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Black-Fish Sp. J.M. Prusinowski i Wspolnicy Tel:      +48 89 533 1111
Olsztyn, Poland Fax:     +48 89 533 1111
  Email[email protected] 
Contact Name:  Joanna Konopko Skype:  joanna.konopko123
We are Black Fish company from Poland and we are dealing in various frozen fish like: salmon, panga, tilapia, hake, hoki, halibut.
In any question feel free to contact me


Black Marlin Ltd Tel:      +64 21 114 3257
Christchurch, New Zealand Fax:     -
  Email[email protected]  
Contact Name:  Mike Grinevich Skype:  mikegrin
Also in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Blue-Ocean Im-Export Company Tel:      +84 937 393 757
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Fax:     +84 8 830 3086
  Email[email protected] 
Contact Name:  Nancy Nans Skype:  nancymekong
We, Blue Ocean Im-Export Company , are specialized in exporting Pangasius from Vietnam. We have produced multi- products from Pangasius Hypophthalmus and export to  many markets   as EU Market, Asia Market, Middle Eastern Market, ..

Blue Ocean International Tel:      +92 21 220 5247
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 2716
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Jawad Ali Skype:  boceanintl
We are processor & exporter of Fresh / Frozen / Live and Salted Seafood items from Pakistan. We export all types of shrimps: H/L white, PUD, PD, PTO etc. Cephalopods  (squid, cuttlefish, baby octopus) Whole and cleaned fishes: ribbonfish,  croaker, indian mackerel, seer fish, pomfrets, reef cod, rohu, katla etc.


Blue Ocean Trading Est. Tel:      +966 2 648 9404
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Fax:     +966 2 648 9403
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Osman Hamed Skype:  thailand1098
We supply Aquaculture net and equipment, Pen fish culture net  Anti-Bird netting sys, Cast net, Fingerlings/Fry dip net, Feeding trays, Float/Fenders, Fish raps, Hapas net, Harvesting equipment, Industrial safety net, Gillnet, Marine hard ware, Nylon twine, Pons shading net, Scoop net, Trawl net, Seine Net, Trammel net, AND COMMERCIAL TUNA FISHING GEAR


Blue Ray Foods LLC Tel:      +1 925 939 3474
San Francisco, California, USA Fax:     -
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Art Ibarra Skype:  art.ibarra
Importer exporter and distributors of fresh and frozen seafood


Blue Sea Co. Ltd Tel:      +84 8 402 7020
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Fax:     +84 8 402 6307
  Email[email protected]
Contact Name:  Ms Thu Di - Herry Skype:  thudi-bluesea
Contact Name:  - Skype:  leonlive4
We specialize in exporting, trading Seafood with main items: 1) Frozen: Shrimp, Baby Octopus, Cut Octopus, Baby Cuttlefish, Cut Poulp Squid, Clam, Crab, Potato Shrimp, Snake Head Fish, Pangasius Hypophthalmus Whole Ribbon Fish  etc.. 2) Dried:  Squid, Leather Jacket, Anchovy, Herring......


Blue Star Seafoods Co. Ltd Tel:      +886 9 7110 8764
Kaohsiung, Taiwan Fax:     -
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Linda Chou Skype:  lindamom105
We are one of the leading seafood exporters in Taiwan.  We supply blue shark, tuna, swordfish, sailfish...etc. the whole year with good quality and competitive price.


Blue Water Marine Tel:      +94 72 280 9673
Negombo, Sri Lanka Fax:     +94 31 223 5986
  Email[email protected]
Contact Name:  SJR Perera Skype:  SJRPERERA123
We need to find new buyers and make a good relationship.


Blue Wave Ship Chandlers Tel:      +20 6 2351 2860
Suez Canal Shipping Area, Suez, Egypt Fax:     +20 6 2351 3895
  Email[email protected] 
Contact Name:  Magdy Abd El Fattah Skype:  MAGDY
Blue wave marine co. is a Suez Canal based company specializing in supplying all stores, spares and provisions to the maritime transportation industry. We specialize in providing the highest quality of provisions, spare parts, deck, engine, radio, safety, bonded, cabin stores and medical supplies at very competitive prices. No poor quality substitutions will be made.


Bluefin Seafood Export Inc. Tel:      +63 2 687 2947
Manila, Philippines Fax:     +63 2 687 2947
  Email[email protected]
Contact Name:  Henry Morales Skype:  henrymorales21
We are a seafood manufacturing company. We have EU accreditation and HACCP certification. Our products includes- Reef Fish Fillet, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Sardines..etc

Bluepark Seafoods Pvt Ltd Tel:      +91 8816 229 460
Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India Fax:     +91 8816 225 750
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Dharma Raj Skype:  dharma1966
we are one of the leading sea food processors, exporters from Andhra Pradesh, India. We are processing shrimps  under the HACCP system and GMP, Quality management system, accepted by the  worldwide shrimp importers, all the procedure checked by quality experts to  ensure high quality products. You can confide in a very freshness highly  safety, tastes of our products, strict adherence to HACCP guidelines to  ensure a uniform product in appearance, flavor, texture, size and weight. Our plant is approved with HACCP,BRC AND ISO:22000


Blueseas International Tel:      +92 21 220 5247
Karachi, Pakistan Fax:     +92 21 220 2716
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  Sheikh Zaki Skype:  Blueseas
We are Exporter of all seafood from Pakistan. our main items: Lobster, Shrimps, Squid, Cuttle, Shell, Ribbon, Eel,  Croaker, Indian Mackerel, Salted Jelly Fish


Blue-is Inc. Tel:      +86 532 8870 7719
Qingdao, China Fax:     +86 532 8870 7712
  Email:   [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Austin Wang Skype:  austinwang-blueis
One exporter of seafood and vegetables in Qingdao of China.


Bluevision Trading Corporation Tel:      +84 908 103 671
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Fax:     +84 8 940 7979
  Email[email protected]  
Contact Name:  Pham Thanh Vu Skype:  vu-bluevision
We are seafood company with staffs of over 10 years in experience of seafoods industry -can supply all kind of seafood (shrimp, fish, squid ,cuttlefish ,clam and some high valued food product.. ) at reasonable price and stable quality to all of the world from Vietnam market .


BNNconsultant Tel:      +229 9 343 7234
Cotonou, Benin Republic Fax:     +229 9 343 7234
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name: Ambrose Skype:  Skye
We are importers of food and beverages,fruit juice and edible oil, noodles,seafoods and all kinds of food and drugs and are looking for supplier who can supply to us in a large quantity on contract basis.


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