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Air Weld Ltd Tel:      +880 2 934 0007
Dhaka, Bangladesh Fax:     +880 2 935 2874
Contact Name:  Moin Uddin Ahmed Skype:  Moin Uddin Ahmed
Exporter of sea food


Aith Enterprise Tel:      +60 016 217 0073
Selangor, Malaysia Fax:     +60 3 8962 1513
Contact Name:  Dr Abu Asmara Mohamed Skype:  BOSMARA
we are involve in small trading of fish products and would like to get cheap suppliers of norwegian fish and fish products to sell to the government for the consumption of school childeren so that they have adequate and reasonalble cheap protein for healthy and intelectual growth.

Ajisoko Trading Co. Tel:      +62 21 8887 8568
Tytyan Kencana, West Java, Indonesia Fax:     +62 21 8897 8477
Contact Name:  Sartono Skype:  sartono72
Ajisoko trading is specialize exporter of frozen/fresh Nila and leather Nila tilapia from Indonesia origin


AJOS Enterprises Ltd Tel:      +64 9 533 4088
Howick, Auckland, New Zealand Fax:     +64 9 533 4090
Contact Name:  John Samy Skype:  John Samy
Niche-market oriented importer of tiger prawns and mud crabs ( known in Philippines as Alimango).


Akhlaq Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd Tel:      +92 21 220 0180
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 0216
Contact Name:  Ali Raza Skype:  saliraza72
We introduce ourselves as one of the leading seafood processors and exporters of fresh and frozen products based at Karachi, Pakistan. The freezing capacity is of 30 MT in the air blast freezers (for fish) and 8 MT in contact plate freezers (for shrimps) per day. Storage capacity is above 400 MT and the processing plant has been designed and constructed as per the standards of the EU (approval nr. Tec / 90 / 01) and the FDA of USA. WE can offer all presentations and kinds of seafood available in Pakistan especially Cephalopods and shrimps.


Akshay International Tel:      +91 484 222 0930
Kochi, Kerala, India Fax:     +91 484 222 0930
Contact Name:  Biju A.M. Skype:  biju.a.m
Contact Name:  T N Sreenivasan Skype:  tnsvas
We are actively engaged in sourcing and marketing of all varieties of Fresh & Frozen  Seafood to the International markets from reliable Indian EU approved, HACCP compliant plants.

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