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DongKhang Corp Tel:      +84 71 222 792
Cantho, Vietnam Fax:     +84 71 826 167
  Email [email protected]
Contact Name:  - Skype:  kytinh
we are company specializing in trading goods and services. we warmly cooperate with all of you for doing business. if you have any requirement about doing business in Mekong Delta in Vietnam


Dongshan Xinfu Aquatic Processing Co Ltd Tel:      +86 596 589 2269
Dongshan, Fujian, China Fax:     +86 596 589 2868
  Email:  [email protected]
Contact Name:  Ella Skype:  ella868
Dongshan Xinfu Aquatic Processing Co., Ltd. specializes in squid & crab production. Years of experience, the familiarity with the products and the good reputation in business make us to be the most efficient and reliable supplier in the frozen. The "quality products", "competitive price", "punctual shipment"  plus our sincere service bring the value to our customers.


Dorothy Foods Tel:      +91 484 329 1049
Cochin, Kerala, India Fax:     +91 484 222 9586
  Email [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Azhar Rafiq Sait Skype:  dorothyfoods
We are a trading house based in Cochin, India specialized in frozen seafood. Our main products are Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus, Shrimps, Yellowfin tuna, Skipjack tuna, Grouper/Reefcod, White & Black Pomfret, Indian Mackeral, Solefish, Snappers, Ribbonfish, Kattifish, Baracudda, Croaker and Fillets.

Dragon Hill Limited Tel:      +86 532 8598 9212
Qingdao, Shandong, China Fax:     +86 532 8598 9212
  Email:  [email protected]
Contact Name:  David Yao Skype:  davidyao2000888
We are a fish processor / Exporter from China. Our main products are frozen, salted fish fillet: Alaska pollock, hake, yellowfin sole, Pacific cod, squid ring/tube, tilapia, monkfish, pangasius, bonito, frigate tuna.


Dragonbull Co. Ltd Tel:      +86 571 8797 0408
Hangzhou, Zheijiang, China Fax:     +86 571 8797 6252
  Email:  [email protected] 
Contact Name:  Sally Skype:  endgirl003
We mainly export product of frozen tilapia, monkfish tails&fillets, redfish fillet, vanamei, shrimp,surimi,COD fillets to USA and Europe countries, especially the tilapia and monkfish is our advantage, we have good resourses and advanced technique on this, our customers all satisfy with our products, and we are always developing new items and markets.


Dragon King International Limited Tel:      +852 2887 2101
Hong Kong, China Fax:     +852 2887 0935
  Email:  [email protected]
Contact Name:  Howard Yoa Skype:  HOWARD120
Importer, processor, wholesaler of dried sea cucumber, dried elephant fish fin, spiny dogfish fin, frozen sea cucumber meat, chilled shucked oyster meat, coral trout, live geoduck, live lobster, live razor clam, live mud crab, fresh oyster in shell to Hong Kong and Shanghai China.


Dry Sea Food Ltd Tel:      +86 20 3618 1014
Guangdong, China Fax:     +86 20 3618 0444
  Email:  -
Contact Name:  Luw Wong Skype:  luwwong
We import from worldwide dry sea food items like Shark Fin, Fins Maws, and Sting Ray Skin. We want good and regular suppliers for these items.


Duntower Corporation S.A. Tel:      +54 11 4803 2121
Buenos Aires, Argentina Fax:     +54 11 4803 2121
  Email [email protected]   
Contact Name:  Carlos Cavallo Skype:  carloscavallo
The product that we export its: All kinds of frozen fish, of the origin Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru: Hake Hubbsi, Illex squid, Kingclip, Red Shrimps. Yellow Croaker, Sea trout, Red Snapper, Argentinean Croaker, Chub Mackerel. Hoki, Grenadier, Nototenia. Patagonian Smoothhound, Tope shark, Angel Shark, Elephant fish. Mussels Meat, Mackerel, Jack Mackerel, Giant Squid.

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Seafood Inspection in Vietnam. Pangasius, clams, black tiger shrimp, cephalopods, seawater fish

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