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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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Tulip Group Inc
Exporters of Frozen Lobster Tails & Whole Spiny Lobster (Panulirus Argus) directly from our FDA Certified & HACCP Approved plant in the Dominican Republic. We can custom pack. From our Indonesian partners, we can now offer: Pasteurized Crab Meat, Red Snapper & Malabar Snapper, Grouper, Octopus Ball Type, Squid: Tubes & Tentacles, Rings & Tentacles, Mahi Mahi Fillets Skinless, Portion Cut, CO2 Treated. Indian VANNAMEI Shrimp: Raw Headless, Shell On, Peeled & Deveined, PUD, IQF & Blocks, Raw & Pre Cooked, Head On.
Contact: Ajay Dhawan
City: Syosset, NY
Tel:  +1 516-496-8377 
+1 516-496-8519
Cell: +1 516-428-2003, +1 809-983-7111
Skype:  -
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Lifewood Co. Ltd
We are doing business in this field since last 45 years. We have a head office in Houston, USA, branches in Mexico, Korea, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Mauritania. We are exporter and importer of following frozen seafood products: Anchovy (Mexico, USA, Peru), Sardine (Mexico), Illex squid, giant squid and loligo squid (Argentina, USA, Peru), Pollock, Pollock Fillet, Pollock Roes (Alaska, Russia), Atlantic Cod, Pacific Cod, Krill, Skate (Argentina), Crab (Mexico, USA, Greece, Bahrain, Tunisia), Fishmeal (Mexico, Peru, Mauritania), Octopus, Black Cod, Corvina and Maw, King Crab, Snow Crab, and Crab Meat, Yellow Crocker, Cuttle Fish, Eel, Freshwater Eel, Mackerel (Korea), Leatherjacket Fish, Lobster, Monk Fish, Ray Fish, Red Drum, Salmon, Saury, Sea Bream, Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin Roes, Shrimp, Surimi, Whelk, Skating (Argentina, USA, Chile) Ribbon fish (Oman, Venezuela)
Contact: Daniel Ohh
City: Houston, Texas
Tel:   +1 281 501 2623
Fax:  -
Skype: ohhdaniel54
Email:  [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Sprestine Sea Inc.
We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast. Producers, processors and exporters of Canadian lobsters, king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, wild salmon (chum salmon, pink salmon, trout), halibut (Atlantic, Greenland), sea scallop, mackerel, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, capelin, herring, red snapper, redfish, trout, wild king shrimp, wild pacific shrimp, wild albacore tuna, wild spot prawns, farmed and wild salmon
Contact: Ethan Leblanc
City: Neil's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Tel:   +1 902-200-0323
  +1 902-244-1466
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]


Caerus International Trading Company LLC
Importers - Fresh TUNA, fishery development. Active in the seafood trade and fishery development. Handling frozen and fresh tuna, and Lobster.
Contact: Marlon Gonzalez
City: Miami, Florida
Tel:  +1 305-600-7410
+1 877-258-9768
Skype:  -
Email: Email Caerus International Trading Company
Captain Levi's Fiberglass Warehouse
Tampa Bay Florida's premier fiberglass materials and supplies dealer. Nationwide shipping. Online catalog Gelcoat, polyester resin. Epoxy resin, Fiberglass Materials Captain Levi stocks it all.
Contact: David
City: Saint Petersburg, FL
Tel: 727 391 7639  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Captain Levi's Fiberglass Warehouse
Caribe Worxs International
Importers exporters of products to and from the Caribbean.
Contact: Alix Douyon
City: Miami, FL
Tel: 3123759970  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Caribe Worxs International
Caviar & Caviar USA
Importers, Exporters, Wholesalers and retailers. Caviar & Caviar USA is the official source for the finest selection of domestic and imported Caviar within the United States. With a state of the art facility adhering to the most demanding compliance standards, Caviar & Caviar surpasses in terms of quality, variety, and service. Caviar, Fish Roe, Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon, Specialty foods. Smoked Fishes, Mushroom, Game.
Contact: Michael Jalileyan
City: Sunrise, FL
Tel: +1 954 746 4423  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Caviar & Caviar USA
CB Power Connection
Suppliers of Diesel/natural gas engines generator sets low hour used
Contact: Charles Blaine
City: Arcadia, Mo
Tel: 573 270 2463  Fax: 573 546 2949
Skype: -
Email: Email CB Power Connection
Cedar Key Perfects
Aquaculture Producers, Wholesalers and Retailers. Supplying clams, oysters, blue crabs and stone crabs.
Contact: chistine vandenberg
City: Cedar Key, Florida
Tel: +1 3525071920
Skype: -
Email: Email Cedar Key Perfects
Cedar Shoals Inc
Premium live hard shelled clams (mercenaria mercenaria) raised miles offshore in the wild environment of the Gulf Of Mexico. These clams are harvested and shipped daily per order by customer.
Contact: Chris Reynolds
City: Cedar Key, Florida
Tel: +1 352-543-0500  
+1 352-543-0800
Skype: -
Email: Email Cedar Shoals Inc
Central Florida Freezer
We are a large warehouse located in the area of Orlando, Ocala Florida. Just of 75 in Leesburg Florida. We are Looking to expand our customer base. If you need storage in the state of Florida we are the go to people.
Contact: Dan Eiserman
City: Orlando, Florida
Tel: +1 352-365-6969
Skype: -
Email: Email Central Florida Freezer
Central Pacific Tuna
Importers of Fresh Bigeye/Yellowfin Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Mahi Mahi. Product offers and requests are welcome.
Contact: Tony Grey
City: Los Angeles, California
Tel: 818 448 2355   Fax: 818 392 8790
Skype: anthonykgrey
Email: Email Central Pacific Tuna
Champlin Net Company
Champlin Net Company has been in business for 63 years. It is located in Jonesville, La., in its original building. It sits on the river where 4 rivers meet they are, Black River, Little River, Ouachita River, and Tensas River. We usually ship the same day unless it is a special made order. Hoop Nets, Turtle Nets, Monofilament, and Nylon Tied Down Gill Nets, Monofilament, and Nylon Trammel Nets, Monofilament Webbing, Nylon Webbing, Hooks, Twine, Rope, Knives, Cast Nets, Bait Cheese, Anchors, Net Drags, Wire Fish Traps, Bait Traps, PVC Coated Crawfish Traps, and Wire. Sports Equipment, Batting Cages, Baseball Backstops, Pitching Nets, Golf Backstops, Amusement Park Covers, Rainwear, Boots, Aprons.
Contact: Tammy Champlin Edwards
City: Jonesville, La
Tel: 800 551 5183  Fax: 800 978 5670
Skype: -
Email: Email Champlin Net Company
Channel Fish Processing Company Inc.
Fresh North East groundfish and Scallops. Whole, H+G, Fillets and portions. We freeze Haddock, Atlantic Pollock, Redfish and Scallops. We value add, raw breaded and glazed/marinades also in Boston facility. We import products from Canada, Asia and South America.
Contact: Steve Atkinson
City: Boston, Massachusetts
Tel: 617 464 3366  Fax: 617 464 3377
Skype: -
Email: Email Channel Fish Processing Company
Chehab Cold Storage Equipment
A Miami company that fabricates walk in coolers and freezers insulated panels for cold storage and temporary housing etc
Contact: ahmed m chehab
City: Miami, Florida
Tel: 305 205 8184 Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Chehab Cold Storage Equipment
Clear River Corp
Your company deserves the best, then you must to work with the best on the industry. Our company is the best on price, quality and service. We can beat anyone and can supply you anywhere in the world. Our plants in South America count we all the international certifications and will be glad to supply you with fresh, frozen and canned seafood products
Contact: Marcelo Larrondo
City: Coconut Creek, Florida
Tel: 305 439 6002  Fax: 954 725 4046
Skype: blue_river_corp
Email: Email Clear River Corp
Coast Marine Services
Serving the Maritime community for 18 years providing comprehensive service for New Build Vessel Construction, Insurance, Finance, Buyers representative, Damage claims and Investigations AMS-SAMS and Licensed USCG 200ton Master of Towing, AB
Contact: Guy Falkenheimer
City: Valatie, New York
Tel: 518 265 3605  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Coast Marine Services
Coastal Marine Survey
Commercial marine survey and ABS approved hull thickness gauging services, ABS ID# B909210-X. Insurance, cargo, P&I claims in the ports of Portland, Searsport and Eastport, Maine. Expertise in USCG detentions and regulatory issues with foreign vessels in US ports. Former USCG marine inspector.
Contact: Michael Whitten
City: Bucksport, Maine
Tel: 207 632 4240  Fax: 207 469 5908
Skype: -
Email: Email Coastal Marine Survey
Commercial Refrigeration Service, Inc.
Supplier of Ice Machines, refrigerated equipment since 1963. Ice Machines, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Iceomatic, Cornelius, Scotsman, Follett
Contact: Christopher McDowell
City: Phoenix, AZ
Tel: 623 869 8881  Fax: 623 869 8882
Skype: -
Email: Email Commercial Refrigeration Service
Consolidated Seafood Enterprises Inc.
We are a frozen Seafood Trading Company.
Tel: 480 348 9548  Fax: 480 348 9587
Skype: -
Email: Email Consolidated Seafood Enterprises
Corey Cannery Controls
Heat sensitive tags turn from purple to green at the proper temperature and time. aluminum holders that hold the tags to the racks in the retort.
Contact: Bart Corey
City: Long Beach, Ca
Tel: 562 986 9407  Fax: 562 986 9407
Skype: -
Email: Email Corey Cannery Controls
Cove Farms
We sell whole Tilapia & live Tilapia at wholesale prices. We farm our Tilapia in South West Florida and have been doing so for more that 10 years. Our fish farming operation is engineered by an Oceanographer with more than 20 years experience, we produce the healthiest fish on the market. There are currently 10 employees. We will be expanding our aquaculture to Shrimp farming in the near future.
Contact: Nathaniel Burman
City: Saint James City, FL, USA
Tel: 239 283 9170  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Cove Farms
Crimson Bay Seafood
Processors, Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers. We are Mainly an Oyster Processing Plant but we are branching out and starting to offer Live Crabs, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Beeliners, King mackerel and all other sorts of Fish.
Contact: Travis Stringfellow
City: Bayou La Batre, Alabama
Tel: 251-824-7765 
Skype: -
Email: Email Crimson Bay Seafood
Crocker & Winsor Seafoods
Full Line Frozen Seafood. Brand Names: Winsor Bay, Skipper Sam, Capt. Jef
Contact: Robert Hallion
City: Boston, M.a.
Tel: 617 269 3100  Fax: 617 269 3376
Skype: robert.hallion
Email: Email Crocker & Winsor Seafoods
Cudjoe Sales Fishermen's Warehouse
Supplier of Commercial and Recreational fishing gear.
Contact: Dan Iarrobino
City: Cudjoe Key, Florida
Tel: 305 745 3677  Fax: 305 745 1992
Skype: -
Email: Email Cudjoe Sales Fishermen's Warehouse  
Cut Sheet Labels - Seafood Printable Shipping Labels
Cut Sheet Labels is a leading online label, and custom label printing company. We also sell digital printing machines and supplies in addition to digital color printing, blank sheet labels, roll labels and label printing materials. We have over 30 years of experience in color printing and label making. Cut Sheet labels is your one stop shop from blank label sheets to custom labels for any household or commercial needs, to digital color printing machines. We ship blank labels, customized labels, digital color printers, and label printing supplies within the continental United States. Our blank labels are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. Orders placed by 2pm have same-day turnaround. When purchasing customized stickers online, we provide you with an instant quote.
Contact:  Victoria Hertz
City: Bedford, New Hampshire
Tel: (877) 770-9680 Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Cut Sheet Labels  
Da Yang Seafoods
With Registered Quarantine unit and Licence No DEP/SAN/MINEF/3654/CAM, from the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, we thus operate at full capacity. We are now exporting various captive bred species of seahorse from have our 7 new tanks capably of hosting 9500tons in closed re-circulating systems. We now offer the West African seahorse (Hippocampus algiricus) and also some other captive bred species. All our exports are accompanied with the necessary exporting documents like the Cites export permits, Veterinary health certificate and the Certificate of Breeding origin. Contact us for our price list.
City: Astoria, OR
Tel: 503 325 1461  Fax: 503 325 1462
Skype: -
Email: Email Da Yang Seafoods
Dalian Yingjie Foods, U.S. Division
Dalian Yingjie Foods is a full service seafood provider. With the manufacturing plant in China and all of our new found clients in the United States we decided to open a corporate office in Upland, CA. This will give us the ability to service our U.S. clients more efficiently. With over 25 years in the seafood manufacturing business we can now share the quality products and low prices with our U.S. clients. Our main products are frozen Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Chum Salmon Fillets, Portion Pink Salmon, Pollock Fillets, Cod, Tilapia Fillets, Todarodes Squid rings and tubes and Arrow Tooth Flounder etc.
Contact: Tommy Buzbee
City: Upland, California
Tel:  +1 909-981-0691 
+1 858-380-51412
Skype: -
Email: Email Dalian Yingjie Foods, U.S. Division
Degarimore Inc.
Over 40 years experience in all aspects of seafood from Retail to Processing and Export. Family owned and operated in the same location for 40+ years. Full dock services including 24/7 offload and shipping including international export. Specializing in local Dungeness Crab, Abalone, Hagfish and much more.
Contact: Giovanni Degarimore
City: Morro Bay, California
Tel:  +1 805 772 1276
+1 806 772 7111
Skype: -
Email: -
Del Mar Seafoods
Del Mar Seafoods is a vertically integrated fishing, processor, exporter which owns and operates fishing vessels and processing facilities in California and Oregon. California Squid (Loligo Opalescens)- offered in 10 kilo cartons and 1 kilo retail packs for export.  Pacific Sardines (Sardinops Sagax)- offered in 10 kilo cartons and 20 kilo processing blocks.  We size grade Monterey and Oregon sardines for canning, re processing and long line bait.  All fish are packed through a roll sizer for accurate grading. Pacific Hake (Merluccious Productus)- offered in 10 kilo shatter packs land frozen
Contact: Joe Cappuccio
City: Watsonville, California
Tel:  831 763 3000 
831 763 2444
Skype: -
Email: Email Del Mar Seafoods
Delaware Commodities Inc.
Delcom is an export trade company located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Delcom produces Pacific Sardines for food and bait, Squid for food and Alaska cod and pollock for salting. Frozen fruits and vegetables for export from the Northwest. Also Pulses, lentils, beans and peas. We are traders interested in commodity purchases for export to world markets. Alaskan Cod, pollock, salmon, sole, flounder, sardines, squid, mackerel icefish and pacific mackerel.
Contact: Joe Ciliberto
City: Bellingham, Washington
Tel: 360 510 6339  Fax: 360 714 1444
Email: Email Delaware Commodities Inc
Delicacy Seafood, Inc
We sell different kinds of red and black caviar, a variety of fresh and frozen fish. Additional Information: We ship to all 50 states.
Contact: Gene Yanovsky
City: Northbrook, IL
Tel: +1 224 625 0060
 Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]  
Delmarva Aquatics
Delmarva Aquatics began operations in its current form in 1991 and has grown to become a major supplier of pure (Chesapeake and Delaware strains) and original cross (female striper and male white bass) hybrid striped bass eggs, fry and fingerlings. Virtually all the female striped bass used for spawning are in excess of 20 lb so the potential for rapid growth is insured to the extent possible. The hatchery also produces yellow perch eggs and fry when demand warrants the activity. Our yellow perch are among the fastest growing and easiest to feed train of all the yellow perch tested. During spring the work force expands to as many as six workers but the normal staff is two fulltime and a day worker as needed. The advanced fingerling and food-fish aspects of the operation are handled by a cooperating farm which supplies both iced and live fish.
Contact: William Bason
City: Smyrna
Tel: 302 653 8652 / 302 233 3482 
 Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Delmarva Aquatics
DeltaTrak, Inc.
DeltaTRAK manufactures and sells a wide variety of cold chain management solutions, environmental monitoring instruments, and food safety products. Our products have applications in the food, life sciences, chemical industries or any industry that manages temperature sensitive commodities. Many of our products have hardware and software components, not only to record environmental data, but organize and analyze it as well.
Contact: Lizbeth Saucedo.
City: Pleasanton, Ca
Tel: 925 249 2250  Fax: 925 249 2251
Skype: dt.l.saucedo
Email: Email DeltaTrak
Dream Team USA Inc
Importers, Agents and wholesale suppliers of seafood in New Jersey, USA.
Contact: Sunil Joshi
City: Edison, NJ
Tel: +1 908-217-5834 
+1 732-218-3971
Skype: -
Email: Email Dream Team USA Inc
Duliment Tropical Fish Farm Co
Importers and exporters of fresh tuna, sword fish, prawns and others and frozen tuna
Contact: Mr. Raymond
City: Staten Island, New York
Tel: +1 347 737 1887  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Duliment Tropical Fish Farm
Dynamic Marine Surveys
Marine surveyors, Norfolk, VA, USA.
Contact: Rick Milner
City: Norfolk, VA
Tel: 757 418 4008  Fax: 866 525 4767
Skype: -
Email: Email Dynamic Marine Surveys
Dynamic Systems, Inc
SIMBA’s Automated Real-Time Solution for the Seafood Processor combines the latest technology with with a flexible solution that resides on your plant floor to increase productivity and eliminate keyed data entry without changing your established processes. SIMBA is a scalable system that can grow as your business expands. All versions offer label printing and traceability along with various, shipping and audit reports.
Contact: Rob
City: Kirkland WA
Tel: (425) 216-1204  Fax:
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]

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