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Siam Canadian: Frozen seafood suppliers, exporters - Quality distributors of a wide range of seafood worldwide. shrimp, fish, cephalopods, tilapia, pangasius, rohu Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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Tulip Group Inc
Exporters of Frozen Lobster Tails & Whole Spiny Lobster (Panulirus Argus) directly from our FDA Certified & HACCP Approved plant in the Dominican Republic. We can custom pack. From our Indonesian partners, we can now offer: Pasteurized Crab Meat, Red Snapper & Malabar Snapper, Grouper, Octopus Ball Type, Squid: Tubes & Tentacles, Rings & Tentacles, Mahi Mahi Fillets Skinless, Portion Cut, CO2 Treated. Indian VANNAMEI Shrimp: Raw Headless, Shell On, Peeled & Deveined, PUD, IQF & Blocks, Raw & Pre Cooked, Head On.
Contact: Ajay Dhawan
City: Syosset, NY
Tel:  +1 516-496-8377 
+1 516-496-8519
Cell: +1 516-428-2003, +1 809-983-7111
Skype:  -
Email: [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Lifewood Co. Ltd
We are doing business in this field since last 45 years. We have a head office in Houston, USA, branches in Mexico, Korea, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Mauritania. We are exporter and importer of following frozen seafood products: Anchovy (Mexico, USA, Peru), Sardine (Mexico), Illex squid, giant squid and loligo squid (Argentina, USA, Peru), Pollock, Pollock Fillet, Pollock Roes (Alaska, Russia), Atlantic Cod, Pacific Cod, Krill, Skate (Argentina), Crab (Mexico, USA, Greece, Bahrain, Tunisia), Fishmeal (Mexico, Peru, Mauritania), Octopus, Black Cod, Corvina and Maw, King Crab, Snow Crab, and Crab Meat, Yellow Crocker, Cuttle Fish, Eel, Freshwater Eel, Mackerel (Korea), Leatherjacket Fish, Lobster, Monk Fish, Ray Fish, Red Drum, Salmon, Saury, Sea Bream, Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin Roes, Shrimp, Surimi, Whelk, Skating (Argentina, USA, Chile) Ribbon fish (Oman, Venezuela)
Contact: Daniel Ohh
City: Houston, Texas
Tel:   +1 281 501 2623
Fax:  -
Skype: ohhdaniel54
Email:  [email protected]
Advertise your seafood company Sprestine Sea Inc.
We are exporters and suppliers of whitefish, pelagic fish and shellfish mainly from Canada and the USA's pacific coast. Producers, processors and exporters of Canadian lobsters, king crab, Dungeness crab, snow crab, wild salmon (chum salmon, pink salmon, trout), halibut (Atlantic, Greenland), sea scallop, mackerel, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, capelin, herring, red snapper, redfish, trout, wild king shrimp, wild pacific shrimp, wild albacore tuna, wild spot prawns, farmed and wild salmon
Contact: Ethan Leblanc
City: Neil's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Tel:   +1 902-200-0323
  +1 902-244-1466
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]


M Nes Enterprises Inc
Live commercial fishing with traps for Sablefish (to 800fms) Also Albacore tuna trolling during in season Jul/Aug/Sept outside Wash. Oregon coast. Albacore tuna: Bled whole, H/G, skin on loins, order only, prepaid. Albacore tuna: Bled whole blast frozen to -25f
Contact: Magne Nes
City: Edmonds, Wa
Tel: 425 776 7356  Fax:
Skype: -
Email: Email M Nes Enterprises Inc
Maf Frozen Foods LLC
We supply Halal and non Halal Frozen Chicken, Beef, Fish Indian Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Loligo Squid, Lizard Fish, Barracuda, Emperor, Shrimps, Ribbon Fish, Eel Fish, Leather Jacket, Silver croaker, Yellow Croaker, Sole Fish, Chinese Pomfret, White Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Octopus, Cuttle fish, Sardine Fish, Shark meat / fillet and Dried Seafood , shark fins, fish maws, Dry Sea Horse
Contact: Ronald L. Hann
City: McKinney, Texas
Tel: 1(501) 444-2240  
1(501) 444-2240
Skype: maffrozenfoods
Email: Email Maf Frozen Foods LLC
Maine Mahogany Shellfish
We are a small processing plant that provides the freshest frozen products. There 4 fulltime employees and have over 20 years experience. Scallops, Shrimp, Mahogany Clams, Whole Lobsters, Lobster Tails, Lobster Meat and Lobster Tail Meat
Contact: Robert Johnson
City: Addison, Maine
Tel: 207-483-2865   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Maine Mahogany Shellfish
Maine Seafood and Trading Co.
We sell only the freshest live lobsters and frozen lobsters around the US and around the world. We sell all varieties of seafood. We are in business to sell seafood but we understand that we are selling MEALS and meals mean family and special moments. Maine lobster (Homarus americanus), Jonah crab (Cancer borealis), Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
Contact: Paul Holland
City: Scarborough, Maine
Tel: 207 773 3824  Fax: -
Skype: The.Cosmic.Lobster
Email: Email Maine Seafood and Trading Co
Marder Trawling Inc.
Marder Trawling, Inc. Provides the freshest seafood taken right off the boats. Our products are cut, processed and packed in house to ensure the highest quality. Marder Trawling, Inc. Offers custom packing of both fresh and frozen seafood products. Products include both fresh and frozen scallops, monkfish, dogfish, redfish, skate wing and mackerel among other locally harvested sustainable seafood products.
Contact: Pierre Juillard
City: New Bedford, MA
Tel:  +1 508 742 6339
Fax: +1 508 991 2548
Skype:  -
Email: [email protected]
Maredec USA Inc.
My company is Maredec usa,lnc. we are into consumerable goods. it is a registered company in USA, it is registered to market anything that we can source. The business is 5yrs now in a 35,000sqft complex with seven employees. Importers and wholesalers of Frozen yellow croaker, Red snapper, Frozen tilapia, frozen Titus, and Sabalo. Blue Frozen mackerel, Barracouta frozen fish.
Contact: Jane
City: Beltsville, Maryland
Tel: 301 595.2762  Fax: 301 595 2763
Skype: -
Email:  Email Maredec USA Inc
Marina Seafood International LLC
Importer / Exporter. Markets sold to: Wholesale Distributors & Retailers throughout USA, Europe & Asia. Years in Business: Operating since 1993. Service the Asian, Latin & American Wholesale Distributor Community, with seafood products, primarily shrimp, lobster tails, mahi mahi, butterfish and grouper from South and Central America
Contact: Maria
City: Saddle River, NJ
Skype:  mariaGOTshrimp
Email: Email Marina Seafood International
Marinel Inc
We are one company of many from around the world. Our sister company has its own fishing boats, one a processor vessel. We are on the Pacific off the coast of Central America.  Importers and wholesale distributors of shrimp, lobsters and fin fish.
Contact: Todd Morgan
City: Boca Raton, Florida
Tel: 561-705-0846
Skype: -
Email: Email Marinel Inc
Maritime Bureau, Inc.
Marine Surveyors. Ms. Peck began Maritime Bureau in 1969 and has remained at the helm since. Maritime Bureau Inc. is a 100 % women owned marine survey / maritime investigation firm. I have personally completed well over 3500 cargo surveys, some of which have involved extensive cargo damage as well as marine structures. Condensation damage, stowage, shifting of cargo, fire and flooding. C&V surveys on fishing vessels. Damage and P&I claims
Contact: Janet Peck
City: Summerville, SC
Tel: 843 628 4340  Fax: 678 868 1533
Skype: -
Email: Email Maritime Bureau, Inc
Maritime Products International
Maritime Products International is a importer/exporter and distributor of seafood products from all over the world. Our specialties include Scallops, Catfish and Crawfish from China. We also carry Whiting, Sea Trout and Flounder from South America. Our company was started by Arthur Fass who has been in the business for over 50 years. His extensive knowledge provides us the background to provide our customer with the best product imported. Scallops, Catfish, Flounder, Crawfish, Whiting, Sea Trout
Contact: Barbara Barham
City: Newport News, Virginia
Tel: 757 873 9760  Fax: 757 873 1492
Skype: -
Email: Email Maritime Products International
Market Value Products
We are a USA Nationwide Food Closeout Distributor. We offer one time specials below wholesale prices. We handle all food products including frozen seafood fillets, whole fish, shell fish.
Contact: Aron Auspitz
City: Weston, Fl
Tel: 954-635-0755  Fax: 954-603-8811
Skype: -
Email: Email Market Value Products
Maui Corporation
Exporters and importers of seafood products
Contact: Hugo Herrera
City: Hallandale Beach, Fl
Tel:  305 861 8470 
305 861 8281
Skype: hugarteus
Email: Email Maui Corporation
Maurer Marine, Inc.
Orange County's premier dealer for Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Zodiac, Hurricane and Avon. We offer outboard motors, inflatable boats, genuine parts & accessories as well as carry extended warranties and offer impeccable service's. We have been in business for over 30yrs and are 5 star certified and authorized as a factory offsite warranty repair, service center and parts reseller.
Contact: Garrett
City: Costa Mesa, Ca
Tel: -  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Maurer Marine
May Seafood Llc
Established in 1999, May Seafood is a rapidly growing company in seafood importing and distributing. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver top quality products with the most competitive prices. Always improving our value to our customers and suppliers, we monitor the latest developments in supply and demand, packaging, and quality control. Our flexible capabilities allow us to adapt to changes in order to offer the most outstanding services to our customers. May Seafood 's major imports include chum/ pink salmon, Alaska pollock, Cod, Red fish, Yellow fin sole, Grenadier and more.
Contact: Mr. Tommy Brown
City: Bronx, Ny
Tel: 718 620 8725   Fax: 718 620 8716
Skype: mayseafood
Email: Email May Seafood Llc
Mayflower International Ltd
Harvesting, processing and marketing fish and shellfish. Aquaculture. Eel, sea cucumber, fish, shell fish, Squid, mackerel, herring, scup, mullet.
Contact: William Quinby
City: Charleston, SC
Tel: +1 857 222 6664 
Skype: William.quinby
Email: Email Mayflower International Ltd
Closeout Seafood Buyer and Seller. 35 Years of Number 1 and Number 2 Product. We buy all categories of seafood and non seafood products. All Packs. All Seafood Products. Fish, Scallops, Lobster, Bait, Breaded, Non Breaded, Filets, Blocks,
Contact: Richard Auspitz
City: Hollywood, FI
Tel: 305 932 3425  Fax: 305 466 9080
Skype: -
Email: Email MexMarts
Miami Crab Corporation
Importer of seafood products from around the world, we specialize in crab and fresh and frozen fish, farm-raised and wild caught, portioned cuts, shellfish and value added products.
Contact: Richard Sante
City: Miami, FI
Tel: +1 305-251-4406 
+1 786-592-1388
Skype: MiamiCrab
Email: Email Miami Crab Corporation
Miami Fresh Food
We are a Food distributor company based in Miami, Florida. We want to look into import the seafood and Ship it to the United States.
Contact: Mike Nguyen
City: Miami, FIorida
Tel: +1 305-287-2832  Fax:
Skype: MiamiCrab
Email: Email Miami Fresh Food
Miami Walk In Coolers Freezers
Cold storage boxes and containers complete with refrigeration equipment and supplies.
Contact: Ahmed M Chehab
City: Cutler Bay, Florida USA
Tel:   +1 786 592 1077 
Fax:  -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Midseas Corp
A seafood trading organization with a focus on selling your products into the Egypt and other Middle East Countries. Fresh & Frozen Mackerel, Herring, Horse Mackerel, Sardines, Hake, Basa Fillets, Tilapia and shrimps of all species.
Contact: Adel Silem
City: New York, NY
Tel: +16466448588  Fax:
Skype: adelrizk77
Email: Email Midseas Corp USA
Midwest Caviar LLC
Established 1999 a 3rd generation in the commercial fishing and caviar processing business. We have 3 boats that go out daily and bring the fish back to our USDA-HACCP certified facility for processing to assure our guaranteed fresh product.  Caviar, paddlefish fillets, paddlefish lugs, buffalo meat, catfish
Contact: Vicki Cox
City: English, Indiana
Tel: 812-338-3610  Fax: 812-338-2527
Skype: -
Email: Email Midwest Caviar LLC
Milanu Trade LLC
Milanu Trade LLC operates Milanu Lobster, consulting and management of Live Maine Lobster shipped around the world. Milanu Trade specializes in the procurement, packaging, logistics, and customs for your Lobster needs. We value a fair practice that can be mutually beneficial and provide you with premium Lobster guaranteed alive. Fresh Live Maine Lobster: 1LB 1.25LB 1.5LB 2LB 2.5LB 3LB. Lobster Management; Processing orders, Cold Chain packaging, logistics, document filing, customs clearance and quality control.
Contact: Ryan Commerford
City: Stetson, Maine
Tel: 207-460-7205  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]  
Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting, Inc
Full time professional marine surveying firm celebrating ten years in business. Professionalism and quality is the difference. Serving all of Florida with pre-purchase, condition and value for insurance, and damage surveys. Accredited Marine Surveyor with SAMS.
Contact: Noel A. Miley, AMS
City: Longwood, Florida
Tel: 877 897 4180  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting
Mobjack Bay Seafood, Inc.
Mobjack Bay Seafood was established in 1986 by Owner/President John Vigliotta. We currently have 12 employees. We sell wholesale/retail fresh clams and oysters and shucked oysters.
Contact: John Vigliotta
City: Gloucester, Va
Tel:  +1 804 693 7597
+1 804 693 0581
Email: Email Mobjack Bay Seafood
Modern Fish Company
Importers, processors, producers, wholesalers of seafood products.
Tel: 508 994 7131 - 22 
 Fax: 508 994 5761
Skype: -
Email: Email Modern Fish Company
Modern Ice Equipment & Supply Company
We proudly represent and distribute ice making, storage, and handling equipment for Vogt, Matthiesen, North Star, Siemens, and many other leading manufacturers.
Contact: Mike Ringstaff
City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Tel: 513 367 2101 / 800 543 1581 
513 574 3717
Skype: -
Email: Email Modern Ice Equipment & Supply Company
Monte Cristi Fl Seafood Corp.
We are producers of dried and salted seafoods, sea cucumbers, corvina, shark fin, fish maw.
Contact: Jimmy L. Lilly
City: Miami, Fl
Tel: 305 234 4841   Fax: 305 234 4841
Skype: -
Email: Email Monte Cristi Fl Seafood Corp
Morgan Seafoods
can you offer us your best quote for the available ones as we have request for frozen lobster, whole Frozen Squid, octopus, shrimp, Mackerel and salmon.
Contact: Klas Morgan
City: Calistoga, California
Tel:  +1 941 567 9585
Skype: -
Email: [email protected] 
Morris & Associates, Inc.
Morris was founded in 1949. Morris offers engineered solutions in industrial thermal management applications for food processing, process cooling, process heating and other markets. We offer: Chilling systems for processing plants which includes the MT-1B™ auger and Morris Rechiller™. Thawing/tempering systems for pre-processing. Ice systems (ice production/storage/delivery) for boats and production. COPE® pathogen control systems to increase shelf life. Brand Names: COPE®, MT-1B™, Morris Rechiller™, Tube-Cube®, Ice-Master®
Contact: David Maw
City: Garner, NC
Tel:   +1 919 582 9228
Cell:  +1 919 412 6362
Email: [email protected]
Morrocoy LLC
Morrocoy LLC is a Florida Corporation established in 2007 USA . The main business activities include processing and exporting of seafood Products. Morrocoy has been supplying its products to other seafood Importers companies Worldwide. Processors and exporters of fresh salmon, frozen Giant squid products - fillets tentacles, wing, Mussels, clams, Ensis Machas, Stone Crab, King Crab, Hake Sardines, smelts, eel, skate, sea urchins
City: Hallandale Beach, Florida
Tel:  305 861 8470 
305 861 8281
Email: Email Morrocoy LLC
Morty The Knife Man
MTKM has been supplying the Seafood processing industry for over 35 years! Known for quality, value and service we offer tools and knives for processing, seafood merchandising solutions and seafood tools for retail sale. Increase your profits with our Seafood Tools for retail sale. Please call for the best selection and pricing!
Contact: Scott Belovin
City: Cape Coral
Tel: 800 247 2511  Fax: 239 790 5846
Skype: -
Email: Email Morty The Knife Man
Mr. Fish International
I am a fish processing and value added consultant. I have traveled the world setting up cut and freeze operations throughout Asia and South America. I train the staff, set up the processing standards along with HACCP guidelines and make sure the product is made and shipped correctly according to the specifications set up. Advise, educate and monitor. I am also a carbon monoxide gas technologist. I can set up a tuna processing operation at sea or on land based plant , co treating many kinds of species while alive or dead on ice. Double chamber vacuum packing machines, new, all stainless $6000.00 each located in Miami Florida USA, also skinning machines and scaling machines.
Contact: Ted Hammerman
City: Myrtle Beach
Tel:  843 267 3473 
843 712 1995
Skype: tedtuna
Email: Email Mr. Fish International
Mr. Ocean Seafood Corp.
Markets - Small and Large Wholesalers, Food service Co.'s, processor's, chain restaurants. Pasteurized Crab Meat from China and Philippines. Our Black Label Chinese Crab Meat is hand picked from live cooked crabs, is one of the best on the market. Frozen Crab Meat packed 24x1 or 6x4, Tilapia--100% net wt., all Natural, Chemical Free, no muddy flavor. Brand Names: Capt. Yao crab meat, Mr. Ocean crab meat, New Ocean Tilapia
Contact: Bill Case
City: Hanover, Ma
Tel: 781 982 0700  Fax: 781 982 0703
Skype: -
Email: Email Mr. Ocean Seafood Corp
MTC Food Equipment, Inc.
MTC Food Equipment established in 1997 is a worldwide supplier of new, used and reconditioned food processing equipment.  We supply de-boning machines, bowl choppers, vacuum packers, slicers, grinders, meat saws, ice machines, stuffing machines, freezing equipment, smokehouses, filleting machines, skinning machines, and many other types of food process machinery.
Contact: Todd Comstock
City: Poulsbo, WA
Tel:  +1 360 697 6319     
:  +1 360 697 6738
Skype: -
Email: Email MTC Food Equipment
Native American Salmon Roe Supplier
We are Native American owned on the confederated tribes of warm springs Indian reservation. Fresh spring salmon and salmon roe. Also we have fall king salmon and salmon roe, shad, golden carp, white sturgeon, crayfish. Frozen Salmon roe, salmon, sturgeon, shad, golden carp.
Contact: Jerome davis
City: Warm springs, Oregon
Tel: 541-325-0025   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Native American Salmon Roe Supplier
Native Nations Trade and Development
Native Liaison between First Nations of British Columbia with their Seafood Processing Plants in British Columbia for Seafood from the British Columbia Coast. Native Nations Trade and Development introduces seafood buyers to First Nations Companies and Harvesters of British Columbia. All Species of Pacific Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Red Snapper, Black Cod, Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin, Geoduck and other seafood products.
Contact: Terrance H. Booth, Sr
City: Phoenix, Arizona
Tel: 602 539 0107   Fax: 602 368 7213
Skype: -
Email: Email Native Nations Trade and Development
Natural Seafoods USA
Importers, Processors, Exporters, Wholesalers. Custom, Private Label packers for Retail Ready and Food Service clients around the world. We specialize in finished processing of Salmon, Cod, Sole, Flounder.
Contact: Clair Parker
City: Bellevue, WA
Tel: 425-974-1049  Fax: 425-974-1061
Skype: -
Email: Email Natural Seafoods USA
Nature's Food Co
Purchasing and exporting seafood to Venezuela, Spain and Italy - Squid, Blue Fish, Salmon, Dried salted cod, hake.
Contact: Juan M. Martinez
City: Coral Gables, Florida
Tel: 305 669 3822  Fax: 305 669 3953
Skype: -
Email: Email Nature's Food Co
Neptune Trading Group, Ltd
Neptune Trading Group prides itself on offering customers the highest quality seafood at the most affordable price. With over 20 years of experience, NTG has developed a strong product line that we continue to expand upon. Offering Pacific Mackerel, Atlantic Mackerel, Hake (Merluccius gayi), Bullet Tuna, Argentine Illex Squid
Contact: Billie Schofield
City: Middletown, Rhode Island
Tel:  +1 401 849 2160  
+1 401 849 3150
Skype: billieschofield
Email: Email Neptune Trading Group
New Asia Seafood, Inc
Importers, wholesalers and agents of fresh tuna loin, grouper, coral trout, yellow tail. Frozen Tuna loin, steak and saku, tilapia, mahi mahi, barramundi, sea bass, crabs, soft shell crabs, squid, octopus, seaweed.
Contact: Zen Aljufri
City: Lexington Park, Maryland
Tel: +1-347-573-7231  
Skype: -
Email: Email New Asia Seafood
New England Provisions Co
The New England Provisions Co. is a family owned wholesale, Maine Lobster, distributing lobster throughout the USA and exporter of live and frozen lobsters. We have been in business for the past 30 years distributing quality Maine lobsters and Lobster Tails.
Contact: Chris Morrison
City: East Falmouth, MA
Tel:  +1 508-524-2240  
+1 508-629-0240
Skype: -
Email: Email New England Provisions Co
New Water Aquaculture LLC
We operate an organic mariculture farm that raises fish, shellfish and unique halophytic vegetables. We also manufacture all our own equipment and license it to others.
Contact: R. Behrens
City: Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Tel: 610 454 0647   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email New Water Aquaculture LLC
Nichole Seafood LLC
Wholesale suppliers of frozen and fresh snow crabs, Dungeness crabs, soft shell crabs, hard blue crabs, crawfish, drum, catfish, crab meat, shrimp.
Contact: Nichole Lodrigue or James Porter
City: Houma, LA
Tel: +1 9858738501  
+1 9858794572
Skype: -
Email: Email Nichole Seafood LLC
Nicks Fish Farm
Farm Raised catfish, Striped Bass & Georgia Giant Bream, Wild Georgia Shrimp, Soft Shell Crabs, Oysters
Contact: Nick Zemantauski
City: Townsend, Ga
Tel: 912 269 0385   Fax: 912 437 5567
Skype: Aquaculture
Email: Email Nicks Fish Farm
Ninjoss Inc
We are the Seafood Agents, We are new establishment in USA, But the Seafood Experience in our family is 40 years. At this moment we need as follow for Miami Florida USA - 1-Cooked,frozen all kind of crab meat in can, 2-Tilapia IQF frozen fillet, 3-Red Snapper IQF frozen fillet
Contact: Inayat Ullah
City: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Tel: 954 709 8736  Fax: 954 962 9918
Skype: -
Email: Email Ninjoss Inc
Nobol Trading International
Nobol Trading Intl is a new seafood trading company established this year (2008), by an experienced seafood trader. Nobol offers frozen seafood products from North and South America. Nobol specializes in pelagics, squids, and high value shellfish. Atlantic Mackerel (scomber scombrus), Pacific Mackerel (scomber japonicus), Jack Mackerel (trachurus murphy), Horse Mackerel (trachurus japonicus, trachurus trachurus), Herring (Clupea harengus), Sardines (Sardinops sagax, Sardina pilchardus), Lobster (homarus americanus), Skate (raya radiata), Squid (loligo peali, loligo opalescens, illex), Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), Pink, Chum Salmon, Cold Water Shrimp (Pandalus borealis), Scallops (Placopecten magellanicus)
Contact: Nicholas Obolensky
City: South Dartmouth, Ma
Tel: 508 965 5145   Fax: 508 636 2966
Skype: nicholasobolensky
Email: Email Nobol Trading International
Northern Pelagic Group, LLC
With a dedicated fleet of mid-water trawlers, NORPEL™ is setting a new standard in the catching, handling, processing and distribution of Atlantic Mackerel and Herring. Atlantic Herring (Clupea harengus), Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), Illex Squid (Illex illecebrosus), Pacific Mackerel (Scomber japonicus), Pacific Hake (Merluccius gayi)
Contact: Billie Schofield
City: New Bedford, MA
Tel:  +1 508-979-1171 
+1 508-979-5601
Skype: billieschofield
Email: Email Northern Pelagic Group
Nottingham Clams, Inc.
Grow and sell littleneck clams
Contact: Amy Nottingham
City: Cheriton, Virginia
Tel: 757 678 5484  Fax: 757 678 5485
Skype: -
Email: Email Nottingham Clams
NOVA Fisheries, Inc. / SunWave Processors
Operating since 1985, NOVA is involved with vessels which catch, process and produce 'frozen at sea' shellfish and fish. Crab (King, Snow, Dungeness), Scallops, Salmon, Halibut and other seasonal varieties
Contact: Robert Simon
City: Seattle
Tel: 206 781 2000   Fax: 206 781 9011
Skype: -
Email: Email NOVA Fisheries
O Ruiz and Associates International Trade
We are in Business since 1982, with international trade from over 9 countries. ORuiz LLC trades internationally high quality value added frozen seafood and food. Our main markets are the North America East Coast ( Canada, USA, Mexico) and main economies in South America: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil. Our company is willing to do joint ventures with medium size companies to increase market share and product competitiveness in selected markets. Our managers have proficiency and knowledge of business cultures in Portuguese speaking countries as well as Spanish and English salmon, shrimp, sea bass, cod, sardines, mackerels, tuna fish, albacores, all kinds of fillets, skin on and skin off, portions, ready to oven and ready to eat, fish oils, seafood processed delicacies for the catering and food services and restaurant industries.
Contact: Guille valde
City: Blue Hill, ME
Tel: 617 297 2507  Fax: 617 297 2507
Skype: oruiz_and_associates
Email: Email O Ruiz and Associates International Trade
Ocean Cove Seafood
Ocean Cove Seafood, located on the Southern tip of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, aquafarms Littleneck and Middle neck Hard Clams. The 60 year old Ocean Cove brand now represents quality farm-raised shellfish. Ocean Cove maintains a large constant inventory with year round product availability, daily harvesting and shipping. Ocean Cove guarantees: consistent grade and count, long shelf-life, stable competitive pricing and reliable customer service. Custom bagging and/or boxing available.
Contact: Thomas J. O'Connor III
City: Capeville, Virginia
Tel:  +1 757 331 1750
+1 757-331-1715
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean Cove Seafood
Ocean Express
Ocean Express is a transportation and logistics company specializing in movement of perishable cargoes in refrigerated shipping containers by sea. We offer rates sea freight rates and services to the seafood industry around the world.
Contact: Jon Fertakis
City: San Pedro, CA
Tel: 310 521 9913  Fax: 310 521 0243
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean Express
Ocean Floor Inc
We are a family owned company that imports seafood from Baja California Mexico and distributes to restaurants and wholesalers. We specialize in whole fresh frozen abalone (wild). We also import Diver Jumbo Scallops (Mano de Leon), Blue Crab (Jaiva Azul), and Diver Bay Scallops (Callo de Catalina).
Contact: Raymond Aguilar
City: Chula Vista, CA
Tel: +1 (619) 656-4805 
+1 (619) 656-4805
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean Floor Inc
Oceanic Food Express
When Oceanic Food Express delivers wholesale fish fillets and other seafood choices, you are benefiting from our experience in the seafood industry and our solid relationships with our many wholesale, manufacture seafood vendors. Whether you want to order from a more basic wholesale seafood line card, or have orders for unusual items that crop up from time-to-time, Oceanic Food Express wholesale Division is your fresh seafood provider. Fresh Caviar, Frozen Basa (swai), Cod, Clam, Chilean Sea Bass, Crab, Mackerel, Crawfish, Lobster Tail, Orange Roughy, Salmon, Pompano, Mussels, Crabs, Octopus, Scallops, Shrimps, Silver Fish, Smelt Fish, Eel and many more..
Contact: Gene Yan
City: Northbrook, IL
Tel: 2246250060  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Oceanic Food Express
Email Oceanic Food Express, Northbrook, Illinois
Ocean Foods
We wholesale, import & export fresh, frozen seafood blue crab, soft shell crab, sea scallop, striped bass, croaker, yellow-white conch, clams, oyster.
Contact: William Mall
City: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tel:   +1 757 474 6314
+1 757 613 9733
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Ocean Pacific Seafood Group
Processing and selling of roasted eel products that are necessary for Japanese restaurants. Tuna, soft shell crabs, crab meat.
Contact: Eric
City: Flushing, New York
Tel: 7182725666   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean Pacific Seafood Group
Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags
Are you tired of the pounding and fatigue on your body cause by a rough boat ride? Do you hate slowing down and getting bounced around in rough sea conditions? Now with an OCEAN-TAMER Marine Grade Bean Bag you can enjoy a more relaxing and comfortable ride and spend more time on the water. Every OCEAN-TAMER product is 100% marine grade and buit to last right here in the USA. These marine bean bags have been tournament tested and approved by professional offshore fishermen all over the country. With our vast color selection, styles, and sizes you are sure to find the right marine bean bags to fit your boating and fishing needs. Come visit our user friendly website and customize yours today.
Contact: Frank Abruzzino
City: Palmetto, FL
Tel: 941 776 1133  Fax: 941 722 7468
Skype: -
Email: Email Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags
Oceanic Trading Inc.
Located in Florida, we wholesale frozen seafood and retail to restaurants. Tilapia, shrimp, grouper, salmon, tuna, swai, squid, octopus, crabmeat...
Contact: Julio e Aedo
City: Miami, Florida
Tel: 305 406 2444  Fax: 305 406 2090
Skype: -
Email: Email Oceanic Trading Inc
Ocean's Seafood Corp.
Family business import seafood to USA. Products include Antarctic toothfish, Patagonian toothfish, Chilean sea bass.
Contact: Siuzanna Saparkina
City: Los Angeles, California
Tel:  +1 424 362 9242
Skype:  -
Email: [email protected]
Oceanwave International Corp.
We are a trading company in CA and our parent company is in China. We are specialized in frozen Baby Octopus, Cut Crab (wild), Three-spot crab, Squid Pineapple Cut, T+T, Sliced Octopus, Blue Mackerel, baby clam; Round scad, Frozen fresh Abalone
Contact: Tommy
City: Alhambra, CA
Tel: 626 407 3216  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Oceanwave International Corp
Ohio Valley Caviar
Ohio Valley Caviar was established in 2008. We are a commercial fishing company harvesting and processing Paddlefish Caviar. In addition, we process Paddlefish and Buffalo Fish meats. We are a HACCP approved facility, and are backed by all proper licenses and permits. We welcome you to come visit our extremely clean processing facility.
Contact: Douglas Anderson
City: -
Tel: 812 633 4955  Fax: 812 338 4271
Skype: -
Email: Email Ohio Valley Caviar
Old Port Seafood
Currently offering 2.5-4.5 ounce IQF portions of skin-on, boned and scaled Sockeye Salmon portions and skinless Alaskan Cod portions. A great source for many hard to find seafood items.
Contact: Kevin
City:  New Bedford, MA
Tel:  +1 207 838 2969
Email: Email Old Port Seafood
Olma-XXI Inc.
Packing, import, export, wholesale distributions of Osetra black caviar, salmon red caviar, crab meat, smoked fish, Frozen fish, shrimp, lobsters.
Contact: Igor Eliachov
City:  Brooklyn, NY
Tel: 7186750706 
Skype: olmaxxi
Email: Email Olma-XXI Inc
OM Seafood Co, Inc.
A national live seafood supplier and distributor located in Portland, Oregon. We are family owned and have an extensive history specializing in the wholesale and retail of many diverse seafood species. Products - Live, Whole: Dungeness Crabs, Maine Lobsters, Manila Clams, Spot Prawns, Geoducks, Razor Clams, Pacific Oysters In Shell (all sizes), King Crabs, Blue Crabs, Crawfish (crayfish/crawdads), Abalone, Cherrystone Clams, Periwinkles (Snails), Mussels, and various fish including Tilapia, Barramundi, Lingcod, Rockfish, Cabezon, Sea Bass, etc. All fish products available fresh and frozen as well. Tiger Prawns (variety of sizes in both black and white tiger), Scallops, Conch, and much more.
Contact: Sam Ho
City: Portland, Oregon
Tel: 503 788 1984  Fax:
Skype: -
Email: -
Operational Police Protective Services
Please find listed our website of Professional Services that we provide within your industry. In this ever changing world that we live in, it's becoming increasingly unstable to be secure and safe. At Operational Police Protective Services, we understand that concern, and have taken risk management into account for safety of the shipping industry . We offer the very best in Corporate and Business Mobile Vessel Shipping and Terminal Protection. Our World wide Services can accommodate safety of your shipping business needs at all levels. We utilize, experienced active / former Law Enforcement and Security Officers from, State, Local and Federal Agencies, in an Off Duty Capacity to secure specific venues at reasonable rates. Cleared for all U.S Ports by Dept. of Homeland Security (TWIC). To obtain a security assessment or further information, please visit our website or contact us 24 hours via below listed contact information. At O.P.P.S we can tailor any Security Detail to meet your specific needs. Let us be Preventative and not Re-Active.
Contact: Eric Janik
City: Baltimore, Maryland
Tel: 443 790 2511   Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Operational Police Protective Services
Oregon Seafoods
New fish processing and packaging facility located in Coos Bay Oregon. We specialize in processing seafood into a shelf stable pouch - Albacore Tuna - Thunnus alalunga, King Salmon , Dungeness Crab, Black Cod or Sable fish
Contact: Mike Babcock
City: Coos Bay, OR
Tel: 5412668862  Fax: -
Skype: seafoodcrazy1
Email: Email Oregon Seafoods
OSF Flavors
30 years in business in the food flavor industry. Subsidiaries in USA, Europe and Asia. Fish flavor enhancer to replace a portion of fish meal by a blend of soy meal with flavor. Dosage is 0.5 kilos to 1 kilo per ton of fish meal replaced. Huge $s savings in the manufacturing of pellets for fish meal. Exist also for shrimp meal.
Contact: Olivier de Botton
City: Windsor, CT
Tel: 860 298 8350  Fax: 860 298 8363
Skype: -
Email: Email OSF Flavors
Osprey Marine Surveyors and Consultants
Osprey Marine Surveyors and Consultants has been in business full time since 1992. A member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors We perform Condition and Value, Insurance, and appraisal inspections, though most of our work is involved with forensic examination of damaged vessels and their propulsion systems. In addition we can provide security and training for vessels and crew, i.e., counter/anti-terrorism protection, anti theft, etc.
Contact: Perry Brummett
City: Powder Springs, Ga
Tel: 779 943 6412  Fax: 770 943 4321
Skype: -
Email: Email Osprey Marine Surveyors and Consultants
Overseas Trade Solutions
Overseas Trade Solutions is a Georgia Corporation established in 2008 and since then dealing with overseas trades and exports. We are specialized in supplying shrimp products products - whole, headless, peeled & undeveined, peeled & deveined, cooked and peeled, butterfly cut. Also Fresh water prawn, lobster, crab, cuttlefish, squid and octopus. Our products are guaranteed in quality and we supply top quality products at a very competitive price.
Tel: +1 7706247793 
+1 6786091632
Skype: -
Email: Email Overseas Trade Solutions
Ozone Safe Food Technologies
Located in Southern California USA. We manufacture both ozone air and water treatment and sanitation systems. We have clients in 50 Countries.
Contact: Mark Taggatz
City: Lake Elsinore, California
Tel: +1 951-246-9222 
+1 951-244-6431
Skype: -
Email: Email Ozone Safe Food Technologies
Pacific Bio Products
80 year old family owned company. Producers of Fish Meals, Bone Meal, Shrimp and Crab Shell Meals, Fish Oil and Solubles. Fresh & frozen Fish "Rest" - the Rest of the fish after Human use - Whiting Heads, Frames, Tails, Trim and Viscera Rockfish Heads, Frames, Tails, Trim and Viscera Flatfish Heads, Frames, Tails, Trim and Viscera Salmon Heads, Frames, Tails, Trim and Viscera
Contact: Gary Acker
City: Clackamas, Oregon
Tel: +1 5039054589
Skype: -
Email: [email protected]
Pacific Fish LLC
Importers, Exporters and Wholesale distributors of Frozen Yellowfin Tuna loins, yellowfin tuna steaks. All the product in vacuum packed and frozen in perfect conditions
Contact: Jorge Penuelas
City: Goodyear, Arizona
Tel: +1 6024664896
Skype: -
Email: Email Pacific Fish LLC
Pacific Goods Inc
Our company is specialized to import and distribute fresh H & G tuna into USA. We imported from many countries as Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives. We also sell the frozen tuna bait with higher quality with original from Vietnam.
Tel: +1-702- 330-9372 
Skype: -
Email: Email Pacific Goods Inc
Pacific Ocean Host Inc
Pacific ocean USA is an international trading company located in San Francisco, California, USA. We are successful providing distribution, import/export, trading service, logistics, and marketing of food commodities. Our mission is to develop long term business relation with our customers based on trust and professional business ethics. In order to institute an effective supply chain with the highest quality of end product, it is our duty to bridge and link the gap between produce and consumer as a competitive and reliable partner. frozen seafood, seafood processing equipment ,chicken paw, chicken feet, and chicken wing. We have Ice machines& refrigeration, processing equipment , packaging & Storage equipment , cleaning products& equipment , marine engines, parts & spares. we have a group of high quality refrigeration and electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, senior mechanics and after service team. we have advanced and complete sets of production machines.
Contact: Tony Liang
City: San Francisco, California
Tel:  +1 415-368-2788 
Skype:  -
Email: Email Pacific Ocean Host Inc
Pacific Seafood
74 year old seafood company family owned. Harvest, Process and Market nearly all species in the North Pacific Ocean. Own / operate 45 production, warehouse and distribution facilities from Gulf of Alaska to Gulf of Mexico. 3000 employees. Largest vertically integrated seafood company in the United States.  Pacific Whiting (Hake) - Merluccius productus, Coldwater Shrimp - Pandalus jordani. Alaskan Pollock, Mackerel, Herring, Sardines, Albacore Tuna, Black Cod (Sablefish), Arrowtooth Flounder, Rockfish, Pacific Ocean Perch (POP), Flatfish, Sole, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Ikura, Green Roe, Steelhead, Salmon Trout
Contact: Gary Acker
City: Clackamas, Oregon
Tel:  +1 503-905-4589
Skype: -
Email: Email Pacific Seafood
Pacifico Imports
Distribution of fresh and frozen yellowfin tuna - Frozen non treated and C/O treated Loins, Yellowfin Tuna Steaks- 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, Yellowfin Tuna Cubes, Yellowfin Tuna Chorizo Spanish Flavor, Yellowfin Tuna Burgers single vacuum packed 2oz, 3oz, Yellow fin Tuna Nuggets, crispy whole grain breaded, Smoked Yellowfin Tuna fillet, Natural or Red. Bloodline and skin removed. Famous Latin smoke flavor recognized by international markets.
Contact: Joe Alvaro
City: Santa Barbara, California
Tel:   +1 805 714 5195
Fax:  -
Skype: -
Email: Email Pacifico Imports
Packaging Products Corporation
Plastic Fillet Containers, Insulated Shippers, Waxed Corrugated Shippers, 100% Recyclable moisture resistant shippers, Folding Freezer Cartons, Artificial Refrigerants, Printed Poly Bags Shellfish Packaging, Live Lobster Packaging, Fresh Tuna and Swordfish packaging, Fillet Packaging, Scallop Packaging
Contact: Ted Heidenreich
City: New Bedford, MA
Tel: 508 997 5150  Fax: 508 993 9807
Skype: -
Email: Email Packaging Products Corporation
Pagan River Dockside Seafood
Wholesale Seafood Blue Crabs, oysters, hard shell and soft shell crabs, striped bass and bait menhaden.
Contact: Joe Melzer
City: Battery Park, Virginia
Tel: 757 357 4781  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Pagan River Dockside Seafood
Palm Bay Seafood, LLC
HACCP certified retailers of seafood in Florida
Contact: Beth Sampson
City: Palm Bay, FL
Tel: 321 733 3355  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Palm Bay Seafood
Paramount Caviar
Established in 1991, Paramount Caviar's owner Hossein Aimani personally selects the highest grade of caviar from around the world. With its large diverse line of caviar Aimani is sure to please the most discriminating of buyers. His highly sought after Hybrid & Osetra species from Asia  and the exclusive prized Persian Osetra Caviar from Italy is currently served at many of the 3 & 4 stared Michelin and New York Times awarded restaurants. Additionally many of the most prestigious gourmet shops throughout the nation offer Paramount Caviar, knowing of our quality and high standards are maintained, for 100 % satisfaction. Imported Caviar: Persicus Osetra, Imperial Golden Hybrid Caviar, Prime Gueldenstaedtii, Classic Persicus Caviar, Sevruga Caviar, Hybrid Sturgeon, Amur Classic Schrenckii, Gueldenstaedtii Osetra, White Sturgeon Transmontanous, Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, Trout Roe, Danish Smoked Trout Roe. Domestic Caviar: Paddlefish Roe, Hackleback Roe, Bowfin Roe, Pike Roe, American Whitefish Roe, Salmon Roe, Spanish Mujjol Imitation Caviar, Flying Fish Roe, American Salmon Gravlax, American Truffled Whitefish, Icelandic Black Lumpfish Roe, Asian Golden Carp, Danish Seaweed Caviar, Taramasalata Caviar Spread, Icelandic Red Lumpfish Roe, Smoked fish and meats, Gift & Gourmet Caviar Assortments, Caviar Spoons and Accompaniments.
Contact: Hossein Aimani
City: New York
Tel:   800-99CAVIAR (800-992-2842) or
         +1 718-786-7747
Skype: -
Email: Email Paramount Caviar
I am a marine surveyor with over 45 years as a surveyor handling project, general cargo, damage claims, loading and transload surveys.  I am located in the southeastern US with offices in Charleston SC, Atlanta GA. and Austin Texas.  I have a team of correspondent surveyors handling the entire eastern US coast and all ports from New York south.  I am quite sure you will find our rates competitive and service professional.  
Contact: Janet M Peck
City: Charleston, SC
Tel: +1 843-628-4340 
+1 678-868-1533
Skype: -
Email: Email Janet M Peck
Pennsylvania Boat Insurance
We provide boat insurance to residents and businesses in Pennsylvania and Delaware. With over 25 years of experience we can find coverage for any boat.
Contact: Rich Kahmer
City: Ridley Park, PA
Tel: 610 532 2800  Fax: 610 532 4339
Skype: -
Email: Email Pennsylvania Boat Insurance
Petroleum Marine
Full service marine fuel pump or station installation company. Installing marine fuel pumps and stations throughout the southeast and Florida
Contact: -
City: Lake Mary
Tel: 407 324 4091  Fax: 407 321 6942
Skype: -
Email: email Petroleum Marine
Petrossian is reputed as the caviar house carefully selecting its caviar from the most prestigious species: Kaluga, Ossetra, Siberian, Transmontanous, Schrencki, ... It was in the 1920's that two Armenian brothers - Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian - first introduced Paris to the magic of caviar and, in doing so, founded the company that today is the premier buyer and importer of caviar worldwide.
Contact: Charlene Bertrand
City: New York
Tel: +1 212 337 0808 
+1 212 337 0007
Skype: -
Email: Email Petrossian
PJ's Crab Co
In business for 15 years serving the entire East Coast. Product includes live Blue Crabs, fresh shrimp, stone claws, IQF shrimp
Contact: Paul Hebb
City: Townsend
Tel: 912 832 3001   Fax: 912 663 5695
Skype: -
Email: Email PJ's Crab Co
PJ's Snacks
Seafood snack manufacturer in Maine, Smoked Salmon Jerky available in 5 flavors, original, spicy, Cajun, peppered, and teriyaki
Contact: Pamela Hearn
City: Cherryfield, Maine
Tel: 207 598 0550
Skype: -
Email: Email PJ's Snacks
Plastic Packaging Inc
We are a 50 year old private-held flexographic packaging company that can handle your needs from art to finish product. We are capable of printing and converting 10 color laminated roll stock, bags or roll stock. We have two plants in North Carolina and employ 175 people. In house graphics, 10 color printing, In the round capability, In line tri-laminations available, Laminated rollstock, Laminated pouches, Laminated side gusset pouches, All bags and pouches can be produced with "press to close" zipper
Contact: Gary Boetsch
City: Hickory, North Carolina
Tel: 828 328 2466  Fax: 828 322 1830
Skype: -
Email: Email Plastic Packaging Inc
Port City Marine Services, Inc
Marine surveyor and adjusters. Claims handling in vessel and cargo. Condition and valuation, new construction and damage surveys.
Contact: D.J. Smith
City: Mobile, AL
Tel: 251 661 5426  Fax: 251 973 2776
Skype: -
Email: Email Port City Marine Services
Port Royal Seafood Inc
Port Royal Seafood, Inc., was established in 1994 by William H. Gay and his wife, Claudia.  Each year, Port Royal Seafood processes millions of pounds fresh shrimp caught by local shrimp trawlers at their dock facility and processing factory located on Battery Creek in the heart of Port Royal, South Carolina.
Contact: Danny Husk
City: Port Royal, S.C.
Tel: 843 838 2749
Skype: -
Email: Email Port Royal Seafood Inc
Portunus Group
We are a new and most innovative group of Seafood Distributors and Traders. In 2007 we have successfully developed into a global firm, servicing 20 countries and operating out of 4 International Offices. Our success is evolving and growing do to the most enticing offers and services we provide to our clients. We pry ourselves on outstanding customer relations and services, as well as unbeatable prices and most diverse portfolio in the Seafood Industry.
Contact: Rada Milana
City: Miami, Florida
Tel: 786 623 3963  Fax: 305 428 3005
Email: Email Portunus Group
Prairie Springs Fish Farm
We spawn and produce quality rainbow trout, steelhead, and pacific white sturgeon for live stocking in the Northwest portion of Oregon. Large specimen quality sturgeon also available for public aquariums and exhibits.
Contact: Dan Driscoll
City: Dayville, Oregon
Tel: 541 987 2131  Fax: 541 987 2131
Skype: -
Email: Email Prairie Springs Fish Farm
Premier Marine Foods
We do exports of Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus, Tuna etc. from India to Europe. Our catching season starts today and we are in a position of offering Cuttlefish Whole Cleaned, Squid Whole, Whole Cleaned, Octopus Cleaned etc. in block frozen and IQF. Our Brand name is PROSPER.
Contact: Francis T J
City:  Madisonville, Kentucky
Tel:  +1 270 825 4297 
+1 270 825 4297 
Skype: -
Email: Email Premier Marine Foods  
Premium Food Service Inc
Any seafood fresh and frozen for sushi, sashimi (Japanese cook). fresh seafood: tuna, salmon, fluke, stripped bass, uni, oyster, vegetables, frozen seafood: frozen tuna saku, masago, tobiko, cooked eel, octopus and more. frozen food: edamame, udon noodle, gyoza, shumai. grocery: nori, wasabi, ginger, miso, sesame seeds and more. we do make package and document process for air or ocean shipment.
Contact: Kenny Chung
City: Brooklyn, New York
Tel:  +1 718 643 2341
+1 718 643 2343
Skype: premiumfoodsinc1
Email: Email Premium Food Service Inc
Premium Seafood Company Inc
Premium Seafood was co-founded in 1987 by the brother and sister management team of Michael and Patti Sirkus. Together, they spare no effort in providing the supplier and customer with the best service and the most detailed and current information regarding the company's product line. Those who work with Premium enjoy many satisfying business experiences. Michael and Patti have succeeded in making Premium Seafood the most respected name in the seafood industry. shrimp, tilapia, shell-fish, basa, swai, scallops, crab legs, crab products
Contact: Michael Sirkus
City: New York
Tel: 212 750 5377  Fax: 212 308 0223
Skype: -
Email: Email Premium Seafood Company Inc
Prima Supply
Prima Supply specializes in commercial food preparation equipment. From the ice upon which the fish are laid, to the freezer in which it ends up, we supply the food preparation equipment, packaging, and refrigeration, and ice machines needed to preserve freshness. We have been in business since 1947 and are located in Louisville Kentucky. Commercial Ice Machines, Commercial Refrigerators, Commercial Freezers, Commercial Food Preparation Equipment, Stainless Steel Tables and Sinks.
Contact: Joshua Moxon
City: Louisville, Kentucky
Tel: +1 888 810 5043
Skype: -
Email: Email
Process Technology
Process Technology proudly offers its line of heating products specifically designed for the aquaculture industry. We are the first heater company to design and manufacture electric immersion heaters with aquaculture in mind. Our innovative aquaculture heater design proves once again our commitment to a higher standard of excellence. Process Technology has been a leading manufacturer of wet process heating and cooling equipment since 1978. Our aquaculture line of products are available in stainless steel for fresh water and titanium for salt water. Heater systems, electric immersion heaters (over-the-side heaters and bottom heaters), heat exchangers, screw plug heaters, temperature and level controls and accessories
Contact: Steve Smith
City: Mentor, Ohio
Tel: 440 974 1300  Fax: 440 974 9561
Skype: -
Email: Email Process Technology
Providence Bay Fish Company
Processor, wholesaler, exporter and importer since 1991. Products include Lobster, whole frozen, lobster tail, lobster meat, scallops, sea cucumbers, dogfish, fins and tails, California squid, mackerel, pacific whiting, hake, capensis, mussels, black cod, sablefish, monkfish, snow crab, tilapia, shrimp.
Contact: Martin Vincent
City: Wakefield, Rhode Island
Tel: 401 789 0900  Fax: 401 789 5002
Skype: -
Email: Email Providence Bay Fish Company
Reilly Marine Services, LLC
Marine Engineering / Automation Consultants. Reilly Marine Services provides project management, marine engineering, automation and controls, marine surveying, and propulsion integration services. RMS has over 25 years of operational experience as well as over 25 years of automation experience including design, implementation, installation, troubleshooting and repair.
Contact: William Reilly
City: Palm Coast, FL
Tel: 386 447 2110  Fax: 386 246 3192
Skype: reilly_marine_services
Email: Email Reilly Marine Services
Restaurant Pro Online
Restaurant Pro, supplier of commercial refrigerator, true refrigerator, turbo air refrigerator, ice machine, and sandwich prep table offers low cost high quality restaurant, hotel and residential food service equipment. Reach-In Refrigerators/Freezers, Glass Door Refrigerators, Under-counters and Work Tops Refrigerator/Freezers, Under-counter Cube Ice Maker, Under counter Flaker Ice Maker, Modular Cube Ice Maker, Modular Flaker Ice Maker, Cooking Equipment, Tables and Sinks, Ice Machine
Contact: -
City: Camden, CA
Tel: 877 556 5547  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Restaurant Pro Online
Rexx Industries
Rexx Industries is your source for Industrial Parts, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supply, Commercial Parts, Commercial Equipment, HVAC Parts & Office Equipment.
Contact: Jacob Alexander
City: Orangeville, PA
Tel: 888 315 2341  Fax: 570 234 5526
Skype: -
Email: Email Rexx Industries
Ridium Technologies, Inc
SeaTouch Software - We manufacture touch screen based, end to end software for seafood processors, wholesalers, distributors, and importers. Our flagship product SeaTouch is designed solely for the seafood industry. As you can tell by the name, it utilizes touch screens which keep labor expenses way down and make training a breeze. It even runs on the Apple iPad. SeaTouch runs every aspect of a seafood business, from purchasing and production to sales, invoicing and accounting. It also includes the most powerful pricing system in the industry that fully automates the pricing and quoting processes. It is highly secure, and based on the Microsoft SQL Server database.
Contact: Lewis McCabe
City:  Big Sky, MT
Tel: (406) 995-9800 
(406) 995-2040
Skype: -
Email: Email Ridium Technologies
Rezam Inc.
Importers and wholesale suppliers of octopus. We are a specialized provider of octopus we can supply any quantities needed we are looking for a long term business relations we importers in the U.S.A.
Contact: Sidi baba
City: -
Tel: 513 362 0932  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Rezam Inc
Royal Tila Inc.
Royal Tila Inc. Was established in 2008 to introduce aquaponics in the Florida farming industry. Aquaponics is the integration of Hydroponics with aquaculture and our focus is on offering premium quality, local and organically grown products. Royal Tila is 100% Green. We run a totally sustainable operation. By Using Blue Tilapia fry that is produced localy in Florida we eliminate the need to import our fry like other producers and this gives us the advantage of being able to supply  and produce all year long at competitive prices.
Contact: Francis Dames
City: Fort Myers, Florida
Tel: +1 239-437-7141 
+1 239-437-7141
Skype: -
Email: Email Royal Tila Inc
Rutgers Food Safety Training
Rutgers University offers food science and food safety short course training through courses such as HACCP, Sensory Evaluation, Introduction to Food Science and many more.
Contact: Dalynn Knigge
City: New Brunswick, Nj
Tel: 732 932 9271  Fax: -
Skype: -
Email: Email Rutgers Food Safety Training

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