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Manufacturer specialize in Marine fish in Viet Nam. yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), swordfish (xiphias gladius), marlin (makira indica), mahi (coryphaena hippurus), wahoo (ancanthocybium solandri), oilfish (lepidocybium flavobrunneum), blue shark (prionace glauca)


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ADF&G's Wildlife Notebook Series: Shrimp
Five species of pandalid shrimp of various commercial and subsistence values are found in the cool waters off the coast of Alaska. Pink shrimp (Pandalus borealis) are the foundation of the commercial trawl shrimp fishery in Alaska. Pinks are circumpolar in distribution, though greatest concentrations occur in the Gulf of Alaska. Ranging from Puget Sound to the Arctic coast of Alaska, the humpy shrimp (P. goniurus) is usually harvested incidentally to pink shrimp.


CSIRO Aquaculture Research
Our research in aquaculture aims to boost the value, competitiveness and sustainability of Australia’s aquaculture industry. Focused on farmed finfish, crustaceans and molluscs, our research improves food production from aquaculture species through integrated studies of genetics, physiology, health, aquafeeds, environments and food science.


CSIRO - Black tiger prawn
We partnered with Australian prawn farmers to develop a new prawn that is producing record farm yields, leading to increased supplies of top quality, sustainably produced seafood.


CSIRO scientists create world's first fish-free prawn food Novaq
A team of CSIRO scientists has cracked the holy grail of aquaculture by developing the world's first fish-free prawn food. The royalties from worldwide licensing deals for the Novaq product will earn the CSIRO tens of millions of dollars. "The research cost about $10 million. We are very confident that this will generate a return on investment back to Australian taxpayers of many, many times the initial investment," CSIRO's Dr Nigel Preston said. There is intense global interest in Novaq because it solves one of the farmed prawn industry's biggest problems - its reliance on wild fisheries as a core ingredient in prawn food.


Shrimp in South Carolina - Shrimp are America's most valuable and probably most popular seafood. Whole cultures and maritime communities are based solely on these crustaceans. South Carolina has two important penaeid shrimp species, brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus) and white shrimp (Penaeus setiferus).


The Southern Shrimp Alliance is a dynamic alliance of eight southern coastal states from North Carolina to Texas, representing the harvesters, processors, and distributors of American wild caught shrimp


Black tiger prawn aquaculture
The black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) is a fast-growing tropical to subtropical species suited to warm, brackish waters. The black tiger prawn is one of 3 prawn species farmed in Queensland, and the main species farmed in Australia. Purpose-built earthen ponds, constructed on coastal lands or adjacent to the estuarine parts of river systems, are used for the intensive culture of marine prawns. Successful prawn farming requires a sustainable and clean coastal resource. The industry is currently regulated by local, state and, in some areas, commonwealth laws to ensure a high standard of protection for the environment. Prawns are harvested early in the year (up to May), and also on demand. Most of the black tiger prawn crop is sold on the domestic market.


Kuruma prawn aquaculture
The kuruma prawn is a subtropical species native to the Indo-West Pacific and extending to the Red Sea and Africa. Historically, kuruma prawns were sold almost exclusively to Japan in live form; however, production has almost ceased in Queensland, with only one farm producing limited quantities for the Australian market. Operating and capital costs for kuruma prawns are generally higher than for black tiger prawns because of different cultural environments (e.g. deeper ponds and longer grow-out periods). Feed for kuruma prawns is also more expensive because of the higher protein levels required.


Aquaculture facts and figures 2013
A diverse range of sensational seafood including oysters, prawns, marine and freshwater fish, yabbies and mussels is the result of aquaculture in New South Wales. The quality seafood produced by NSW aquaculture farms has won many fine food awards and accolades from food writers from across Australia. This report includes information on: Types of Aquaculture in NSW, Oyster production, Industry value, Aquaculture farms, Aquaculture production


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