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Coastal Catch Ex-Im Tel:      +91 484 650 6867
Kochi, Kerala, India Fax:     +91 484 270 7007
Contact Name:  Zeresh Skype:  coastalcatchseafood
We are one of the leading sea food Exporters from India. And we have factories in Gujarat, Mangalore and Cochin. Frozen Yellow fin tuna (Whole / Gilled & Gutted), Frozen Indian Mackerel, Frozen Horse Mackerel, Frozen Sardines (Whole / Head Less & Tail Less), Frozen Squid (Whole / Cleaned / Rings), Frozen Lizard fish (whole / Dry ), Frozen Corvena Fillet, Frozen Shrimps, Frozen Cuttlefish


Coastal Sea Food & Investment Co. Ltd Tel:      +967 2 239 252
Aden, Yemen Fax:     +967 2 237 940
Contact Name:  Nagaraja G. Skype:  nagarajcsf
We are coastal sea food company and export all kinds of frozen fish, if need any fish pls contact us.


Colanfish Tel:      +51 1 994 170 375
Paita, Peru Fax:     +51 73 321 836 
Contact Name:  Teodoro Garcia Woodman Skype:  colanfish
We're a seafood exporter Company in Peru. We got our  own factory in the port of "Paita" . Products :  Giant Squid, Octopus,  Loligo Gahi ,Peruvian Anchovy (Engraulis ringens), Mahi Mahi, Pacific Jack  Mackerel, Pacific Mackerel, Chub Mackerel , Squid Meal , Fish Meal . Ask for a quotation our sales department will immediately reply you .


Comercial B & B Asociados Ltda Tel:      +56 09 9342 8814
Puerto Montt, Chile Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Eduardo Becker Skype:  edo-becker
We are company to supplier seafoods products to export. The products are; Mitylus Chilenchis, Concholepas-concholepas, Sardines, Jurel, Tawera Gayi, Clams, Sea cucumber, Sea urchin, etc..

Comercial Dao Dos Ltd Tel:      +56 2 719 5959
Santiago, Chile Fax:     +56 2 233 3369
Contact Name:  Luis Creus Skype:  luiscreus89
Export dry products:  Shark fins, fish maws and sea cucumber.


Commander Seafood Marketing Tel:      +92 21 498 3235
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 498 3236   
Contact Name:  S. Ahmed Skype:  lobster2008
Commander Seafood Marketing is dealing Fresh, Frozen, Dried, Salted and Canned products, we are impoter and Exporter of Fish, Fruits, Vegetable, Cement, Garments & scrap material.


Compania Armadora Tel:      +54 297 485 5801
Comodoro Rivadavia, Chabut, Argentina Fax:     +54 297 485 5801
Contact Name:  Antonio Skype:  antonio.pasquini
We  are a process company of south of Argentina, our plant have HACCP and UE approval. We process Hake, squid Illex, King Crab and Red Shrimp.


Concept Seafoods Tel:      +90 212 304 6330
Istanbul, Turkey Fax:     +90 212 304 6330
Contact Name:  Adem Skype:  conceptgroup
we interested in squid illex vaina jigger caught size s and m


Concepts India Tel:      +91 495 238 4987
Calicut & Cochin, Kerala, India Fax:     +91 495 238 4988
Contact Name:  Sajan George Skype:  SAJAN GEORGE
We are major seafood suppliers of frozen Indian seafood. Contact us for all your seafood requirements from India. With experience of over 25 years. Supplying to all the major countries.


Conservas Zubieta S.L. Tel:      +34 94 266 0084
Santosa, Spain Fax:     +34 94 266 2515
  Email:  -
Contact Name:  Ruben Sagaseta Garcia Skype:  ZUBEITA
Our company is dedicated to the production of seafood products (canned seafood) like fillets of anchovies, salted anchovies, yellowfin tuna, white tuna, octopus, surimi, mussel, crab, mackerel and sardine. Mainly Our products are well known for their high quality and good hand making.


Conti-Mar GmbH Tel:      +49 40 584 070
Hamburg, Germany Fax:     +49 40 585 381
Contact Name:  Ralf Sachau Skype:  conti-mar
We are importing frozen fish & seafood from around the World for the German, Austrian and Swiss market


Contimax Tel:      +48 14 611 8725
Bochnia, Poland Fax:     +48 14 611 8733
Contact Name:  - Skype:  dominik.barczyk
We are producer of Herring assortment. Contimax is well known brand in Europe.


Continental Seafood Tel:      +222 574 8964
Nouadhibou, Mauritania Fax:     +222 574 8965
Contact Name:  Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Skype:  CHEIKHHAMZA
Contact Name:  Mr Mohamed Skype:  hamzamv
Exporters and wholesalers of seafood products.


CoolMarket UK Tel:      +44 (0)7900 433 336
Hengrove, Bristol, United Kingdom Fax:     +44 (0)1275 541 906
Contact Name:  Steven Robinson Skype:  steven.robinson69
Coolmarket are a specialist sourcing company for Refrigeration equipment in the coldstorage and transport sectors. Refrigerated vehicles, new and used, ex sea going containers, vans, trailers and rigid trucks.


Coral Exports Tel:      +91 944 711 9027
Kochi, Kerala, India Fax:     -
Contact Name:  Lissy Skype:  Coral
We are involved in exports of chilled fish from India


Coral Reef Co. Tel:      +966 1 455 9870
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Fax:     +966 1 455 9840
Contact Name:  Mohammed Japre Skype:  Mohammed J.
Coral Reefs Trading Est. has been serving globally with high quality beautiful ornamental Red Sea fish since , aquaculture operation , supporting services and seafood in general  1995.


Coral-Reef International Tel:      +91 484 305 2334
Kochi, Kerala, India Fax:     +91 484 305 2369
Contact Name:  Ebrahim Zacharia Sait Skype:  coral_reef1
Trading Company for Frozen Seafood Products.


COSEAFEX Tel:      +84 918 727 702
Tra Vinh, Vietnam Fax:     +84 71 885 999
Contact Name:  Phan Thi Bao Tien Skype:  baotien01
We are specialize processing and exporting Pangasius Hypophthalmus with all formats and satisfy to all markets, especially EU, please send your specifications, high quality products together with competitive price,we hope to your long term supplier.


Costa-Plett Trade S.A. Tel:      +34 93 556 7607
Barcelona, Spain Fax:     +34 93 556 7612
Contact Name:  Anthony Baynes Skype:  tonybaynes
We import fresh fish from all over the world, for  sale in the fresh fish market of Barcelona (Mercabarna). We also distrubute  fish to other customers throughout Spain. The species that we are interested  in are hake (merluccius capensis), yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares),  bigeye tuna (thunnus obesus) , longfin tuna (thunnus alalunga).


Costas Del Sur S.R.L. Tel:      +54 223 483 2786
Comodoro Rivadavia, Chabut, Argentina Fax:     +54 223 483 2786
Contact Name:  Antonio Gjeldum Skype:  andigjeldum


Country Foods Pte Ltd Tel:      +65 9382 4384
Singapore Fax:     +65 6752 0866
Contact Name:  Mr Sandy Lee Skype:  sandylee21081956
Established in 1989, Country Foods is an all rounded Singapore food service provider in the South East Asian Region We have expanded our product range to include seafood and serve the international fast food chains, restaurants, convenience stores, airline caterers and most recently to the export markets

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