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Cut Sheet Labels - Seafood Printable Shipping Labels
- Cut Sheet Labels is a leading online label, and custom label printing company. We also sell digital printing machines and supplies in addition to digital color printing, blank sheet labels, roll labels and label printing materials. We have over 30 years of experience in color printing and label making. Cut Sheet labels is your one stop shop from blank label sheets to custom labels for any household or commercial needs, to digital color printing machines. We ship blank labels, customized labels, digital color printers, and label printing supplies within the continental United States. Our blank labels are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. Orders placed by 2pm have same-day turnaround. When purchasing customized stickers online, we provide you with an instant quote.
Contact: Victoria Hertz   Telephone: (877) 770-9680   
Scales and Slicers
- India's leading Manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Weighbridge, Truck Scales, Industrial weighing scales, Retail scales, Platform scales, Check weighers, Food Metal Detector, Bone saw, Meat Mincer, labeling system
Contact: Ravi Kumar
Tel:  9122-65518100   
Shan Dong China Chun Long Group Packing Co. Ltd
- Our company is specialized in producing plastic compound bag and laminating film, For example: sea food bag, laminating film, plastic film ,sugar bag, vacuum bag, frozen bag and so on.
Contact:  Mr. Tony Yu    Tel: +86 535-8888677   Fax: +86 535-8888108    
LogTag Temperature Recorders
- Manufacturers of temperature recording devices. They are extensively used for local and export cold chain validation, cold room monitoring etc..
Contact:  Ashleigh Koster   Tel: +27 21 855 0056   Fax: +27 086 644 7173   
Perflex Label Inc
- Label manufacturers including labels and tags for Food, Snack & Beverages
Contact:  Aira    Tel:  +1
416-321-0555 x 30     Fax: +1 416-321-2267      Email
Promens India Pvt Ltd
- Promens manufactures a vide range of insulated tubs, including the world leading Sęplast brand. Available in sizes ranging from 50 litres to 1400 litres the tubs also come with a choice of Polyurethane insulation (for optimum thermal insulation) or Polyethylene insulation (for maximum strength and durability).
Santosh kumar     Tel:  +971557492856       Email
Evervigorous International Packaging Co. Ltd
- Specialized manufacturer and exporter of PP bags, bulk bags, paper bags, color printed bags, laminated bags, paper boxes, snack boxes and parchment and greaseproof paper.
ContactTel:  +8653161362158     
Sumaiya Trading
BANGLADESH - All Types of Packaging & Packaging Items Suppliers
Contact:  Sirajul Islam       Tel:  +8801731127784          
Turbo Scales
- we are India base Company Our Business  weighing scales and Parts Manufacturer in India. we are provide customized scale for sea food procession and SS Model and Nylon Material Low weight scale parts also.
Contact:  Alpesh panchal
Tel:  -      Fax:  -    
Xactics International Inc.
CANADA - Insulated containers.
Contact:  Robin Poston
Tel: +1 613 936 2341   Fax: +1 613 936 8002    
Saurabh PlastVac
INDIA - we are pleased to introduce our selves as manufacturer and suppliers of vacuum pouches used in sea food industry , we can provide you the desired size of multilayer vacuum pouches, in 2 , 3 and 5 layer of Nylon , Polyester, Met Poly and Aluminum Foil... If you need any of these material kindly feel free to contact us
Contact:  Saurabh Trivedi
Tel: +919825013574  Fax: -    Email
Seaboard Folding Box
USA - I represent a food service oriented packaging printer in central Massachusetts.
Contact:  Scott Kuhnel
Tel: +1 (800) 225-6313  Fax: +1 (978) 342-1105    Email
Qingdao ShenHua Packing & Printing Co., Ltd
CHINA - We have been a professional in plastic packaging printing for nearly twenty years. We specialize in manufacture of all kinds of plastic pouch, bag and packaging used for food, beverage, frozen foods, pharmaceutical, clothes, pet supplies or shopping etc. They all made from top quality PE, PP, PVC, LLDPE, OPP or composite with them. We can produce all shapes and sizes based on your requirements. For the last decade, we have already established strong partnership with some well-known domestic and overseas enterprises such as RussiaFish, the GP Kimchi, PETCO and RoyalPet, etc.
Contact:  Mr.Jing Yang
Tel: +86 532 8587 2718     Fax: +86 532 8571 9914   
TCI Scales
USA - We are a scale manufacture .  We have a variety of scales:  platform scales, crane scales,  checkweighing , forklift scales (3 models) and portable scales. We manufacture load cells on site. We are pleased to note that, along with our Products Line,  TCI Scales Inc is very accomplished  at providing custom work.
Contact:  Harry Hawkins
Tel:  +1 800 522 2206     Fax:  +1 425 609 1021    
Grupo San Cayetano
SPAIN - We are a carton manufacturer based in Spain.With more than 50 years of experience, our boxes are present in 60 countries worldwide. Specialized in the seafood sector and familiar with costumers industrial process, to provide with our boxes the optimal conservation while been manipulated to reach its final destination.
Contact:  Hussam Salim
Tel:  +34 983 29 81 55    Fax:  +34 983 29 81 65   
Aktash Pack Tech Pvt Ltd
INDIA - Akash is a major manufacturing firm of packaging machines. We are an ISO 9001:14001 certified company. Our companies philosophy, we see our role in finding solutions in dialogue with our customers. We therefore not only produce various models of Multi Track Machines but also manufacture individually designed machines tailored to the specific customer's requirements
Contact:  Mahesh
Tel:  +91 129 415 5000    Fax:  +91 129 230 7610    
Idea Packaging
INDIA - We are leading manufacturer of automatic packaging machines in India.
Contact:  Umesh Sharma
Tel:  +91 2 999 1630    
Sun Industry Prepack Co. Ltd
THAILAND - Who are the manufacturer of food packaging (PS Foam Tray)
Promens (Saeplast - Bonar Plastics)
CANADA - North America's largest manufacturer of insulated fish totes.
Nikamal Ltd
INDIA - Manufacturers of roto moulded double walled, insulated fish tubs and ice boxes
Foshan YongXinDe Aluminum Co., Ltd.
CHINA - Manufacturers of aluminum products
INDIA - Specialized packaging materials for various food applications including food grade cling film, shrimk film, overswap, vacuum pouches.
Viet Nam A Plastic Co. Ltd
VIETNAM - NAACO manufactures Natalite translucent roofing, Resita anti-corrosive, tank for containing chemical substance, Tank containers of water, flower pot, sanitary equipment, v.v...
Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt Ltd
INDIA - We are supplier of X-ray , Metal detector and
Checkweigher machines suitable for Sea Food Industries
Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd
CHINA - We have been specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing various multihead weighers with the combination of high speed and precision, and provided our customers with professional and all-round service.
Baytree Packaging Material Corporation
CHINA - Our company production technical craft of coated film and the products quality occupies the internal leading status at present.
Texwel Jercey Co
SRI LANKA - Packaging supplier for fresh fish
Top Cherng Kuang Co. Ltd
TAIWAN - manufacture of vacuum sealers bag in Taiwan& provide an extensive range of
plastic bags including absorption material
Sheet Metal Machinery 
UK - Bulldog UK provide both used and new sheet metal folding machinery
Hangzhou Nankai Biotech Co ., Ltd
CHINA - We produce rapid test kit for detecting antibiotic residue in seafood.
Seafood iCe Solutions
assisting seafood producers in improving the quality and safety of the seafood products they produce by supplying them with world-class antimicrobial solutions.
GFT Italia
ITALY - PolarPads, the new synthetic ice.
Inter Fresh Concepts
specialised in transport cooling and absorption materials.
Koch Equipment LLC
Since our founding in 1883, Koch Equipment has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide in the meat and poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.
Plastichime S.A.
ECUADOR - We are an organization dedicated to the production and commercialization of covers and bags with and without impression, in polyethylene of discharge and low density, laminates in polypropylene, pet, etc
Maxigraf S.A.
ECUADOR - Producers of commercial printed products and packaging.
Vishakha Polyfab
INDIA - 7 layer nylon/evoh based vacuum pouch manufacturer
PT Bali Taiyo International
INDONESIA - we produced icegel, icepack, cooler bag, styrofoam box and polyurethane box
Ocean Roto Moulding Sdn. Bhd.
MALAYSIA - we design and manufacture Insulated Plastic Containers
Sun Shine Packages
PAKISTAN - We are manufacturers of plastic products H.D.P.O., PE rolls and bags and sheets.
Baytree Packaging Material Corporation
CHINA - We are the biggest and outstanding professional enterprise of pharma-grade packaging material
UtilityPrintPak Pvt Ltd
INDIA - Printed Folding Cartons specialising in Sea Food Packaging material.
Roto Speed Moulding
MALAYSIA - Plastic thermal insulated boxes.
Sintex Industries Ltd
INDIA - Plastic insulated boxes inner core is filled with polyurethane(PU) as to maintain the temperature within.
Patidar Polymers Pvt Ltd
INDIA - Polypropylene strapping
Olivo S.A.
FRANCE - Leaders in the design & manufacture of insulated containers.
Scan Holdings - Industrial Packaging Products
INDIA - Scan Holdings is a global supplier of Packaging Products and food  products. We supply top quality products to help you ensure that your food  products remain fresh and hygienic.
Process Systems Services
AUSTRALIA - Process Systems Services manufacture Steel belt coolers, pneumatic conveyors, food processing and trim removers / extractors. An independent, progressive and modern company, which offers a high level of service in the fields of general engineering, food processing equipment, steel belt coolers, trim extraction / removal, chemical processing and specialised service for steel belts used in the wood panel manufacturing industry.



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