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Carp Fishing Information

Carp is a common name for various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae, a very large group of fish originally from Eurasia and southeast Asia. Some consider all cyprinid fishes carp and the family Cyprinidae itself is often known as the carp family. In colloquial use, however, carp usually refers only to several larger cyprinid species such as Cyprinus carpio (common carp), Carassius carassius (Crucian carp), Ctenopharyngodon idella (grass carp), Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp), and Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (bighead carp). Carp have long been an important food fish to humans, as well as popular ornamental fishes (see koi and goldfish). As a result, carp have been introduced to various locations, though with mixed results.


Carp originated in Western Asia and were introduced to Europe by the Romans. Carp are easily reared and a good food fish. 90% of the carp harvest are now farmed (See Fish Farming Carp) for both sport fishing and human consumption. They are also made into fishmeal for other animal feeds.


Carp vary from olive green or yellow green to golden overall and have silver to yellow markings on the underside.

Carp are omnivorous and feed on insects, insect larvae, plankton and plants, snails and other aquatic creatures. They mainly bottom feed, stirring up the mud and gravel on the bottom of lakes and streams, so they have a very good sense of small as they cannot see very well in muddy or cloudy water.

Female carp reach sexual maturity at around 5 years of age, and males around 4 years of age. They can live over 50 years. The heaviest Carp landed in the world is over 100 lb.

Sir Isaac Walton said about carp in The Compleat Angler, "The Carp is the queen of rivers; a stately, a good, and a very subtil fish; that was not at first bred, nor hath been long in England, but is now naturalised."


Bait for Trout and Other Freshwater Fish (including Carp)

Ingredients for Carp Baits | Carp Fishing Bait Recipe:

Breadcrumbs (as base)
Semolina (as base)

Additional Flavourings:
Crushed Hemp Seed - The hemp oil is an effective fish attractor
Dried Insect Meal - Made of flies, worms, shrimps and bugs
Ground Fish
Fish Oil
Sugar cane molasses
Dried mixed seafood - water snails, shrimp, small crayfish, daphnia, water flies. These are good soaked in anchovy extract for a few days before grinding and adding to the basic dough mix

Almost any kind of nut - soak first for at least 12 hours and boil for 30 minutes
Corn kernels - Fresh or canned

Meat Baits - Spam, Luncheon meats, Pepperoni, canned cat or dog food moulded into balls.





Sites that have great information about Carp Fishing - On this page you will find some great sites with loads of information about Carp Fishing. Many also have forums and communities about Carp Fishing. This list can save you hours of searching the internet for sites - the great ones are all listed on this page!


Wholesale Tackle Suppliers - Worldwide listings by country of fishing tackle manufacturers, distributors and wholesale tackle suppliers


Fishing Tackle Stores - Worldwide listings of local tackle stores, also listings on tackle shops that have an online store.


Carp Fishing UK's aim is to provide you the best carp angling information on the internet, we hope to provide a user friendly, easy to navigate angling website with plenty of information for carp anglers of all experiences.



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