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Smokey Bay Seafood Group

Smoikey Bay Canadian Seafood

Contact Name: Gabriela Monroy
Company Position: Export Manager
Address: 309-896 Cambie Street
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Postal (Zip) Code: V6B 2P6
Country: CANADA and USA
Telephone: +1 604 568 4310
Fax: +1 604 688 8360
E-mail: [email protected]

Smokey Bay Seafood Group supplies seafood businesses with quality live shellfish and fresh fish, for them to resell to seafood lovers both locally and worldwide.

Smokey Bay Seafood - Live Dungeness Crab - Canada

As a source trading business, we work closely with producers and provide seafood buyers with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Environmental changes that impact food production, rising logistics costs, the fracturing of our food economy due to covid-19, along with currency fluctuations, and changing regulations have made seafood trading a gamble. Working with Smokey Bay Seafood is a great way to reduce your risk.

Reach out and tap into our diverse mix of exclusive delicious seafood, backed by just-in-time logistics, and sustainable practices.

Smokey Bay Seafood - Shucked Fresh Canadian OysterBecome part of this growing seafood supply chain source, purchase, warehouse, logistics, or supply with Smokey Bay. We look forward to working with you.

Developing the aquafeed division is an absolute necessity. The market is desperate for better feed ingredients, given the exponential growth of aquaculture worldwide.

Smokey Bay wants to keep collaborating by improving the nutritional profile of fish feeds with exceptional wild product, while incorporating alternative protein options within the insect and plant-base products.

Today, Smokey Bay Seafood Group is a vertically integrated company with four profit areas and one in development.
- Seafood Trade
- Representation
- Aquafeed
- Seafood Utensils
- SBSG Digital (in development)

Live Product:
Live Wild Dungeness Crab
Live Wild Geoduck Clam
Live Farmed Manila Clams
Live Wild Red Sea Urchin
Live Wild American Mussels

Fresh Product:
Fresh Farmed Sablefish
Fresh Farmed Atlantic Salmon
Organic Premium White Sturgeon
Fresh Wild Sockeye Salmon
Fresh Wild Sea Urchin | Uni
Fresh Wild Pacific Halibut
Fresh Wild Patagonian Chinook | King Salmon

Frozen Product:
Frozen Cooked Whelk Meat
Frozen Wild Argentine Shrimp | Langostino
Frozen Wild Black Cod Steak
Frozen Wild Snow Crab
Frozen Wild Ikura | Salmon Caviar
Frozen Canadian Lobster
Frozen Wild Spot Prawn
Frozen Wild Sea Scallops
Frozen Wild Black Cod
Wild Pacific Salmon

Superba Krill
Pacifica Krill
Frozen Artemia Biomass
Frozen California Market Squid
Black Soldier Fly Larvae Whole
Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder
Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil

Brand Names:
Smokey Bay

Oceanwise Approved - sustainable harvest


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