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Diving Travel & Accommodation - Malaysia

Layang Layang Island Resort Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur - Easily the biggest draw card for this Island, is the world famous and enthralling encounters with schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks in its surrounding waters. Being lucky enough to watch a big school of hammerheads glide by is an experience that will live with you for a very long time, and makes the whole journey worthwhile. But often overlooked by divers in their eagerness to catch sight of the sharks, is the other marine life on display. The coral health and diversity at Layang Layang is simply superb. Mantas also frequent this deep water area, and you just never know what might show up. Guests can enjoy unparalleled scuba diving as well as enjoy the sights and sounds of the protected bird park on the island. Layang Layang Island Resort is the only diving operator and hotel accommodation available on this small coral in the South China Sea. Numbers are very limited due to the low availability of flights, so if you want to share in this breathtaking wonder, we suggest you plan your trip well in advance - book early!
Contact: Lawrence Lee
Tel: +603 21702185             Fax: +603 2730 9959                   Email
The Reef Dive Resort & Tours S/B
Powdery sand, crystal clear turquoise water, enchanting reefs and magical undersea paradise.
Jomoborneo Experience Bajau Adventure Travel
Kota Belud - Snorkeling trips to fishing villages
Atlantis Bay Resort
Tropical Island dive resort
Orca Blue Dive Centre Sdn Bhd
Standard/Budget Diving & snorkeling trips
Layang Layang Island Resort



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