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Other Suppliers to the Seafood Industry

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Marine Delta International Co., Ltd.
TAIWAN - Marine Delta is a Taiwan based supplier and we specialize in longline fishing gears, commercial fishing gears, marine supplies, boat supplies, frozen squid for swordfish longline tuna baits, chemicals and cleaning supplies etc.. Our main products are covering Tuna long line fishing gears, Lead sinker rope, lead sinkers, fishing net, cast net, nylon twine, cordage, braided rope, marine rope, fishing floats, main line, branch line, nylon monofilament fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, snaps, radio buoys,, working gloves, working wears, rain coat, knifes, fishing tools, life jacket, life buoy, strobe light, LED signal light, marine light, chemicals, cleaning supplies, frozen squid bait, frozen sanma bait and other frozen fish baits.

Contact: Amanda Liang
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Telephone+886-7-5559270     Fax: +886-7-5559222   Skype: longlinemaster    Email


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Morris & Associates, Inc.
UNITED STATES - Morris was founded in 1949. Morris offers engineered solutions in industrial thermal management applications for food processing, process cooling, process heating and other markets. We offer: Chilling systems for processing plants which includes the MT-1B™ auger and Morris Rechiller™. Thawing/tempering systems for pre-processing. Ice systems (ice production/storage/delivery) for boats and production. COPE® pathogen control systems to increase shelf life. Brand Names: COPE®, MT-1B™, Morris Rechiller™, Tube-Cube®, Ice-Master®
Contact: David Maw Garner, NC, USA
Telephone:  +1 919 582 9228     Cell: +1 919 412 6362    


P.E. Bakhmach R.A.
- Electric fish scalers (equipment for processing fish). I produce very good electric fish scalers for professional usage. European quality on Asian price.
Contact Roman
Telephone: +380982323077       
Marine Delta International Co., Ltd.
TAIWAN - Marine Delta is a Taiwan based supplier and we specialize in longline fishing gears, commercial fishing gears, marine supplies, boat supplies, frozen squid for swordfish longline tuna baits, chemicals and cleaning supplies etc.. Our main products are covering Tuna long line fishing gears, Lead sinker rope, lead sinkers, fishing net, cast net, nylon twine, cordage, braided rope, marine rope, fishing floats, main line, branch line, nylon monofilament fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, snaps, radio buoys,, working gloves, working wears, rain coat, knifes, fishing tools, life jacket, life buoy, strobe light, LED signal light, marine light, chemicals, cleaning supplies, frozen squid bait, frozen sanma bait and other frozen fish baits.
Contact: Amanda Liang
Telephone:  +886-7-5559270     Fax: +886-7-5559222   Skype: longlinemaster   

Subzero Grimsby Ltd
UNITED KINGDOM - We are Seafood Processors providing Plate Freezing, Band Sawing and Nienstedt Pressing and Belt Freezing. We have one of the most skilled workforce’s in Grimsby of any independent fish processor, and this allied to our range of equipment, and our highly trained workforce, means we are able to work to tight customer specifications whilst still ensuring full traceability. We have adequate onsite cold storage and chiller space to accept your raw materials prior to processing. Various species and product types are produced at Subzero to include: fillets, pieces, mince & scrap meat from Salmon, Cod, Haddock and various other whitefish.
: Steven Chapman     Tel: +44 1472 289794     Email

Yantai Rota Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
- Our insulated plastic containers (also known as bins /tubs) were made from double-walled Polyethylene (PE) shell and insulated with a choice of expanded Polyurethane for use in various industries such as Fisheries, Food Processing, Medicine, Leisure & Outdoor Activities and others. The products is once shaping technique--rotomolded, has good sealing performance and features high strength, good tenacity, with a foaming technology is applied, so all ROTA insulated tub/cooler box all have an extremely good insulation time and outstanding durability. Our insulated plastic containers (also known as bins / tubs) are a proven way of increasing efficiency, keeping fresh, raising catch value & quality and potentially improving profits.
Contact: Roy Li
Tel: 0086053567502559  Fax: 008605356751272   Skype: rotacooler    Email
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Downing Instrumentation Services
CANADA - For over 37 years, we helped processing industries to improve on production and yield. From seafood processing plants to dairies, canneries, meat plants, we specialized in automation controls and help you find solutions to solve processing problems. Products: Retort and Autoclave steam cook automatic control, Continuous crab & lobster cooker temperature control, Crab & lobster batch cooker temperature control without monitoring - With real time monitoring, daily production report and ethernet communication for remote access. We supply instrumentation for recording, controlling and transmitting temperature, flow, level and pressure. We make custom control panels for any industrial applications such as crab and lobster batch cooker controls, continuous crab and lobster cooker controls, retort controls, autoclave controls, pasteurizer controls, blancher controls etc.
Contact: Marcel Downing     Telephone:  +1 506 726 9556       

Rizhao Pengfei Technology Co., Ltd
- A specialized fish machine design, R&D, and manufacturing enterprise. We are a fish fillet manufacturer from China and our machine can process Salmon, Tilapia, Mackerel, Squid etc. Our machine are operated by full automation and can process fish very quickly. They are widely sold all over the China and some overseas markets.
Contact: Alma
Tel: +86-0633-6661111    Fax:+86-633-8996666    Skype: kevinvip839   

Lares Co ltd
TURKEY - Manufacturers of Food Preparation Equipment for HORECA, Fish & Seafood Processing and Industrial Kitchens. We supply Chopping boards for fish processing in polyethylene that have been produced in our factory which has ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Our PE Chopping Boards are hygienic and are available in any size any colour, any thickness.
Contact: Murat Turklay (Owner)
Sair Esref bulvari no 6 d 809
Konak, Izmir, Turkey 35220
Telephone:  +905327466341     Skype: +905327466341       

Dynamic Systems, Inc
- SIMBA’s Automated Real-Time Solution for the Seafood Processor combines the latest technology with with a flexible solution that resides on your plant floor to increase productivity and eliminate keyed data entry without changing your established processes. SIMBA is a scalable system that can grow as your business expands. All versions offer label printing and traceability along with various, shipping and audit reports.
Contact: Rob
Telephone: (425) 216-1204    Email
Scales and Slicers
- India's leading Manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Weighbridge, Truck Scales, Industrial weighing scales, Retail scales, Platform scales, Check weighers, Food Metal Detector, Bone saw, Meat Mincer, labeling system
Contact: Ravi Kumar
Tel:  9122-65518100   
Ozone Safe Food Technologies
- Located in Southern California USA. We manufacture both ozone air and water treatment and sanitation systems. We have clients in 50 Countries.
Contact:  Mark Taggatz      Tel: +1 951-246-9222    Fax: +1 951-244-6431   Email
Nankai Biotech Co. Ltd
- We are an ISO certificated biotechnology company developing and marketing the rapid test kits for drugs residues in seafood and fish. Chloramphenicol residue rapid test, Malachite green rapid test, Nitrofurans Metabolites(AOZ, AMOZ, AHD,SEM) residues rapid test, Fluoroquinolones(Enrofloxacin and etc.) residues rapid test, Tetracyclines residue rapid test, Sulfonamides and so on. They are easy to use, just 3~5 mins for results, no professionals requirements, suitable for both lab and field test, and the detection limits respond to EU and US FDA Norms.
Contact:  Aimme    Tel: 86-571-87114605   Fax: 86-571-87114605-8037    
Brothers Food Equipment Depot
- Suppliers of good quality food service equipment. Ice machines, commercial dishwashers, glass door display coolers and freezers, stainless steel coolers and freezers, steel sinks, prep tables, wall shelves, commercial ranges, deep fryers, griddles, mixers, slicers etc.
Contact:  Larry Nugent       Tel:  +1
604.628.0052     Email
JSC Nezhin Mechanical Factory
- We manufacture and sell aggregative fishmeal and fish oil units (a1-izhr, rmu-60), fishmeal units ( i-7-ivb, rmu-5) and also a1-ikm, a1-ikm-3 units for extraction of meat from krill and a1-ikp-50 unit for processing ocean krill into protein paste. These machines proved to be reliable onboard fishing boats as well as in coastal factories.
Korovkevych Viktoriia     Tel:  +380689003766    Fax:  +380463154736     Email
Promens India Pvt Ltd
- Promens manufactures a vide range of insulated tubs, including the world leading Sæplast brand. Available in sizes ranging from 50 litres to 1400 litres the tubs also come with a choice of Polyurethane insulation (for optimum thermal insulation) or Polyethylene insulation (for maximum strength and durability).
Santosh kumar     Tel:  +971557492856       Email
Fahrentec Refrigeration Corporation Limited
- Fahrentec provides a complete range of flake ice machine, tube ice machine, cube ice machines and block ice machine, also a series of ice making accessories including ice crusher, walk-in cold room, marine use diesel engine.
Marina Mei      Tel:  +86 4 939 009      Fax:  +86 021 3752 9664     Email
Navana Interlinks Ltd
BANGLADESH - We do bag scanner, Fair detraction and protection, Door Finger print access control system
Contact:  Ashaf Zaman      Tel:  +8801818312918     Fax: +88028825448       
FFAZ Automatic Fish Feeder - System Development
GERMANY - over 27 YEARS experience includes the FFAZ systems, one of the most flexible automatic fish feeder.
Contact: Harry Müller         Tel.: +49 (0) 7572 1875       Fax.: +49 (0) 7572 3791       
Xucla SA
SPAIN - we design and manufacture, standard food processing machines and specific machine's and installations for our clients. Have 50 years history and work around the world. Please contact for any inquiry or new project
Contact:  Carles Codony
Tel: +34972265100            Fax: +34972266366          Skype: xucla.sales      
Turbo Scales
- we are India base Company Our Business  weighing scales and Parts Manufacturer in India. we are provide customized scale for sea food procession and SS Model and Nylon Material Low weight scale parts also.
Contact:  Alpesh panchal
Tel:  -      Fax:  -    
Franklin Miller Inc.
- Franklin Miller manufactures size reduction processors - crushers, shredders, grinders and screens - for the industrial wet or dry, wastewater grinding or screening and solid waste applications. Our equipment is making a difference to plant operations worldwide in such applications as: reducing solids to keep pumps and system running smoothly, reducing lumps and solids, improving product consistency and quality as well as in the shredding of bulk solids and documents. Our products are world renowned for their quality, engineering and effectiveness.
Contact:  William Galanty
Tel:  +1 973-535-9200      Fax:  +1 973-535-6269    
Fairisle Welding and Fabricating
- Salmon grading systems, stun and bleed systems, counting system and shell fish products for harvesting.
Contact:  Chet Chadwick
Tel:  +1 (250) 203-3056      Fax:  +1 (250) 285-3970    
MTC Food Equipment, Inc.
USA - MTC Food Equipment established in 1997 is a worldwide supplier of new, used and reconditioned food processing equipment.  We supply de-boning machines, bowl choppers, vacuum packers, slicers, grinders, meat saws, ice machines, stuffing machines, freezing equipment, smokehouses, filleting machines, skinning machines, and many other types of food process machinery. (Buy, Sell, Broker & Consign). 
Contact:  Todd Comstock
Tel:  +1 360 697 6319      Fax:  +1 360 697 6738    
Junhong Electronic & Technology (Dongguan) Co. Ltd
CHINA - Our products JH-14 auto-convey metal detector (stainless steel),
and EJH-D300 digital auto-convey metal detectors can be used in foods industries, seafoods industries, leath industries, clothes industries, to detect the metal or non-metal and  keep your products safety.
Contact:  Elliot
Tel:  +86 769 8890 3357      Fax:  +86 769 8890 3075    
Mazda Speciality Machine Systems
INDIA - sea food processing projects, offering state-of-the-art fish, shrimps, crustaceans processing and packaging lines.
Contact:  Mr Sujan
Tel:  +91 22 2282 1345    Fax:  +91 22 2204 4114   
FPT Food Processing Technologies Ltd.
TURKEY - Food processing technologies.
Dream Vendors Pvt Ltd
REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES - We can supply various sizes of plastic crates, barrels,  buckets that could be used in different kinds ways. Some of them includes to put fish, ice, cut offs, water, etc..
TURKEY - we are the major food processing machinery manufacturer in Turkey.
IHB International
NETHERLANDS - specializes in the intermediation of industrial goods and machinery in the broadest sense of the word. These concern obsolete goods, unmarketable stock, machines, complete plant lines and capital assets.
Flying Dutchman Marine
NETHERLANDS - Suppliers of Mussel Farming Equipment like buoys, mussel ropes, cotton socks, navigation lights, spat collecting ropes mussel floats. Processing equipment like declumping - grading and seeding machines
CPM Australia
AUSTRALIA - Machinery Suppliers, Pharmaceuticals Machines, Process Machines, Packaging Machines, Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Water and Waste Water Treatment equipment with a turnkey solution
J.S.C. "Nezhyn Mechanical Factory"
UKRAINE - produces high quality equipment for
fishmeal production. Our fishmeal units can be installed onboard the fishing vessel and in coastal plant as well.
Fiskhöllin ehf
ICELAND - Second hand fish processing machinery
Better Boards Factory
CHINA - we are suppliers for foil salmon boards from China
Repair & Assembly Plant of Food Industry
Machines and Appliances

POLAND - Design, manufacture and installation of smoking chambers, defrosting chambers
Tracetracker Asia Pte Ltd
Global Traceability Network – is an electronic network solution for tracing and tracking data in the entire value chain.
Palinox Ingenieria Y Proyectos S.L.
an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete lines for the elaboration of sea products (from skinning machines and classifying machines on board in vessels to freezing tunnels and grading machines).
Koch Equipment LLC
Since our founding in 1883, Koch Equipment has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide in the meat and poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.
SPC International Food Ltd
UNITED KINGDOM - Buys and sells food processing machinery. 
Optimar Giske A/S
Leading supplier for processing lines for land based factories and onboard ship
Sabbagh Engineering Est.
SYRIA - manufacturer of filling/ packaging machines, and production lines.
Modori Corporation
KOREA - Designing and Development of Fish Processing Line, Repair (Modification) & Re-equipment of Fishing Vessel, and Manufacturing Fish Processing Equipment & Tool, etc
Gurtan Plastics
TURKEY - Gurtan Plastic produce plastic crates since 1990.
Prawnto Shrimp Machine Co. USA
USA - We are a 52 year old company specializing in shrimp processing machines.
PT. Union Ajidharma Jakarta
INDONESIA - We are specialist in hygiene & sanitation chemical product. Our product called Blue Ocean, this product special for seafood processor.
Laboratorio DPA, S.L.
SPAIN - We are a laboratory specialized in additives for the fishing industry for Cephalopods, Fishes, Crustaceans and Bivalves treatment.
Global Business Link Srl
ITALY - automated sardine slicers and launchers, made of Stainless Steel and fibreglass.
Minco Trade Hansen
NORWAY - we are dealing with second hand equipment, machine for fishing vessel and industry.
Eksis Endstriyel Kurutma Sistemleri
TURKEY - manufacturer of fish powder drying machine company.
DeLong's Equipment
USA - Scallop Skinning Machine, Fully Automatic
CANADA - Seafood Plant Automation and Seafood Processing Equipment Designer and Manufacturer
KTM Product
KOREA - We are the manufacturer specialized in all kinds of fish processing machinery, and designing of the processing line including Fish Grading Machine.
ICELAND - We are a manufacturer of high quality fish grading machinery both for processing plants, on-board vessels and fish farms.
CM Foodtech Machinery Sdn Bhd
MALAYSIA - Producing food processing machine such as Food Production Machinery for Dumpling
General Drives System
SINGAPORE - Stainless Steel Waterproof scale
North Sea Machinery AB
SWEDEN - We manufacture batchweigher, sorting machines for pelagic fish and lobster
traps, crabtraps.
Miramar, Inc.
Supplier of fish processing equipment for the commercial fishing industry.
Trisol Ingenieria
CHILE - Portion weigher multihead
Anping Huaxi Hardware Wire Mesh Co. Ltd
CHINA - Fish and seafood container, wire mesh container
GERMANY - Korean modern high quality industrial plants for manufacturing surimi, shakuwa products, dried & torn squid and dried fish.
NORWAY - Supplier of process equipment to the food processing industry. For fish processing suppliers of filleting machines, dryers for klipp fish, salt troughs, smoke houses, dispensers, packaging lines, etc.
Landteknikk AL
Multi Elektro AS
NORWAY - Total supplier of electroautomotive systems, electrocontractor with expertise within installation and maintenance for the fish processing industry, with focus on processing fish meal and -oil. Nationally and internationally
Seafood Mechatronics AS
NORWAY - The company develops and produces of Salm-O-matiC automatic trimmer for filets from salmon and trout. Produces 32/44 filets pr. min. Fast, efficient and reduces labor costs. Unique solution for higher yield.
Trio Fish Processing Machinery AS
NORWAY - Producer of fish processing equipment for the fishing industry. Salmon, white fish and pelagic fish. Skinning machines, pin-bone removers, gutting machines, portion cutters and pallet units.
Kelapack, S.A.
SPAIN - Distributors of Japanese Yanagiya Machinery for surimi & surimi by-products
FT-Simaco Process Technology S.L.
SPAIN - Hygienic and economic meat/fish processing machines
Neptune Fishmachines
USA - Used fish processing machinery, refrigeration etc.
RS Máquinas
BRAZIL - Shrimp peeling & shrimp sorter machines


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