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Fishing Bag Limits Queensland

Legal fish sizes and bag limits - FRESH WATER FISHES


This guide provides recreational fishers with important information about responsible fishing. It covers size, take and possession (bag and size) limits, and explains how to measure catch, describes appropriate fishing gear and bait, outlines seasonal fishing requirements and provides information on noxious, native and protected fish species. It includes a list of useful contacts and a table of size, take and possession limits for both tidal and fresh waters

The following bag limits, minimum sizes, and (where indicated) maximum sizes apply to fish throughout Queensland.

Why does Australia have Size & Bag Limits? - Click here to read a great scientific explanation by CRC Reef Research


Species Legal size (cm) Take and Possession Limit
Australian bass * 30 min. 2
Australian Lungfish   No Take
Barramundi 58 min., 120 max. 5 (1 during closed season for some dams)
Blueclaw crayfish (Yabby) No limit 100 (females carrying eggs or young must be returned to the water within their natural range)
Cherabins (fresh water prawns) No Limit A combined total of 10 for both species (Macrobrachium lar and M. rosenbergii)
Cod, Bloomfield River Cod - No Take
Cod, Murray (Queensland section of the Murray-Darling Drainage Division) 60 min., 110 max. 2
Cod, Mary River - Upstream of the walls of Cressbrook, Hinze, Maroon, Moogerah, North Pine, Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams and Lakes Dyer (Bill Gunn Dam) and Clarendon 50 min 1
Cod, Mary River (elsewhere in Queensland) n/a No Take
Eel, long-finned 30 min. Combined limit of 10 in total of all species
Eel, Pacific 30 min. Combined limit of 10 in total of all species
Eel, short-finned 30 min. Combined limit of 10 in total of all species
Freshwater Catfish (eel tailed catfish - Tandanus tandanus) 35 min Combined limit of 5 in total for fish in the genera Neosilurus, Tandanus and Neosiluroides (e.g. black, Cooper Creek, eel-tailed, false spine, short-finned catfish and Hyrtl's tandan)
Freshwater Sawfish   No Take
Garfish No limit 50
Lungfish - No Take
Mangrove Jack 35 min. 5
Molluscs any - excluding oysters No Limit 50
Perch, golden (Yellowbelly) 30 min. 10
Perch, jungle
Spotted Flagtail (Northern jungle perch)
35 max. A combined total of 1 for jungle perch and northern jungle perch (spotted flagtail)
Perch, silver 30 min Combined limit of 5 for silver perch, Welch's grunter and Barcoo grunter. Silver perch in Paroo and Warrego River basins are catch and release only.
Barcoo Grunter 30 min. Combined limit of 5 for silver perch, Welch's grunter and Barcoo grunter.
Welch's Grunter 30 min. Combined limit of 5 for silver perch, Welch's grunter and Barcoo grunter.
Sooty Grunter 28 min Combined limit of 10 for sooty grunter and khaki grunter
Khaki Grunter No limit Combined limit of 10 for sooty gunter and khaki grunter
Rainbow Fish (Melanotaenia sp.) No Limit Combined limit of 20 (banded, black banded, chequered, crimson spotted, desert, Douboulay's eastern Lake Eacham and McCulloch's rainbowfish)
Redclaw crayfish in its natural range (Gulf of Carpentaria Drainage Division and from the Jacky Jacky River basin south to the Normanby River basin on the east coast of Queensland) No limit 40 (Females carrying eggs and/or young must be returned to the water within their natural range)
River Blackfish - No Take
Saratoga - Northern 50 min Combined limit of 1 for both species (i.e. only one saratoga may be taken)
Saratoga - Southern 50 min As above
Freshwater Mullet 30 min. 20
Sea Mullet 30 min. 20
Spiny crayfish - No Take
Yabby  or Blueclaw Crayfish (Cherax destructor) No limit 100 (Females carrying eggs and/or young must be returned to the water within their natural range)

The following species have an "in possession" limit of 20:

  • Aggassiz's perchlet
  • Aru gudgeon
  • Australian smelt
  • Banded grunter
  • Blackast (strawman)
  • Blue catfish
  • Bony bream
  • Boofhead catfish
  • Cairns rainbow fish
  • Celebes goby
  • Coal grunter
  • Common archer fish
  • Concave goby
  • Delicate blue-eye
  • Desert goby
  • Elongate glassfish
  • Empire gudgeon
  • Fimbriate gudgeon
  • Firetail gudgeon
  • Flagtail gudgeon
  • Flathead gudgeon
  • Flyspecked hardyhead
  • Freshwater long tom


  • Gilberts grunter
  • Golden flathead goby
  • Golden goby (dwarf goby)
  • Highfin catfish (berney's catfish)
  • Lake's carp gudgeon
  • Leathery grunter
  • Lorentz's grunter
  • Macleay's glassfish
  • Marjorie's hardyhead
  • Midgley's carp gudgeon
  • Mueller's glassfish
  • Mulgrave goby
  • Northern purple spotted gudgeon
  • Obbes Catfish
  • Ornate rainbow fish
  • Pacific blue-eye
  • Penny fish
  • Poreless gudgeon
  • Purple spotted gudgeon
  • Rendahl's catfish
  • Roman nose goby
  • Sailfin glassfish
  • Sailfin perchlet
  • Scaleless goby
  • Sevenspot Archer Fish
  • Shovel nosed catfish
  • Silver catfish
  • Silver tandan
  • Silver cobbler
  • Sleepy cod
  • Small headed grunter
  • Snakehead gudgeon
  • Southern purple spotted gudgeon
  • Spangled perch
  • Speckled goby
  • Spotted blue-eye
  • Square blotch goby
  • Strawman
  • Striped gudgeon
  • Tank goby
  • Threadfin rainbow fish
  • Triangular shield catfish
  • Western carp gudgeon

No-take species

  • Australian lungfish

  • Bloomfield River cod

  • Freshwater sawfish

  • River blackfish

  • Spiny crayfish

  • Mary River cod - no take except upstream of some dams






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