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What Bait to Use.




Rock fishing is exciting and challenging, but Rock Fishing is one of the most DANGEROUS types of angling.

As such, we must make the first part of this section SAFETYNever go Rock Fishing before understanding the safety requirements for this type of fishing.


Always go rock fishing with a companion or fish a spot where there are other anglers.   If you get into trouble you want someone there who can help or get help!  If you are a beginner, go with someone who is experienced.  80% of accident victims are beginners to the sport of Rock fishing.

Watch the waves, never turn your back to the sea.  Rogue waves are notorious for washing the distracted angler off the rocks.

Wear lightweight clothes that are easy to remove if you are washed into the sea.   Clothes that you can swim in if you suddenly find yourself in the water.

Wear special protective footwear, shoes with GRIP!  Strap-on or screw-on steel "cleats" or "rock plates" are available from tackle stores and are attached to the soles of your shoes.  These save you from slipping on wet or weedy areas, and protect your feet from sharp stones and shellfish that are attached to the rocks.

Remember to "Slip, Slop, Slap" Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.  Exposure to the sun when fishing from rocks is extremely high.  We all know the dangers of too much sun!

Last but not least - Respect the sea.  Don't take unnecessary risks - no fish is worth dying for!

Rock Fishing

Rock fishing is a very popular form of fishing in Australia.  With the extensive Australian coastline offering numerous locations to angle for fish from Snapper to Black Marlin!


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