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Sea-Ex is celebrating
26 YEARS of assisting Seafood, Marine & Related Companies with online marketing!

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Brand Names E

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Brand Name Owner Details Contact Product Description
Entree Sea Nova Fisheries /
Sun Wave Processors

Seattle, WA, USA
Email Crab (King, Snow, Dungeness),
Scallops, Salmon, Halibut, Fillets of fish
The Netherlands
Email The best world's EIA/ELISA KITS for detecting antibiotics (chloramphenicol and other antibitics), micotoxins (aflatoxins, ochratoxins and other mycotoxins), drugs, steroids in sea-food, food and feed.
Excellence Jurong Cold Store
Email Frozen IQF Shrimps
Express Express Co. For Seafood
Mr Mostafa Ziza
Frozen shrimps, cuttlefish, fish, squid


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