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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Company Information

Sanhe Bait Fishing Co., Ltd
We specialize in research, development, design, produce, and sale of fishing tackle. Supplying hooks, jig head, hard lure, wood lure, soft lure, metal lure, trolling lure, squid jig, sinkers, fishing accessories, fishing line and rods and reels.
Contact: Mark Lee
City: Sanhe Hebei
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected] 
Seasky Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
A leading lure manufacturer in China. Our product includes hard body lures, soft lures, jigs, spinner and spoon, spinnerbaits, lead fish etc.. With our great running experience and network, we can also get you high quality fishing tackles and outdoor sport goods with the best price.
Contact: Luna Wang
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 529 567
Fax: +86 631 525 1356
Email: [email protected] 
Sensa Company Ltd
Sensa Company Ltd., based in Weihai China, is a professional fishing line provider, which has started in the year of 1991. We are not only selling spooled monofilament, braided PE, fluorocarbon line, but also provide bulk line and fishing line packing materials ( ie, PVC box, label, spool, etc.). We accept OEM, and meantime we are taking great effort to market fishing lines under our own brand SENSA. Now we are seeking sole agent in the world wide. If you would like to be our sole agent in your country, please feel free to contact us.
Contact: Vicky Yin
City: Weihai
Tel:  +86 631 567 0508
Fax: +86 631 567 0509
Email: [email protected] 
Shanghai Guangjin Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
Leading manufacturer of nylon nets, nylon braided ropes, twine, monofilament fishing line, casting & landing nets, crab pots, shrimp nets, sinker, floats, soft lure, hard plastic lure, hooks, jig heads, squid jigs and other tackle.
Contact: Ben / Liu Hui
City: Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 5025 4551
Fax: +86 21 6845 9275
Email: [email protected]
Shanghai Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We are manufactury of soft lure, jig heads, fly, fishing hooks, swivels, nylon monofilament fishing line, twine, braided ropes, casting nets. Good quality and price.
Contact: Michael
City: Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 5889 5806
Fax: +86 21 5889 5808
Email: [email protected]
Shantou Qile Silk Screen Industry Co Ltd
Established in 1986. Qile manufactures and exports high quality nylon fishing nets, industrial monofilament, fishing line, fishing tackles, shaping tape and grass trimmer line.
Contact: Shen Zejia
City: Shantou
Tel:  +86 754 821 1907
Fax: +86 754 822 7658
Email: [email protected]
ShengFe Industrial Co Ltd
We are professional supply minnow lures, Do you need? With a wide selection to meet you different application. Lure catalogues will be send at your request. For more details please email us.
Contact: Lily Rao
City: HengLi Town, DongGuan, Guangdong
Tel:  +86-769-83719948
Fax: +86-769-82830189
Email: [email protected]
Shenyang Geunsu Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We produce spinning /carp /match/feeder/surf/bass pole rods with Korean technology !
Contact: Sabrina Bao
City: Shenyang
Tel:  +86 24 2378 3251
Fax: +86 24 2378 323
Email: [email protected]
Shenzhen Natu Lighting Technology Co. Ltd
We are factory specified in LED Fishing light 200-2500w. If you have any interesting, please contact me without hesitate.
Contact: Zhang, Guo Yong
City: Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Tel:  +86-755-29589253
Fax: +86-755-29589253
Skype:  CSCZGY
Email: [email protected]
Shenzhen Quan Heng Co Ltd
We are the fishing scale export. I want to introduce our fishing scale to you .this is used for fishing. It is fashion show, LED display, with 1 meter soft meansure.1.Aluminous outer covering. 2.Weighing units kg/LB changeable 3.Equipped with temperature display .Also can be used for luggage scale ,and so on .
Contact: Alice
City: Shenzhen
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected] 
ShenZhen TopTop Fishing Technology Co. Ltd
Fishing Tackle Manufacturer, LED Float, Lure. Fishing float LED stick light, super bright and supper long lighting time 60 hours, better than fluorescence! New Styles Octopus Soft Bait Lure for Boater Ocean Fishing, 3D eyes, colourful, from 2 inch to 10 inch.
Contact: Zach
City: Shenzhen
WhatsApp:  +8613760398632
Fax: -
Email: [email protected] 
Shenzhen Xingmingyuan Co Ltd
a factory specializing in manufacturing all kinds of fishing lures,like soft lures, hard lures, metal jigs, spoons etc. with high quality and competitive price. We supply fishing lures to the large distributor NGC Sports and MATZUO, and offer OEM service to many famous brands, like Jackall, Berkley, Brad's and Cabela's, etc.
Contact: Julia Liu
City: Shenzhen
Tel:  +86 755 8973 8233
Fax: +86 755 8973 8233
Email: [email protected] 
Shijiazhuang Chentilly Trading Co., Ltd.
We supply various kinds of fishing lures, such as minnow, shad, crank, vibration, spoon, spinnerbait, pencil, popper and so on. Both soft and hard, the production can be made as your request. Samples are available. Lead jig head, trolling lure, squid jib, jig head, fly fishing, soft bait, GT popper, jigging rod, baitcast reel.
Contact: Sandy  |  Cindy
City: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
Tel:  0311-66506581
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]  
[email protected]
Shijiazhuang Thunder Fishing Tackle Company
Manufacture and Supplier of Fishing Tackles Such as Artificial Fishing Lures, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Sinker, Fishing Line, the Fishing Swivels&Snaps and So On. All Above Products Can Be OEM Produced There in Factory.
Contact: Jason Ren  |  Maggie
City: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
Tel:  +86 0311 8534 2908
Fax: +86 0311 8534 2909
Email: [email protected]  
[email protected]
ShuYun Fishing Co. Ltd
I am pleased to inform you that we are one of professional manufacturer located in the south of China who is mainly producing this kind of product and ship to US, European ect.. We have our own painting, injection workship and also we have been in this industry more than 10 years, you may feel assured of the quality. We are OEM orentation factory, we are producing per the design of customer
Contact: Stella Huang
City: -
Tel:  -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]  
Sincere Tackle
Contact: John Chen
City: Ningbo
Tel:  +86 574 8784 1102
Fax: +86 574 8784 0609
Email: [email protected]  
Sinher Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We produce crab traps/pots, parlour pots, lobster/crayfish traps/pots, landing nets and floats.
Contact: Lucinda Zhao
City: -
Tel:  +86-13553040281
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]  
Sumec YangZhou International Co Ltd
I introduce our fly hook to you, and if you have interest in purchase fly hook from china , please contact me ,i can send our hook catalog to you, look forward to hear your response, thanks
Contact: William
City:  Yangzijiang, Yangzhou
Tel:   +86 514 8510 3599
Fax:  +86 514 8510 3122
Email: [email protected] 
Sunjianhua Outdoor Gear Co. Ltd
As a specialized manufacturer and exporter of waterproof bags in china, I hereby recommend some waterproof bags to you.  The seams of these bags are welded by high frequency. Materials cover Clear PVC, laminated PVC tarpaulin, Nylon/TPU backing, TPU, etc. They are used widely for outdoor sports, such as bicycling, mountaineering, camping, sailing, kayaking, etc. Pls let me know if you are interested in our bags.
Contact: Sam Sun
City: FengZe, QuanZhou
Tel:  +86 595 2825 6907
Fax: +86 595 2265 1350
Email: [email protected] 
Super Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd
We are a fishing tackle exporter and manufacturer in China. We have our own factory for production. Our main products are lures, soft baits, poppers, hooks and fishing gears. We provide you with superb tournament grade products at competitive prices. Just feel free to contact us please.
Contact: William
City: Fuzhou
Tel: +86 591 87726850
Fax: +86 591 87726801
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Sunshine Season Industry (China) Co. Ltd
We are factory in China mainly produce marine products, including boats, fishing tackles and life jackets, pls kindly check and let me know whether you are interested. We started from year 2005, and the orders are coming more and more year by year, now we mainly export to Australia, Europe, South America, Russia, Japan and other countries.
Contact: Doni
City: -
Tel: +86 25-84496945
Fax: +86 25-85408598
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Suzhou Beyond International
Beyond international operates an independent fishing tackle service center that has been providing quality products and for over 5 years. We specialize in various kinds of fishing tackle and fishing accessories such as fishing plier,fillet knives, Mesne pliers, scissors, bait alarm, flies, tackle box and much more.
Contact: Kobe Chain
City: Suzhou
Tel: +86 512 6070 8825
Fax: +86 512 6070 8825
Email: [email protected]
Taifeng Plastic String & Belt Co Ltd
Specializing in manufacturing many kinds of ropes and nets, such as water ski rope, wakeboard rope, tube tow rope, truck tow rope, pet leash and so on. We establish in 1993, so we have a lot of experience in producing ropes, from the process of taking out yarn, spinning, knitting to assembling, all processes are done by ourselves. And we have test machine to test our ropes from the first step to the last step, so our products have excellent quality but very reasonable prices.
Contact: Windy
City:  Guangzhou
Tel:  +86 20 8644 3662
Fax: +86 20 9644 3627
Email: [email protected]
Tension Tackle
Big game fishing lures made with hard polyester resin and abalone shell insert
Contact: Paul Yu
City: Pingdu, Shandong
Tel:  +86 532 8838 2308
Fax: +86 532 8838 2308
Email: [email protected] 
Tianrun Fishing Tackle Co Ltd
We are Chinese factory specializing in the manufacture and export of fishing tackle for more than eight years. including fishing rod, fishing lures...We supply good quality products at competitive prices. now, we have developed many new products, please check our website. Our professional designers can also generate other items to meet you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, let's talk.
Contact: Wakin Liang  | Dragon
City: Tianjin
Tel:  (+86) 631 5200837
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
[email protected] 
Times Fishing Tackle Trade Ltd
Specializing in fishing lure manufacture. We keep developing by reasonable price, noble quality lures. Our company offer hard body lures, soft lures, jigs, spinner and spoon, spinnerbaits, lead fish etc.
Contact: Plum White
City: Shanghai
Tel:  +86 152 1666 8784
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Vike Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
Vike Fishing Tackle is the most professional supplier of tungsten weights
and tungsten jigs.
Contact: Mike Liu
City: Taizhou
Tel:  +86 576 8748 8869
Fax: +86 576 8711 5950
Email: [email protected]  
ViviBaits Company
A specialist lure manufacturing company. We keep developing reasonable price, noble quality lures. Our company is producing fishing tackle in specialty and accept customers' materials for processing . We can produce high quality products with low cost . such as: HARD LURE. LEAD LURE. ICE LURE...
Contact: Ming Chen
City: Fuqing
Tel:  +86 591 8561 6261
Fax: +86 591 8561 6261
Email: [email protected]
We are a professional Fly Tying materials manufacturer, located in Shenzhen, China. We are leading the industry of latest Fly Tying materials in China. We specialize in supplying Krystal Flash, Flat Flashabou, Mobile Sparkle and other Fly Tying materials..
Contact: Devin Yang
City: Shenzhen
Tel:  +86 755 8192 5587
Fax: -
Email: [email protected] 

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