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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Gawa Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
Super of quality fishing tackle in china mainland. carp fishing and saltwater fishing tackle
City: Wrihai
Tel:  +86 631-5284647
+86 631-5212429
Email: [email protected]
GT-BIO International Co Ltd
We highly pay attention to pro-environment, and all the products are made of alloy material containing extremely little Lead, for the purpose of protecting fishing environment. As to product design, our GT-BIO extraordinarily strong design team will customize unique lures to your special demands. Most of all, we are absorbed in every detail to reach perfection of product quality.
Contact: Ami
City: Fujian
Tel: +86 595 8880 1860 ext 810
Fax: +86 595 8308 1860
Email: [email protected]   
GuAn HongHai Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
Our lines are mainly fishing tackles ,fishing net, fishing floats, fishing bell ,fishing line and so on
Contact: Wendy
City: Niu Tuo Town, GuAn City, Hebei
Tel: +86 316 622 7988
Fax: +86 316 612 8351
Email: [email protected] 
Guangzhou Better Catch Fishing Equipment Manufacture
Better Catch Sports Manufacture is initially specialized in making fishing equipment such as 12V LED underwater sports fishing light, large power deep water commercial fishing attracting LED lamp, fishing waders, fish finder etc.
Contact: Jack Zheng
City: Guangzhou
Tel: +86-158-7652-0827
Fax: -
Email: [email protected] 
Guangzhou Everlasting Co.,Ltd
We are manufacturer and supplier. We have been focus on PVA series products for researching, developing, producing and selling for about 10 years. And our products include PVA yarns, PVA water-soluble mesh, PVA films , PVA packing bags, and PVA non-wovens and so on. They are designed specially for different water environment with different soluble capacity and different solution rate.
Contact: Maggie
City: Guangzhou
Tel: +86 (20) 82011862
Fax: +86 (20) 82321097
Email: [email protected] 
Gulin Fy Tying Factory
Our Factory ties made to order fishing flies on a first come first serve basis to ensure that your order is produced with fresh materials and quality Chinese Craftsmanship, we produce dry fly, wet fly, streamer & minnows fly, nymph fly and many new modern patterns
Contact: Martin Li
City: Guilin
Tel: +86 773 567 7718
Fax: +86 773 567 7718
Email: [email protected] 
Haiyuan Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
Our main products include soft worm, octopus, spinner, fishing rig, fishing kit, lead sinker, lead fish, fishing rope, lure kit/tackle box, and so on. Totally ten series. Otherwise, we have the ability to develop whatever lures with the customer's sample. We are doing our best to keep unique products from the customers  for their exclusivity.
Contact: Jason
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 576 3359
Fax: +86 631 576 5267
Email: [email protected]  
Hangzhou Falai Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
Main products in the company at present are dominated by carbon fiber fishing rod (including 15 series and nearly 100 specifications) and glass fiber fishing rod (including 11 series and over 100 specifications). The products have been inspected by National Sport Products Inspection Center and Provincial Quality Inspection Center as high quality products, and were listed in National Up-to-grade Products through Supervision and Examination issued by Chinese Quality Inspection Association in 2001
Contact: Eva Cai
City: Hangzhou
Tel:  +86 571 8862 7111
Fax: +86 571 8867 1783
Email: [email protected] 
Hangzhou 3 Sun Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
A professional enterprise which engages in manufacture and exportation of fishing tackles and leisure products like fishing rods, reels, lures, fishing line, wire, rope, hooks, fishing net, floats, light stick, spoon, spinner, squid jig, swivel, snap, bite alarm, fishing chairs, fishing waders, wet suit, boots. Besides camping equipment, like tent, sleeping bag, headlamps and camping lights are also available in our company.
Contact: Amy
City: Hangzhou
Tel:  +86 571 8538 2815
Fax: +86 571 8803 7175
Email: [email protected] 
Haoyun Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
we are producing company in china which produce fishing float/landing net/fishing chair/ice box/keeping net.etc
Contact: Song
City: Langfang City
Tel:  +86 316 614 3036
Fax: +86 316 614 3589
Email: [email protected]
HC Sports & Leisure Products Co. Ltd
We specialize in developing and manufacturing sorts of fishing tackles and related accessories such as Underwater Fishing Lights, Squid Lights, Tuna Lights, Lighted squid Jigs, Electronic Fishing Lure with Light, Fishing Net Light, Electronic Fishing Floats, Bite Alarm, Fishing Rod Tip Light with Smart Sensor and Twin Bells, Bite Alert, LED Jig Head, Lighted Soft Lures/Octopus Skirts, Fishing Spreader Bars/Tuna Spreader Bars, Flashing Hard Lures for the night fisherman. We also make soft squid/octopus lure, hooks, hook rig.
Contact: Josenmine Fang
City: Shenzhen
Tel: +86 755 2623 0865
Fax: +86 755 3326 5109
Email: [email protected] 
Health Fishing Tackle Company
We can produce and supply wooden or plastic floats, wooden or plastic or metal lures (baits) and various hooks etc fishing tackle. if you are interested in them, please contact us by your direct email, so that we can supply more information about our products and service.
Contact: Mr Jian
City: Nanjing
Tel:  +86 13851638383;18913311690
Fax: +86 025-5818-9638
Email:  [email protected] 
Hebei Cangzhou Yusheng Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd
We are a professional manufacturer and designer in in fishing rods area in Hebei, China. All our products get a high reputation and hot market in Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. Products mainly include Telescopic Fishing Rods, Lure Rods, Pole Rods, Hera Rods, Ice Fishing Rods and Inner Line Rods. Pls feel free to contact with me if you would like to know more !
Contact: Winston Q
City: Cangzhou, HeBei
Tel:  +86 0317-5506165
Fax: +86 0317-3075480
Skype: winstonqys
Email:  [email protected]
[email protected]   
High Modulus Composite Deve Huai'an Limited
Manufacturer of fishing rods, including salt water, trolling, fly fishing, spinning.  Top quality and unique products.
Contact: Wu Xin
City: Huai'an
Tel:  +86 517 8371 1212
Fax: +86 517 8371 7700
Email:  [email protected] 
Honesea Trading Co Ltd
We are selling all kinds of fishing tackles such as fishing rods, reels, net, bag and accessories (swivels, hooks, spin & spoon, lures, box....) We export to USA, Euro, South Asia, Africa....
Contact: Lilya Pan
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 521 6281
Fax: +86 631 521 6882
Email: [email protected]
Huashun Fishing Tackle
Fishing boxes and rods and other fishing tackle.
Contact: Cui Ben
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 631 578 0507
Fax: +86 631 575 3769
Email: [email protected]
Huaxia Fishing Tackle Corp
We are a fishing tackle manufacture and specialize in fishing rods, fishing lures, reels, telescopic rods, hand rods, spinning rods, soft lure, spoon lure, jig head, sinker etc.
Contact: Legion
City: Weihai
Tel: +86 130 6112 2163
Fax: +86 631 529 5868
Email: [email protected]
Huida Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We are making fishing tackle all kinds of swivels ,snap and wire leader, sabiki,. You can trust that we will try our best to supply the lowest price and best quality and best service to you, and we can help you to develop your Nation market.
Contact: Xie Zhi Hui
City:  Anxi
Tel: +86 595 2323 9213
Fax: +86 595 2323 1012
Email: [email protected] 
Huijun Sports Co Ltd
We are a company in China which deal with different kind of fishing tackle exporting. Mainly for rod, reel, accessory.
Contact: Song
City:  Weihai
Tel: +86 137 9336 1496
Fax: +86 631 667 0589
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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