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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers - China (+86)   We-Wi


Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Weihai Langbao Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
we are professional fishing reels and rods maker, you can check our website for our products,if you have any problem, pls don't hesitate to contact us
Contact: Tommy Wu
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 568 2708
Fax: +86 631 581 2709
Email: langbaowu@126.com
Weihai Lutac Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
We are a professional manufacturer and designer in fishing lures in Weihai, China. And our fishing lures get many good feedbacks in Japan, Korea, US and other countries mainly. Products mainly include ABS hard baits, spinner baits, jig head, lead jigs and metal inchiku lures etc. You can do your own packaging and LOGO.
Contact: Kerry
City: Weihai
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: lutac02@hotmail.com
Weihai Mig Fishing Tackle Company
We are the manufacture of fishing lure. Our main products are including the hard plastic lure, lead jig, jig head, spinner, soft lure. Our boss will test the swimming action when one new item is borned personally and all his family are doing fishing lure .
Contact: Rose
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631-5752187
Fax: -
Email: migfishingrose@gmail.com
Weihai Oceanus Sportfishing Tackles Co. Ltd
We,as one of the leading professional fishing tackles,marine equipment & outdoors outfitter manufacturer and exporter in China,have been endeavoring to create and supply high quality innovative products with competitive price and good aftersale service to the clients. For years, we have been doing OEM orders for some famous fishing tackles and outdoors equipment distributors and wholesales from many countries. Our experienced technicians and skillful workers are ready to meet your specific requirements at any time. Just contact us to feel our professional service and enjoy the pleasant and mutual beneficial business relations with us.
Contact: Mr Alex
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 2651231
+86 631 569 8669
Email: sales@cnfishingtackles.com
WeiHai Osprey Fishing Tackle Limited
a professional fishing tackle company. During several years of development, our company has had more than 100 types and thousands of  items fishing products. we can offer not only fishing rod, reel but also fishing lure and other fishing accessories. Our products have been enjoyed popularity in oversea market and exported to over 50 countries
Contact: George  /  Linda
City: WeiHai
Tel:  +86 631 581 1720 
+86 631 598 9558
Email: ospreysales@gmail.com
Weihai Ossifrage Fishing Tackle Corp
professional fishing rods and baits manufacturer in China
Contact: Allen
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 529 3460
Fax: +86 631 529 3460
Email: li@chinafishingtackle.net
Weihai PK Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We are a Manufacturer & Exporter which only focus on top quality Lures in China. Our Products includes various kinds of fishing lures all over the world. Our speciality is doing OEM , and we would like to develop and make your new collection.
Contact: Erik
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 298 0291
Fax: -
Email: chinalures@gmail.com
Weihai Rhett Coast Import & Export Co. Ltd
We have high quality fishing tackle with competitive price. Such as rod, reel, scale, lead sinker, clothes, gloves, Fishing Accessory, all kinds of plastic and metal products etc. We can print your logo. Quotation sheet will be provided at once if needed.
Contact: Maggie | Lexi Zhang
City: Weihai
Tel: :+86 631-5981241
Fax: +86 631-5981141
Email: rhettcoast2013@gmail.com
Weihai Runshuo Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
Specialized manufacturer of fishing rod and fishing lures. Supply you high quality fishing tackle at competitive price. We specialise in manufacture of various kinds FLOATS. if you are interested in them, pls contact me at any time.
Contact: Nancy Tan
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 580 5008
Fax: +86 631 580 2131
Email: rsfishing88@163.com
Weihai Sanfeng Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We are a manufacture that specializes in producing various kinds of fishing lures ranging from Plastic lure ,wooden lure ,spoon, spinner, cast steel fish to pilker, squid jig ,spinner bait and assortment ,etcs . Besides, we can also make according to your requests.
Contact: Nancy
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 599 7848
Fax: +86 631 599 7498
Email: fishingtackle.WH@gmail.com 
Weihai SF Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
We are a direct factory specialized in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of Fishing Lures, we possess outstanding technical strength, skillful R&D experts and extensive sales network. Our main products include Japanese Quality Lead Jigs, Hard Plastic Lures, Soft Lures, Non-Lead Jigs, Spoons & Spinners, Spinner Baits, Fishing Rigs, Squid Jigs and so on.
Contact: Mr Yu
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 298 0291
Fax: +86 631 590 7839
Email: info@sf-fishingtackle.com 
WeiHai Strong Mitra Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
Produce fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing guide, fishing hook etc
Contact: Mr Strong
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 281 1203
Fax: +86 631 531 6812
Email: info@weihaifishingrod.com
Weihai Sinonda Internation Co Ltd
We specialize in supplying Fishing Reel, Fishing Rod, Fishing Lure, Fishing Float, Fishing Tool, Fishing Accessories, Terminal Tackle, Fishing Net, Outdoor Sports ,Fishing Boat
Contact: Gabriel
City: Weihai
Tel: -
Fax: -
Email: sinonda2008@gmail.com
Weihai Tianxia Yacht Co Ltd
Top quality Sports Boat, Speed Boat/racing Cat and Canoe Boat suppliers from China
Contact: Julie Wang
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 13863145989
Fax: -
Email: hi_julie@hotmail.com
Weihai Wavefun Outdoor Co. Ltd
Contact: Lyndon
City: Weihai,
Tel: +86 631 576 0099
Fax: +86 631 576 0088
Email: lyndon@wavefun.cn  
Weihai Xiyangyang Sports (Fishing) Co Ltd
A manufacturer and exporter of fishing tackle: rod, reel, lure, box, float, hook etc.
Contact: Nina
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 531 2171
Fax: +86 631 520 5728
Email: xiyangyangfish@163.com
Weihai Youhe Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
established in 1995.we are manufacture fishing reels and rods. we export to Japan and Korea and Europe and South-east Asia and so on .any questions please connect me
Contact: Shelly Zhu  /   Cherry Lee
City: Weihai, Shandong
Tel: +86 631 575 9485
Fax: +86 631 575 7066
Email: xiaofengfishing@163.com 
Weihai Yutuo Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
We are the fishing rod manufacturer in Weihai, Shandong, China for 30 years. South & North America, Australia are always our main markets for years, and we are the supplier for many brands, companies in these countries, including some brands, and supermarket in Australia, like BCF, JAVISWALER, WALMART. Could i know if your company also import fishing products from China? If yes, please contact me about more details. As a manufacturer, it is our advantage to help for brand building, and new products development, and production control.
Contact: Heidi
City: Weihai, Shandong
Tel: -
Fax: -
Email: sales1@yutuofishing.com  
Well-Sea Fishing Tackle
we can supply a big range of the fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line, fishing lure and other fishing takles
Contact: Lianghong
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 532 5629
Fax: +86 631 532 5629
Email: lianghong123@163.com
Wellesy Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We have engaged in fish finder, remote control bait boat, fishing bite alarm industries for more than 6 years, with rich experiences in Chinese and global fishing tackles industries, in high quality fishing tackles with low price, We serve clients in the Germany, France, UK, USA, Australia, etc. So you can be sure we have experience working with different market regulations.
Contact: Jack
City: Jinhua
Tel:  +86 579 8214 2666
Email: okfishingtackle@gmail.com 
Wenzhou Winwin Outdoors Co., Ltd
We produce tungsten fishing sinker, Tungsten beads, tungsten fishing jig head ,ice jig head, tungsten golf weight ,round and square tungsten alloy parts. If you have some interest, would you please send me email
Contact: Laura
City: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Tel:  +86 18670891582
Skype: laura121318
Email: sales@wzwinwin.com 
West-Boao Science & Technology Co Ltd
We are a factory specially in producing and exporting electronic scale and sensor for more than 6 years .Our main products is fishing scale ,kitchen scale and so on !Here ,we want to recommend our type of fishing scale to you ,hope that we can have a opportunity to build good business cooperation .Maybe you have heard about it ,fishing scale ,yes ,it is popular with fishing lovers since have been developed
Contact: Winnie
City: Shenzhen
Tel:  +86 755 3302 2026
Fax: +86 755 3302 2030
Email: sales@west-boao.com   
WH Sanfeng Fishing Lures Factory
Weihai Sanfeng Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd. Is a professional fishing lure manufacturer & other fishing Tackles Supplier. With our outstanding technical strength & skillful R&D experts, We specialize in developing & producing all kinds of various fishing lures such as plastic lures, wooden lures, rainse fish series, cast steel series, lead fish series, squid jigs series, spinner bait series, spinner series, spoon series & assorted pack series.
Contact: -
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 599 848
Fax: +86 631 599 7498
Email: chinalures@gmail.com  
Winfaith Sports-Fishing Limited (China)
We are a professional exporter specialized in fishing tackles, as well as outdoor and sports goods. In the meantime, we work as the China agent of order inspection and shipment for overseas buyers on basis of a commission.
Contact: Ms Wang
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 525 8128
Fax: +86 631 589 8502
Email: winfaith@gmail.com 
Wudi Guangshu Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd
Our company is a professional manufacturer in research, development, production and sales of anti-bird nets, bird nets, scallop cage, spring cage, fishing nets, crab cage, climbing net, cucumber nets, chicken-resistant nets, fishing nets, rope lines, PE twines, anti-hail nets, sun-shade nets, sports nets, safety nets and other plastic products.
Contact: Bli Zhang
City: Bin zhou, Wudi Province, Shandong
Tel:  +8615065255516
Fax: +8615065255516
Email: zhangbali@guangshunnet.com 

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