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AA Fishing and Co. Tel:      +92 8 983 813
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 466 0635
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Amann Skype:  aman
a leading exporter of fresh and frozen sea food from Pakistan to gulf countries, far east, china and also to Turkey and some African countries from last 15 years our owners and their experience team have a vast experience of seafood and our staff always ready to serve better and better with high quality and competitive price .


ABC Gold (Private) Limited Tel:      +92 21 582 0671-4
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 582 0673
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Hashim Anwr Skype:  abcgold205


Accu (Export) Trading Company Tel:      +92 21 700 1555
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 700 1666
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Noorullah Dhanani Skype:  NDHAN
we can fulfil all your Frozen Seafoods requirements. At the moment we can offer Indian Mackerel, Ribbon Fish, Squid, & Cuttle Fish, PUD shrimps, monkfish, tuna can.

Agen Tel:      +92 301 827 3851
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 254 7433
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Umair Skype:  agent
We process Ribbonfish, Indian Mackerel, Conger Eel Fish, Squid, Croaker and
many other items. We know seafood and we love Seafood.


Akhlaq Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd Tel:      +92 21 220 0180
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 0216
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Ali Raza Skype:  saliraza72
We introduce ourselves as one of the leading seafood processors and exporters of fresh and frozen products based at Karachi, Pakistan. The freezing capacity is of 30 MT in the air blast freezers (for fish) and 8 MT in contact plate freezers (for shrimps) per day. Storage capacity is above 400 MT and the processing plant has been designed and constructed as per the standards of the EU (approval nr. Tec / 90 / 01) and the FDA of USA. WE can offer all presentations and kinds of seafood available in Pakistan especially Cephalopods and shrimps.


Al-E-Raza Seafoods Tel:      +92 322 826 6501
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Raza Patel Skype:  GHAZIABBAS
We are an exporter, traders, quality inspectors based company dealing in seafood. We supply the quality seafood, inspect the quality for our valuable buyers.


Al-Hamd Seafoods Tel:      +92 321 898 0711
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     -
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Shoaib Alam Skype:  Al-Hamd Seafoods


Al-Hassan Trading Est Tel:      +92 21 432 5353
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 432 5353
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Kassmani Skype:  KASSMANI


Al-Noor Enterprises Tel:      +92 21 231 1478
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 231 1341
  Email [email protected]   
Contact Name:  Yasir Skype:  Al-Noor
We offer a wide variety of Seafood products including Salted Jellyfish, Sting Ray Fish, Cuttlefish, Loligo Squid, Croaker (Silver, Yellow, Tiger Tooth), Ladyfish,  Sardines, Threadfin Bream, Ribbonfish (WR & HGT), Reef Cod, Conger Eel, Crabs (3-spot, blue swimming, mud etc.), Indian Mackerel and other species.


Arabian Sea Products Tel:      +92 21 4945 8420
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 493 9982
  Email [email protected]    
Contact Name:  Farooq Memon Skype:  Memon.
Arabian Sea Products is one of the leading exporter of Seafood from Pakistan. The company was established in 1994 and start exporting Live Mud Crabs to Hong Kong and Bangkok. By keeping in view of international demand company extended its business and captured the Far East countries and promotes its further export of Live Lobsters to meet the requirement of international market.


Arabian Seafood Tel:      +92 333 227 7086
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 231 1772
  Email [email protected]   
Contact Name:  Hassan Mustafa Skype:  naqvi7
We are one of the leading seafood exporter in Pakistan. We can offer you Shrimp H/L S/O, PUD, PD, Cuttle Fish, Loligo Squid, Eel Fish, Croaker, Indian Mackerel, Ribbon Fish, Sea Bream, Top Shell, Jelly Fish, Crab, Grouper, Red Snapper.


Areeba Trading Corporation Tel:      +92 21 203 3065
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 203 3065
  Email [email protected]  
Contact Name:  Rizwan Lokhandwala Skype:  Areebatrading
We are the Leading Trading / Marketing Corporation for Fresh & Frozen Seafoods from Pakistan. We deals in all seasonal seafoods from Pakistan.


Arsala Sea Food Tel:      +92 300 266 0965
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Zaffar Kundi Skype:  KUNDI
Contact Name:  Sami Ullah Khan Skype:  arsalasf
our products are Indian mackerel, trevally, seer fishin, bagai, razor clam, yellow clam meat, rock shell meat, lobster, red snapper, barracuda, emperor, threadfin bream, silver sillago, silver grunt, red grouper, black snapper, pomfret, ribbonfish, cuttle fish, squid, silver croaker, tt croaker, conger eel, mullet, sareine, swimming crab, three spot crab, salted jelly fish, salted yellow clam.


Asian Seafoods Traders Tel:      +92 21 423 2350
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 285 9929
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Wahid Memon Skype:  memonmemon1
We are exporter and trader from Pakistan


Blue Ocean International Tel:      +92 21 220 5247
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 2716
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Jawad Ali Skype:  boceanintl
We are processor & exporter of Fresh / Frozen / Live and Salted Seafood items from Pakistan. We export all types of shrimps: H/L white, PUD, PD, PTO etc. Cephalopods  (squid, cuttlefish, baby octopus) Whole and cleaned fishes: ribbonfish,  croaker, indian mackerel, seer fish, pomfrets, reef cod, rohu, katla etc.


Blueseas International Tel:      +92 21 220 5247
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 2716
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Sheikh Zaki Skype:  Blueseas
We are Exporter of all seafood from Pakistan. our main items: Lobster, Shrimps, Squid, Cuttle, Shell, Ribbon, Eel,  Croaker, Indian Mackerel, Salted Jelly Fish


Chiltan Sea Food Tel:      +92 333 211 1289
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 231 1403
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Khatri Skype:  chiltanseafood
We are one of the leading Processor/Exporter/supplier - involved in buying and selling of frozen seafood. We was found in 1992 as a big packer. We can supply top quality fresh and frozen seafood of all varieties - Raw, cooked, fillets, lobster, PUD, PD, HOSO, HLSO shrimps. Also can supply all kinds of fishes like Yellowfin/Skip Jack Tuna, Grouper, Ribbonfish, Kingfish, Indian Mackerel, Snapper, Emperor, Barracuda, Katti, Hilsa, Rohu, Pomfrets, Squid, Cuttle Fish, Crocker, Reef cod etc


Commander Seafood Marketing Tel:      +92 21 498 3235
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 498 3236
  Email[email protected]   
Contact Name:  S. Ahmed Skype:  lobster2008
Commander Seafood Marketing is dealing Fresh, Frozen, Dried, Salted and Canned products, we are impoter and Exporter of Fish, Fruits, Vegetable, Cement, Garments & scrap material.


Deawan Sama Foodstuff Trading Tel:      +92 21 601 3607
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 231 3334
  Email:  [email protected]
Contact Name:  D.M. Nafees Rehman Skype:  master nafees
We are one of the leading Exporters and Agents of seafood from Pakistan. We are quality conscious and observe Total quality management. Products include frozen Ribbon fish, Indian Mackeral, Cuttle fish, Salted jelly fish, silver croaker, Tiger tooth ,sole, W/R Eel fish and many more.
"We always want out customers to be smiling"


Decent Sourcing Enterprice Tel:      +92 21 706 5968
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     -
  Email:  [email protected]
Contact Name:  Abdul Karim Skype:  [email protected]
Our company product A one services. All kind of food. shrim , grouper, craper, jellyfish, kingfish, damah


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