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Seafood Preparation -
How to Beard Mussels & Open Mussels

When preparing your fish and seafood for recipes, below are some useful tips and information that make life easier!


Bearding Mussels:

Using a stiff brush, scrub mussels well under running water, scraping shell with a knife to remove any marine growth. 

Tug beard toward pointed end to remove. 
Use whole as directed in recipe.


Opening Mussels:

Put the cleaned Mussels in a bowl of warm, salted water. 

As they begin to open, insert point of knife between the two shells and slide it toward pointed end to sever the closing mechanism. 

Mussels can also be opened by heating briefly in microwave oven. 

Remove top shell if serving in the half shell, or leave in place if stuffing; 

Remove Mussel entirely if only the meat is required.

MUSSEL MYTH: Cooked closed mussels should not be eaten - Unopened mussels are just a nuisance to open because the mussel node has not released.  There is NO scientific or microbiological reasoning to suggest they should not be eaten. Don't waste them!


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Seafood Recipes


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Mussel Recipes


Recipes for Mussels

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