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Diving Travel & Accommodation - Kenya

On the Go Tours and Safaris
Nairobi - On The Go Tours and Safaris is a travel company based in Kenya offering Kenya safari holiday packages to Masai Mara, Amboseli safaris, Tsavo East and West safaris
Telephone: 0721695741     Email
Africa Venture Safaris
Mombasa, Kenya - Africa Venture Safaris is a safari tour company based in Nairobi and Mombasa offering Mombasa beach holidays with Ski diving lessons to learners, Diani Beach Holidays and surfing lessons.
Contact: Nancy Yogo     Tel: +254721695741    
Paradise Divers Kenya, Africa
Diani Beach, Ukunda, Kenya - Wasini Island in itself has many points of interest to have it as a destination. There are quite a few dolphins, turtles, hard and soft corals and colourful tropical fish around the island. There are three kinds of dolphins living in this area, and while spotting a dolphin is quite likely, you have to be a bit lucky to see a humpback whale or a whale shark. It is most likely to spot a whale shark from December to February. Travel to see them. You also can rent diving equipment and wetsuit, learn in our school and get certification. Spend your holiday on Wasini island.
Contact: Emese Liliom     Tel: +254700463916    
Tropical Diving & Watersports Ltd
Mombasa - Our multilingual Watersports centre is situated in Bamburi Beach Hotel north of Mombasa. We are offering diving, fishing, snorkeling and a variety of other watersports activities. The diving instructors and Divemasters on duty have many years of experience diving the east African coast. Being in the middle of Bamburi beach, the Tropical diving team can easy be reached from other hotels. We are offering all the year diving trips to the inner and outer reef and, depending on the tide, in the morning and afternoon. Double dives and single dives are possible.
Contact: Ralf Wiedemann   
: +254 733 941 963       Fax: +254 41548 5900            
Topdeck Travel & Tours
Nairobi - We offer a full range of Kenyan and East African safari products including airport transfers, day excursions, wildlife safaris, adventure travel and beach holidays.
Contact:  Jeff
Tel:  +254 222 2714   Fax:  +254 2022 19681  
Africa Memorable Safaris
Mombasa - Offering Mombasa Safaris, Safari Mombasa Tours, Mombasa Beach Safaris, Kenya Beach Safaris, Mombasa Excursions, Short Safaris Mombasa
African Servalcat Safaris
Nairobi -
Africa Wildlife Lodge Camping Safaris, Tours,Kenya Safaris, Tanzania Safaris, Maasai Mara Safaris, Serengeti Safaris, Beach holidays, Gorilla Treks uganda, Mountain climbing in Kenya, Tanzania.

Kenya Luxury Camp Safari
Tour operator in Kenya offers luxury tented accomodation
in exclusive camps in Kenya and Tanzania

Kenya Magical Safaris
Tours Operator Offering Kenya Safari Tours, Safaris
Camping & Lodge

Kenya Safaris, Tours & Travel
For Affordable Kenya Safaris, Tours in Kenya, Kenya
Adventure travel with Magical Safaris

Kenya Safaris, Tours & Travel Tanzania
Kenya Safari, Tour & Travel Tanzania: A wide selection of  exclusive Wildlife Safaris in Kenya & Tanzania, Lodge Camping Safari, kenya  Incentive Group tours, Wildlife Migration & Honeymoon Packages Kenya



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