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Frozen Fish Suppliers Uruguay

Land and Sea frozen fish, Urutrades

Contact Name: Gaston Farraco
Company Position: Director
Address: Br España 2249 / 701
City: Montevideo
Country: URUGUAY
Telephone: +598 9968 4939
Mobile (Cell) Phone: +598 9968 4939
Fax: +598 2 401 7189
E-mail: [email protected]


Urutrades trade in frozen fish following our clients requirements, we work with Land and Sea frozen fish, we send the containers as our customer prefer FOB or CFR

Our Main Products:

Yellow Croaker (micropogonias furnieri)
White Croaker (umbrina canosai)
King weakfish or we called Seatrout (macrodon ancylodon)
Sea trout (cynoscion guatucupa)
Hake (merluccius hubbsi)
Pomfret (cheilodactylus bergi)
Horse Mackerel
Sardine (Sardine Pilchardus)
Illex Squid
king weakfish sea trout
King Weakfish Sea Trout
mackerel illex squid
Mackerel Illex Squid
yellow croaker horse mackerel
Yellow Croaker Horse Mackerel
hake hoki
Hake Hoki

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