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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Xinghua City Xinhua Fishing Tackle Factory
Squid jig, lure, lead fish, spoon, sabiki rigs, rubber spoon spinners, floats and soft lures.
Contact: Ren-Tang Zhou
City: Jiangsu Zinghua
Tel: +86 523 325 2188
Fax: +86 523 325 2188
Email: yqxh@sina.com
Xinhua Dahua Fishing Tackle Company
We are a leading manufactory of fishing tackle in China.  Products: Fishing hook, nylon fishing monofilament line (0.1mm to 2.5mm), Squid Jigs, lures, spoons, spinners, sabiki, jig heads, sinkers, floats Bells/Woodworks, Catching, Balancers, swivels, stoppers, fly fishings.
Contact: Miss Lily
City:  Pu Dong, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 5844 6215
Fax: +86 21 5844 6215
Email: china-supplier@yeah.net
Xinghua Prosper Fishing Tackle Factory
Fishing tackle factory founded in 2003, specialized manufacturer of textile machinery, sporting leisure articles and fishing tackles.
Contact: Junlin Zhai
City: Xinghua City
Tel: +86 523 526 6651
Fax: +86 523 330 1565
Email: linlmo@163.com
Xinhua Shuangsheng Fishing Tackle Factory
Combo fishing sets, ice fishing sets, kinds of rigs & feathers (Sabiki), jig heads, soft lures, squid lures, electronic lures ,ice fishing lures, spinners, spoon, tackle box series, lead fish , zinc fish, diving boards, bait cages bait alarms , rod holders, kinds of floats, Wire leader, Fishing rings (bell), stoppers, kinds of glow in dark beads & accessories
Contact: Michelle
City:  Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province
Tel: +86 523 326 5046
Fax: +86 523 327 2046
Email: fishing@shuangshengfishing.com 
Xinhua Xinya Metal Fishing Tackle Factory
Xinya fishing tackle factory main produce fishing hooks and squid jig and squid hooks.  I will give you best prices and high quality goods.
Contact: Zhenya Pan
City:  Xinghua
Tel:  +86 523 327 2398
Fax: +86 523 327 2399
Email: panzy_319@163.com

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