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Champion Seafoods Co Ltd Tel:      +81 54 656 1222
Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan Fax:     +81 54 656 1223
Contact Name:  Yuko Sugimoto Skype:  yuko.sugimoto
Champion Seafoods Co., Ltd. in Yaizu city in Japan. (Yaizu has the largest fish catches of bonito and tuna in all of Japan).


Changle Juquan Food Co., Ltd Tel:      +86 592 829 7408
Changle, Fujian, China Fax:     +86 592 509 3167
Contact Name:  Ken Wang Skype:  sales-xmhx
Frozen eel (anguilla anguilla), from 200g-2000g, skinless, gill off or slime off. Roasted eel,2P-7P(5oz-18oz) ,We located in eel farming center Changle County, which produces best and cleanest farmed eel (anguilla anguilla, anguilla japonica) in the world, we specialize in frozen and roasted eel producing for export to USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Europe.

Changle Pacific Food Co Ltd Tel:      +86 591 8365 0202
Changle, Fujian, China Fax:     +86 591 8365 0308
Contact Name:  Sonny Chen Skype:  chinafish2002
Located in eel farming center Changle County,which produces best and cleanest farmed eel (anguilla anguilla, anguilla japonica) in the world, we specialize in eel products (especially roasted eel) and other sushi products for export to USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Europe. We are one of two companies in Changle County who are allowed to export eel due to our influence in eel farms, good facility, stringent sanitation and honest personality;


Chengsen International Trade Co Ltd Tel:      +86 535 623 4805
Yantai, Shandong, China Fax:     +86 535 623 4806
Contact Name:  Ketty Lin Skype:  lf198026
Our mainly did products are various fresh or frozen foods.for example seafoods, vegetables, fruits, beverages etc. 1.seafoods: frozen tuna loin block, chub mackerel, squid tube or ring,COD or PALLACK fillet, scallop etc. 2.vegetables: onion, ginger, garlic, carrot, scallion 3.fruits: apple, pear, peach, cherry 4.beverage: blue-berry, orange, apple, peach


Chilean Products Tel:      +56 2 321 5552
Santiago, Chile Fax:     +56 2 321 5552
Contact Name:  Gonzalo Urquieta C. Skype:  gurquietac01
Processor and exporter of various seafood items including dried elephant shark fins, frozen salmon.


Chiltan Sea Food Tel:      +92 333 211 1289
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 231 1403
Contact Name:  Khatri Skype:  chiltanseafood
We are one of the leading Processor/Exporter/supplier - involved in buying and selling of frozen seafood. We was found in 1992 as a big packer. We can supply top quality fresh and frozen seafood of all varieties - Raw, cooked, fillets, lobster, PUD, PD, HOSO, HLSO shrimps. Also can supply all kinds of fishes like Yellowfin/Skip Jack Tuna, Grouper, Ribbonfish, Kingfish, Indian Mackerel, Snapper, Emperor, Barracuda, Katti, Hilsa, Rohu, Pomfrets, Squid, Cuttle Fish, Crocker, Reef cod etc


China Dalian Seafood Tel:      +86 1394 094 3686
Dalian, Liaoning, China Fax:      -
Contact Name:  - Skype:  pricewangyi
Processors and suppliers of seafoods from China


China Jinlier Group Co Ltd Tel:       +86 532 8289 1569
Qingdao, Shandong, China Fax:      +86 532 8289 1568
Contact Name:  Gary Yu Skype:  garyyu_qd
Jinlier chemical is engaged in Supplying quality-refrigerant gas
Jinlier seafood is engaged in supplying healthy seafoods
Jinlier forest is engaged in supplying in superior pine chemical


China JST Group Tel:      +86 517 333 0701
Huaian, China Fax:     +86 517 333 0702
Contact Name:  Wu Jun Skype:  wujun-seafood
Chinese seafoods crawfish/catfish/shrimps/squid/clams/octopus/mussel/tilapia. All our plants are FDA and HACCP certified. Our main products are: 1. crawfish tailmeat (DDP) 2. whole cajun crawfish 3. catfish fillets, nuggets 4 ocean perch fillets 5 Pollock fillets 6. Cod 7 vannamei shrimps from Indonesia and China, HLSO, PD, CPTO, dusted / breaded. and so on.


China JR Group of Companies Tel:      +86 411 8185 6488
Dalian, Liaoning, China Fax:     +86 411 8255 6669
Contact Name:  James Zhang Skype:  Jimmyxioamin
We are seafood manufacturers with FDA and HACCP approval. Our seafood is as follows:  Fish fillets:  Pacific cod, salmon, APO, hake, tilapia, yellowfin sole, tuna.  Canned fish:  canned tuna, canned mackerel, canned crab meat, canned mussel. Other seafood:  Scallops - IQF and halfshell.


China Rushan Tonghe Foods Co. Ltd Tel:      +86 631 675 5099
Weihai, Rushan, China Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Mr Lu Skype:  Mr Lu
HACCP register factory
products: squid ; mackerel ; poulp squid ; salted fish ;


China Seafood Tel:       +86 532 8896 0926
Qingdao, Shandong, China Fax:      +86 532 8896 0927
Contact Name:  Angela Skype:  oceanone-angela
As a leading supplier of salmon, squid, arrowtooth flounder and other groundfish products,Ocean One Enterprise Ltd. has three associated plants in china. Our plants are EU and HACCP approved, MSC, BRC certified, manged by professionals, and monitored by competent laboratories.


China Seafood Exporter Co. Ltd Tel:      +86 10 6546 2750
Beijing, China Fax:      +86 10 6540 9482
Contact Name:  - Skype:  china-seafood-exporter
Our main products are Frozen Vannamei shrimp, Breaded Shrimp, Squid tubes, Squid rings, Squid T+T, Baby squid, stuffed squid, Scallops and Surimi products.


China Sealand Group Co. Ltd Tel:       +86 137 9258 7807
Yantai, Rongcheng, Shandong, China Fax:      +86 535 718 1863
Contact Name:  Eric / Terry Skype:  flkfoods
It has advanced equipment, high technology and strictly quality control system. We are US FDA, Russia certified and EU approved factories. The products include Frozen and Dry two kinds products, mainly products include: Squid Tube U3/5/10/10-20/20-40,Squid Ring, Squid Craving, Spanish Mackerel, Pacific Mackerel, Crab Stick, Pollock, Hake, Cod, Salmon, Red fish, Sole, Monkfish, Dry squid shred, Smoked squid ring, Dry yellow croaker, Dry anchovy etc.


China Shipping Logistics Tel:       +86 1381 566 6645
Lianyungang, Xugou, China Fax:      +86 518 223 1204
Contact Name:  - Skype:  huyang11
we are one of the leader shipping company which are special in over sea shipment.


China Starfish Co Ltd Tel:       +86 133 8532 2777
Qingdao, Shandong, China Fax:      +86 532 8251 5820
Contact Name:  Emory Cui Skype:  emorycui
We're one of the large seafood processors located in  Qingdao, China, with our major processing species including Alaska Pollock,  Atlantic Redfish, Greenland Halibut, Northern Blue Whiting and Pacific Cod, etc.


China Tianjin J.C. Marine Trading Co Ltd Tel:       +86 1392 047 6477
Tianjin, China Fax:      +86 22 8459 0517
Contact Name:  Jupiter Cao Skype:  jupitercao2008
Leading Importer of Frozen Seafoods. Based in  Tianjin Xingang Port. Importing Frozen Ribbon Fish, Sole Fish, Croakers,  Kati Fish, Pomfret, Eel fish, Cuttle, Squid. from Asia, Africa, Europe, America & Canada


Choice Foods Thailand Tel:      +66 76 282 407
Chalong, Phuket, Thailand Fax:     +66 76 383 186
Contact Name:  Mr Daniel Donatelli Skype:  daniel.donatelli
Importers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of fresh chilled and frozen seafood including Phuket lobster, tuna, swordfish, saki, smoked Scottish kippers. Importers of Fresh, Live and smoked Australian seafood - Atlantic salmon, ocean trout, scallops, Sydney Rock oysters, black mussels, smoked salmon.


Choice Group Tel:      +91 601 542 52
Cochi, Kerala, India Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Dariusz Dzikowski Skype:  dzikupolska
We are a producer of quality shrimp ready meals. Organic meals with restaurant taste and easy to prepare formula. The company has been operating in the seafood market for over 50 years. We have all needed production and export certificates.


Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co Ltd Tel:       +86 23 6806 0729
Chongqing, China Fax:      +86 22 8619 7078
Contact Name:  Cathy Huang Skype:  hyt728
a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China, which engages in developing, producing, selling a series of oil purifier such as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, engine oil purifier, lube oil purifier and so on. We practice in this line for eight years, so we have a strong technology and gain rich experience. Our products have been exported to many countries, and get a high reputation.


Chun Cheng Fishery Enterprise Pte Ltd Tel:      +65 6266 6566
Singapore Fax:     +65 6266 6966
Contact Name:  Sky Ong Skype:  ccfe-skyong
We are a processor and exporter of frozen fish products from Singapore, under the name of Chun Cheng Fishery Enterprise Pte Ltd. We are HACCP-based plant and have ISO 22000 certificated. We specialize in processing, international marketing and distribution of frozen deep sea long line seafood product. Our main products are Swordfish, Tuna, Marlin, Oilfish, Escolar, Wahoo, Shark etc, which are sold to Japan, Korea, USA, Europe, Russia, Etc.


Chun Success International Co Ltd Tel:      +886 7 822 9931
Kaohsiung, Taiwan Fax:     +886 7 841 1228
Contact Name:  Diwo Chou Skype:  diwochou
We are a processor and exporter . We provide smooth skin oil fish Fillet , sword fish DWT, fillet, steak, Albacore tuna loin, Whole round, Yellow fin tuna loin, Blue shark DWT , belly off, moro shark DWT, fillet, Illex squid, Rough skin oil fish steak, Milk Fish W/R, Tilapia fish W/R .


Chung Long Oceanic Co. Ltd Tel:      +66 76 252 507
Phuket, Thailand Fax:     +66 76 252 509
Contact Name:  Hsu Ching-Chien Skype:  chien220317
We are one of phuket thailand seafood processor. we are looking for reliable buyer. supply my company fresh and frozen tuna products to you.I hope we can come together and hope to hear you soon

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