also supply frozen tuna in bulk quantities. Yellow fin tuna H&G, Loins, Big eye H&G and Loins, Groupers, Snappers
Contact: Ali Thoriq
City: -
Tel: 333 5535  Fax: 334 0672
Skype: -
Email: Email Seasource Maldives Pvt Ltd
Shaneez International Pvt Ltd
Shaneez International pvt ltd is a registered Maldivian Company specialized in exports fish range of products catching and export high quality and value-added products. Company delivers on time customer supply and management know how to the long-term resident fishing market. We have the combined expertise and infrastructure to meet our customer demands and we assure that our products are of the high quality. Shaneez International collects or purchases required fishing products from local fisherman and from own operating vassels for exports.
Contact: Ahmed Shaneez
City: Carnationmaage K.Maafushi
Tel:  +960 333 7886 
+960 333 8662
Skype: sunnyx_83
Email: Email Shaneez International Pvt Ltd
Silkwood Pvt Ltd
We are a reliable exporter of fresh chilled tuna from the Maldives. Our tuna products are processed at BRC AA graded, ISO standardized and EC certified factories. Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) packed in polybag sheets in master cardboard box with ice bags, H&G / Whole as applicable. Yellowfin Tuna - G&G, H&G, Tuna Chunk, Yellow Fin Tuna Loin, Tuna Steak, Yellowfin Tuna Saku Block. Our fish are handled with utmost care and we use gel ice in packaging, to export fresh tuna in temperature-controlled conditions that preserve the integrity of the cold chain from harvest to the customer.
Contact: Mohamed Saud
City: Male
Tel:  +960 778 5589
Skype: mohamed-saud
Email:  [email protected]
SubZero Company Pvt Ltd
Exporters of Reef Fish, groupers, trigger fish, trevallys, snappers, Sea Food, Lobsters, Crabs, sea cucumber etc
Contact: Shinan
City: Carnationmaage K.Maafushi
Tel: +960 7928788  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email SubZero Company Pvt Ltd
Tha-Hiri Maldives Pvt Ltd
Would like to know the following; 1. supplier of live baby sea cucumber for growing. 2. Price of processed sea cucumber and live baby sea cucumber. 3. Expert in farming sea cucumber.
Contact: Ali Shafeeg
City: Male'
Tel: - Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Tha-Hiri Maldives Pvt Ltd
Yellow Fin Tuna Suppliers
We are Suppliers and Exporters of Live Yellow Fin Tuna to many countries and I am interested in supplying to the Korean Market as well through your company. If you are interested please do send me an email or telephone me on 00960 9736448. We are also exporters of Sri Lankan Tea, Tuna Cans in Oil & Brine, Maldive Fish Dried and Smoked and Salted Tuna.
Contact: Aravinthan
City: Male`
Tel: 973 6448  Fax: -
Skype: aravin777
Email: Email Yellow Fin Tuna Suppliers
Yellowfins Maldives Pvt Ltd
Export of fish and fishery products from the Maldives. Fresh yellow fin tuna whole, Fresh yellow fin tuna loins, Fresh yellow fin tuna chunks, chilled grouper, chilled snappers and other reef fishes, Frozen Skip Jack whole
Contact: Mohamed Husham
City: Maaveyo magu, Male
Tel: +960 7905399  Fax: -
Skype: xanaxana79
Email: Email Yellowfins Maldives Pvt Ltd

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