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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Catchcarp Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing various carp fishing tackle and outdoor product. With a complete sound system, high efficiency in operation, professional skills and advanced equipments, our products have been exported to Europe and America and have gained the excellent reputation from our customers with high quality, favorable service, reasonable price and on - time shipping
Contact: John
City: DaLian
Tel: +86 411 8651 6587
Fax: +86 411 8651 6588
Email: [email protected]  
Changyuan Fishing Lure Tackle
Products: soft fishing lure, trolling lure, sinker, spinner bait, soft fish, lighting articles, plastic lure
Contact: Chen
City: Wei Hai
Tel: +86 631 576 5747
Fax: +86 631 576 5547
Email: [email protected]
Changzhou Evergreen Outdoor Products Co. Ltd
fishing seat box, rod pod, pole roller, umbrella, luggage, bag, chair, tent, trolley, scale, alarm, hard lure, soft lure, frog, marlin lure, worm, spinner, spoon, lead fish, fly hook, nylon line, fly line, dyneema line, box, combos, landing net, keeping net, float, lead, rig, hook syster, wire line, fishing rod, fishing reel and other fishing accessories
Contact: -
City: Changzhou
Tel:  +86 519 8840 7952
Fax: +86 519 8840 7952
Email: [email protected] 
Changzhou Quiangyun Trade Ltd
Contact: Annie
City: Changzhou
Tel: +86 138 1506 0477
Fax: -
Email: [email protected] 
Changzhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
A professional company which produces fish hooks, soft lures (soft baits), lures with hooks, prawn lures with hooks. Changzhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Company professional make soft baits, Hard plastic baits, Metal baits, Wooden baits, Jig Head, spoon baits, Spinner baits, HOKKI's and other accessories.
Contact: Huang Huajiang
City: Changzhou
Tel: +86 519 816 1828
Fax: +86 519 811 4295
Email: [email protected]
Changzhou Xinhe Fishing Tackle Factory
Set up 1994, the specialized factory which manufactured fishing lures, fishhooks, spinner bait, swim baits, crank bait, hard and soft lures, jighead, jighook, fishing reel and buzz baits etc. soft plastic lures & Spinner baits are our main products, our products are the HIGH-QUALITY products, We adopt Japanese production technology and had rich experiences of more than 10 years in this field at present.
Contact: Faith Wu  /  Julia  Xu
City: Changzhou
Tel: +86 519 8325 2668
Fax: +86 519 8325 2666
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Chaohu Gongyi Fishing Co. Ltd
One of the biggest factories and exporters in China on nylon monofilament fishing nets. We have the best quality control and cost control. Thus our price would be the most reasonable. Our main business is OEM production for a lot of manufacturers or wholesalers all over the world in fishing nets. Our main markets are in West Africa .East Africa, Southeast Asia , Brazil and South America .
Contact: Paul Zhai
City: Chaohu, Anhui
Tel: +86 150 2185 5445
Fax: +86 565 8728 8148
Email: [email protected] 
Chentilly and Kmucutie Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd
Manufacturers of fishing lure products, fishing rods, Boat fishing rods and jigging fishing rods. High cost performance rods and Full FUJI part rods, many choices. We can work together with you to development market.
Contact: Jeff Qiu (Sales)
City: Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Tel: -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
China Bestar Marine Co Ltd
We manufacture anchor winch/windlass, bow roller, pumps, navigation light, fishing rod holders
Contact: Yun Hua Huang
City: -
Tel: -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
China Fishing
China Fishing is the professional supplier of fishing tackle, for carp, fly and game.
Contact: Hans
City: Weihai, Shandong
Tel:  +86 631 288 0271
Fax: +86 631 521 0691
Email: [email protected]
China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd
We are manufacturers and exporters who specialize in all kinds of fishing tackles, sinkers with bullet type, droplet-type, tube-type, semi-drop type, there is cylindrical hole, Made by High Gravity Alloy with its perfect property such as High Density , Hardness and Strength. Corrosion-resistant and High Temperature Performance are widely used in the fishing
Contact: Marlon Hoo
City: Foshan
Tel:  +86 757 8723 8750
Fax: +86 757 8723 8750
Email: [email protected]  
China Rope & Line Group Ltd
On the basis of traditional material and high-tech material, most advanced machine and technology and most important China production base, China Rope & Line will bring China rope to the world. Together with the famous university we research and develop the character of Special Fiber such as UHMWPE fiber and Kevlar fiber and make great progress in this field. Because of this, our rope is well known in the world. There are four industry groups under China Rope & Line Special Fiber rope and net group: UHMWPE rope, glass fiber rope, Kevlar rope, these rope are widely used as plasma winch rope, anchor line, power traction or pulling rope, sling and SPM. Braid rope group: hollow braided rope, solid braided rope, diamond braided rope. Structure can be 8 plait,12 plait,16 plait,24 plait,32 plait,48 plait and double braided. Climbing rope Group: Static and dynamic rope. We have ISO certificate and CE certificate. Twist rope Group:3 ply,4 ply,6 ply twist rope widely used in agriculture, fishing and forest.
Contact: George
City: Taizhou
Tel: +86-532-68975466
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
CHN - Star Co.
We are the manufacturer of fishing tackles in China. Products just are soft lures,, hard lures, sinkers, hooks, rigs, squid jigs, lead fish, floats, nets etc. We are sure that we would be your best supplier for business partners. We just need you to give us a chance for trial.
Contact: Fang Guiming
City: Xinghua
Tel: +86 523 8326 4927
Fax: +86 523 8326 4917
Email: [email protected]
Ci Ning Tackles Co. Ltd
We make the fly boxes in serials 10-row, 12 row, 16-row, 20-row quality goods, welcome to inquiry on us.
Contact: Joy Tian
City: Yi Wu
Tel:  +86-579-82441326
Fax: +86-579-82441326
Email: [email protected]
Cixi City Mengjin Fishing Tackle Co
Contact: Shiguanghui
City: Ningbo
Tel:  +86 574 6391 9591
Fax: +86 574 6391 9555
Email: [email protected]
Cixi Dachang Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
The port city Cixi, is located in the coastal area of the East China Sea, the south bank of Yangtze River Delta.  Cixi Dachang Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. was born in such a land full of vigor. Cixi Dachang Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is a factory specialized in manufacturing bite alarm. The company has strong capability of product designing and researching. Currently, there are two series--bite alarm and fishing bracket, including more than twenty kinds of products. The products are of reliable quality, beautiful appearance and reasonable price. The products are sold to regions such as Europe, America and East Asia and receive good reputation from the customers.
Contact: Wenjie sun
City: Cixi
Tel: 86 1 396 829 9992 
86 057 481 341 748
Email: [email protected]
Cixi Jiangtaigong Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
We are a professional manufacturer of fishing equipment to our customers in Europe, North America and South America. Our products include: Hard | Soft | Metal Fishing Lure, Fishing Rod, Fishing Equipment, Fishing Accessories, Fishing Reel. Contact me for further details including price.
Contact: Antonio
City: Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Tel:  -
Email: [email protected]
Comkgin Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
Squid jig, leisure jig, sinker, spinner, spoon. Also some product for trading such as hook, tent, chair, fishing box, reel, rod, hard lure and some accessories.
Contact: Ted Chang
City: Yantai
Tel: +86 535 613 1721
Fax: +86 535 682 6817
Email: [email protected]
Comlite LED Limited
Shenzhen Comlite LED Limited is a leading LED fishing light manufacturer. Attract fishes- Seawater: Squid, red snapper, trout, salmon, octopus, plaice, etc. Fresh Water: black carp, snakehead, catfish, walleye, crappie, grass carp, tilapia, etc
Contact: Jenny Huang
City: Longgang District, Shenzhen City
Tel: +86 752-2059359
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Dalian Kudos
Dalian Kudos Manufacturer    Tungsten Line ,Tungsten Putty, Pouwergum, all kind off Sea rigs  Carp rigs , Loops, Windon leaders and many other things.
Contact: Gerrit
City: Dalian
Tel:  +86 411 8686 4701
Fax: +86 411 8686 4702
Email: [email protected]
Dongguan Liansi Electronics Co, Ltd
Our factory has been producing PET expandable sleeving for more than 10 years experience. Invented last year, the fishing rod sleeve is becoming more and more popular in the world. Our fishing rod sleeves have earned a high reputation in the world for their superb quality, delicate workmanship and reasonable price. In order to acquaint you with the items we manufacture, we have attached a PDF for your reference, both custom patterns and sizing are available.
Contact: Bella
City: Dongguan City , Guangdong Province
Tel:  +86(769)8736 0289 Ext 815
Fax: +86(769)8736 0280
Email: [email protected]
Dongguan Wingsing Fishing Lures
Wingsing (Dongguan) Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. Established in 2006, we are manufacturing enterprise which specially produces various fishing lures, hard plastic lures, minnow, crank bait, topwater, spinner bait, buzz bait, metal jig, rubber jig, swim baits, jigheads, jighooks, soft plastic baits, trolling lure, wooden lures and so on.
Contact: Kate He
City: Dongguan
Tel:  +86-769-88938300
Fax: +86-769-88938600
Email: [email protected]
Donghui Fishing Tackle Ltd
We are the floats and accessories manufacturer in China. We export our products to the European countries and USA etc.
Contact: Ms Mary
City: Beijing
Tel:  +86 10 8257 7202
Fax: +86 10 8257 7203
Email: [email protected]
DS Headwear Manufacturing
We are DS Headwear Manufacturing in China. We are specializing to make custom hats in top quality, especially camo hats for fishing. Also accept small order. Any demand welcome to contact.
Contact: Amy Liu
City: Baoding
Tel:  +8613513280916
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Fabric Sourcing.com
Exporter of fishing lure, rod holder and fishing tourism.
Contact: Teng XinFu
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 521 0091
Fax: +86 631 521 0691
Email: [email protected]
Far Eastern Sintered Metal Co. Ltd
Far Eastern is a manufacturer of Fishing sinkers and weights made by Powder metallurgy, also including gears, structure parts, automobile parts, sintered bearing, and other sintered metal products.
Contact: Stephen
City: Zhongshan
Tel:  +86-760-86921358
Fax: +86-760-86170122
Email: [email protected]
Frichy Manufacturing Co., Ltd - The Richy Group Limited
Manufacturer of fishing accessories. Manufacturer and supplier of aluminum fishing pliers. QC ensure each pliers made as per your quality standard. Co-operating with more than 280 satisfied customers, including Wal-Mart, BassPro, Birgma, Flagman etc.
Contact: Sherry Gu
City: Zhang Jiagang City, Jiangsu
Tel:  +86 512 5690 3093
Fax: +86 512 5690 3099
Email: [email protected]
Fujian ViviBaits Company
Our company is producing fishing tackle in specialty and accept customers' materials for processing . We can produce high quality products with low cost . such as: HARD LURE. LEAD LURE. ICE LURE. RUBBER JIG...
Contact: Ming Chen
City: Fuqing
Tel: +86 591 8561 6261
Fax: +86 591 8561 6261
Email: [email protected]

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