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Carp Fishing Informational Sites

Below you will find some great sites with loads of information about Carp Fishing. Many also have forums and communities about Carp Fishing. This list can save you hours of searching the internet for carp angling sites - the great ones are all listed on this page!

If you think your site has great information and would like a link on this page, please email me.


Carp Fishing UK's aim is to provide you the best carp angling information on the internet, we hope to provide a user friendly, easy to navigate angling website with plenty of information for carp anglers of all experiences.
Fishing ebooks - free articles: big carp and catfish bait secrets to improve your big fish catches; recipes, ingredients secrets, formulating baits, making homemade boilies, pellets, ground baits; adapting readymade baits, fish feeding triggers, flavours components secrets and how to save a fortune on bait but with bigger fish results - for life!


carp fry, baby carp, stocking carp fishThe English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO) was formally launched on the 23rd April 2001. The brainchild of two well known anglers, Ian Chillcott and Keith Jenkins, ECHO has become the largest supported angling-related pressure group, solely dedicated to maintaining the health and welfare of the UKs carp stocks.

As an organisation ECHO has not restricted itself to fighting the issues solely within the United Kingdom. Through our many contacts in Europe and the overwhelming support of our cause from European carp anglers, we are now far more able to tackle the problems head on.

ECHO's aim is to educate all about the threats posed to our sport about the horrendous conditions and inevitable fatalities suffered by fish during illegal smuggling.


Best Homemade Carp Bait Recipes - Using a homemade carp bait is one of the best ways to hook into a huge carp. There are so many out there that it is often difficult to determine which ones are best. Carp are typically not that difficult to catch. I have caught several myself on bait as simple as a piece of bread or a quarter of a hot dog. But having the right carp bait will make things a lot easier on you. A good recipe will attract nearby carp and it will remain solid on the hook.


FishingTech - Technology to Help You. Fish Better. Helping anglers find, maintain and enjoy the best in fishing tech


3D Virtual Carp Fishing - A Great Carp Fishing Game for the serious angler.


That-Aint-No-Bream British Carp Fishing - Big Carp fishing information, news, articles and carp forum. The premier site for serious British UK carp fishing


Carp Quest - This site will have lots of useful information for the Carp angler of all levels and will cover most aspects of Carp fishing including Carp baits, Carp rigs, Carp tackle, Carp lakes and anything else carpy.



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