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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Yaerle Fishing Tackle Company
our company manufacture fishing tackles,the products including the plastic hard lures.ice fishing lures,metal lures.and Tungsten weight and jigs,and Ceramic products,I hope more and more distributors and sellers come to visit our factory and have the business cooperation.we can provide you the satisfactory products.and have good business service after shipping it to you.
Contact: Widy
City: Fuqing City, Jiangyin Town
Tel:  +86 131 1050 4236
Fax: +86 591 8596 5886
Email: [email protected]
Yangzhou Buyrite Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
Yangzhou Buyrite Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd is specialized mainly in producing fly fishing boxes, fly reels, and other fishing accessories.
Contact: Endy Tian
City: Yangzhou
Tel:  +86 (0) 514-8720 6426
Fax: +86 (0) 514-8720 6426
Email: [email protected]
Yangzhou Eupheng Hook Manufactory Co Ltd
specialized in producing high-carbon fishing hook. Our fishing hook is used high-carbon steel as the raw material and through heat treatment. The tension can reach the international standard. In the chemical sharpening we have our unique buffer system to reserve the strength of the steel also improve hook surface. Unique tempering process ensures hook point sharpness and strength. We made hooks with Computer Controlled machines so that every styles hooks can be the same shape
Contact: Lisa
City: Yangzhou
Tel:  +86-514-8381-6009
Fax: +86-514-8381-6009
Email: [email protected]
Yangzhou Tewrminalpro Imp. & Exp. Co Ltd
We offer a wide variety of terminal tackle and fishing accessories. Products range include fishing hooks, swivel & snap, fishing sinker, fishing float, wire leader and much more is being made in the factory under the supervision of specialists. The products that are made here go through a quality check in order to ensure the fact that they are sturdy enough to bear the force of aqua monsters and good enough to last for a long time. Once we are certain that our products are good enough to serve you for long and are not easily breakable by fishes, we forward it into the markets.
Contact: Willian
City: Yangzhou
Tel:  +86 137 7341 3185
Email: [email protected]
Yantai Rayshine Trading co.,ltd
We are focus on designing and producing various fishing lures and rods. From US to Asia and Europe, global famous supplier get their items from us, that is because we offer the most toughest and reliable lures available. Contact us and find out why the famous brands trust us.
Contact: Lynn Hao
City: Yantai
Tel:  +86-535-6883536
Fax: +86-535-6883536
Email: [email protected]
Yantai Sunup Trading Co Ltd
Our company mainly handling fishing tackle, such as fishing reel (spinning, baitcasting, trolling and fly reels), fishing bags with waterproof, waterproof fishing box, flies and lure and so on, If you want to know more about the detail, Please contact us.
Contact: Violalee
City: Yantai
Tel:  +86 535 616 0153
Fax: +86 535 664 9079
Email: [email protected]
Yaska Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We are manufacturer of cast nets, gill net, landing net (made of wood, bamboo and AL) and various of trap net as main products.
Contact: Xia Ning
City: Chao Lake
Tel:  +86 565 710 666
Fax: +86 565 710 555
Email: [email protected]
Yongchang Industrial Co Ltd
we are a fishing tackle factory from china. we have a long products line of fishing reels.
Contact: John Gao
City: Cixi
Tel:  +86 574 6326 1827
Fax: +86 574 6326 9106
Email: [email protected]
YR Outdoor Co. Ltd
We supply quality carbon fiber fishing rods. OEM available. Pls contact.
Contact: Rivera Wang
City: Shanghai
Tel:  +86 21-68928268
Fax: +86 21-68499951
Email: [email protected]
ZhangJiaGang Frichy Manufacturing Co., Ltd
I'd like to inform you that we are starting a promotion for aluminum fish lip grip. Why buy it for me ? 1,Trend:It is so popular for players in some famous competition. 2,Comfortable:Rubber design will respect your hands. 3,Life:Never rusty , no matter used in fresh water or saltwater.
All body are made from T6 aluminum alloy. Compare with SS grip, our life in double . 4,Scale:With a scale ,Maximum weigh :44bl. 5,Worth:ebay sold $55/pc but if you import from us only $12/pc if the quantity over 500pcs .
Contact: Kevin Chang
City: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province
Tel:  +86 512 569 030 93
Fax: +86 512 569 030 99
Email: [email protected]  
Zibo Jiarui International Co Ltd
An exporter of all kinds of fishing tackle. Main products: fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing baits, fishing sinkers, fishing reels, fishing lines.
Contact: Annie Zhong  / Aaron Zhong
City: Zibo
Tel: +86 533 623 7280
Fax: +86 533 623 7281
Email: [email protected]

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