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As Easy as

1. Choose the design you want from the templates below.

2. Complete the request and payment form

3. Email or post us your custom photographs and information that you would like included in your website.


Latest Template Added

The following website templates are available from Sea-Ex. Your photographs will be inserted where the current photographs appear.  Your company name and logo replace the existing logos.

These websites are available for the SPECIAL PRICE of � 995* This includes a 4 page website, 5 email boxes, 12 months hosting, 2 years registration of your own domain name, 500mb data transfer each month, a one page advertisement listing and banner on Sea-Ex for 12 months.  Extra pages are available for our special price of � 55 (usually � 60) each page. PLUS FREE Trading Board Membership for 12 months. FULL DETAILS OF WHAT YOU GET

This is a SAVING OF � 550.00 on our usual price!!!

Your Website will be ready within 1 week of us receiving your payment, photos and information.

Note: We DO NOT sell multiples of the templates below.  Each site is a ONE OF A KIND original.


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* Australian companies, please note that this is +GST





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