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e-Market Services Limited Tel:      +230 757 9250
Curepipe, Mauritius Fax:     +230 675 0069
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Hans B. Skype:  hans.mauritius
We are a key consultancy service providing company in the Indian Ocean, having strong relations with the major seafood hubs in our region from Mauritius to Seychelles, India, Vietnam and Phillipines. With regards to seafood sourcing, the products we do are tuna, marlin, swordfish, mud crabs etc - raw, or processed in the form of carpaccio cuts, loins, smoked plain or with herbs.


E'mwi, LLC Tel:      +1 336 834 3302
Greensboro, NC, USA Fax:     +1 843 991 2833
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  R. Omowale Jennings Skype:  Omowale56
We are member affiliates of the South Carolina World Trade  Center, Dunn & Bradstreet, CMSDC, and other organizations.  We have a global  network and only sell very high quality products primarily through  import/export on the international scene.


East China Seas Tel:      +86 10 6409 6818
Dongcheng, Beijing, China Fax:     +86 10 6409 6950
  Email:   [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Romero Patricio Skype:  ecssales7 (East China Seas - Patricio)

East Coast Aquatic Products Co Ltd Tel:      +86 137 0634 9980
Dalian, China Fax:     +86 532 8597 6334
  Email:   [email protected]
Contact Name:  Wayne Jiang Skype:  okwayne
Producer and exporter of frozen alaska pollock fillet,hake fillet, yellow fin sole fillet, blue whitting fillet.


East India Tuna Fisheries (Pvt) Ltd Tel:      +91 891 252 5462
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India Fax:     +91 891 271 3108
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Gordian Kagoo Skype:  East India Tuna Fisheries
our company owns ten deep sea fishing vessels which are being engaged for perch fisheries by pole and line methods. we are in a position to supply with perches, groupers and reef cods which are preserved in -1 celcious in refrigerated sea water system(RSW) on board of vessels.


Eastern Sea Co Ltd Tel:      +84 8 827 7914
Vung Tau City, Baria Province, Vietnam Fax:     +84 8 827 7915
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Phuong Lam Skype:  phuonglameurasia
Contact Name:  Tran Xuan Phung Skype:  PHUNGESC
EU Code DL 195. Our main products: cuttlefish, octopus, squid, yellow clam meat cooked, white clam shell on, white clam meat cooked, pangasius, red mullet, marlin, swordfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, red snapper, seafood mix...and some others.


Eastern Trading & Vinayakaseafood Tel:      +91 944 654 3748
Kollam, Kerala, India Fax:     +91 474 259 3748
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Vijay Skype:  vijaybrt
Sefood trading agent having excellent contact with leading seafood packers in Oman, Yemen as well as India. Mainly dealing with CF, YFT, SJ, shrimps, Indian mackerel etc.


Easy Fish International Trade Tel:      +86 10 6271 9875
Beijing, China Fax:     +86 10 6271 9875
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Robert He Skype:  easy-fish
A professional and promising exporter in the new seafood business field instead of traditional operations. We are located in China. We dedicate to B2B trading in frozen seafood, mainly export a wide range frozen seafood to EU, USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Australia with good quality and competitive price.


Easyfish S.L. Tel:      +34 97 220 0962
Girona, Catalonia, Spain Fax:     +34 97 222 6597
  Email:  [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Joan Gimbernat Skype:  joaneasyfish
We are a producer with joint venture in Ningbo for seafood products in China. We also have agreements with other factories over the world to supply seafood stocks.


Ebony Wonder Sdn. Bhd. Tel:      +60 3 2166 8785-86
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 2166 3885  /  +60 3 2166 6858
  Email:   [email protected]  
Contact Name:  M. Muzammil Skype:  M.MUZAMMIL1
We are interested in fresh sea food fish such as tiger fish, rohu, black pomfret, white pomfret, Indian mackerel, john snapper, red snapper and live crabs.


Eborns Seafood Co. Ltd Tel:      +233 243 618 532
Tema, Accra, Ghana, West Africa Fax:     +233 21 171 658
  Email:   [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Ebo Orhin Skype:  ebo.orhin
we operate as exporters of seafoods like cuttlefish, octopus, lobsters, fresh & frozen tuna,etc. we also import frozen fish and poultry products of all kinds including mackerel , horse mackerel, Red fish etc. we also represent fishing vessels and other vessels as agents in Ghana. we also recruit sailors for foreign vessels who needed worker in all fields of work. chief officer, Captains, Sailors Deck Hands etc.

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Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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