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Marine Delta International Co., Ltd.
TAIWAN - Marine Delta is a Taiwan based supplier and we specialize in longline fishing gears, commercial fishing gears, marine supplies, boat supplies, frozen squid for swordfish longline tuna baits, chemicals and cleaning supplies etc.. Our main products are covering Tuna long line fishing gears, Lead sinker rope, lead sinkers, fishing net, cast net, nylon twine, cordage, braided rope, marine rope, fishing floats, main line, branch line, nylon monofilament fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, snaps, radio buoys,, working gloves, working wears, rain coat, knifes, fishing tools, life jacket, life buoy, strobe light, LED signal light, marine light, chemicals, cleaning supplies, frozen squid bait, frozen sanma bait and other frozen fish baits.
Contact: Amanda Liang
Telephone:  +886-7-5559270     Fax: +886-7-5559222   Skype: longlinemaster   
M.H.Chenís Industrial Co. Ltd
TAIWAN - We are a Taiwan based leading manufacturer of commercial fishing gears. With over 30 years of experience in the fishing equipment industry, we specialized in manufacturing tuna longline snap, fishing swivel, tuna hook, circle hook, bench crimper...etc.
Contact: Mandy Chen     Telephone:  +886-6-2534752     Fax: +886-6-2530770     
Yantai Rota Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
- Our insulated plastic containers (also known as bins /tubs) were made from double-walled Polyethylene (PE) shell and insulated with a choice of expanded Polyurethane for use in various industries such as Fisheries, Food Processing, Medicine, Leisure & Outdoor Activities and others. The products is once shaping technique--rotomolded, has good sealing performance and features high strength, good tenacity, with a foaming technology is applied, so all ROTA insulated tub/cooler box all have an extremely good insulation time and outstanding durability. Our insulated plastic containers (also known as bins / tubs) are a proven way of increasing efficiency, keeping fresh, raising catch value & quality and potentially improving profits.
Contact: Roy Li
Tel: 0086053567502559  Fax: 008605356751272   Skype: rotacooler    Email
Munot Nets
- Fishing Nets, Agro Nets Specialist. Manufacturers of MONO NET, SSTB, D/K, D/W, light blue color (If you need to add the resin, the price will add accordingly Only us have such resin to make the fishing net more soft (wet feeling while the knot more tight) DIA. MESH (CM).
Contact: Rupesh Munot
Tel: +91 9822256604   
AUSTRALIA - Importers of Mora Frosts Knives from Sweden, agents for Nirey Electric Knife Sharpeners.
Contact: Val Drewer     Tel:  0400821780    
Guangzhou Better Catch Fishing Equipment Manufacture
- Better Catch Sports Manufacture is initially specialized in making fishing equipment such as 12V LED underwater sports fishing light, large power deep water commercial fishing attracting LED lamp, fishing waders, fish finder etc.
Contact: Jack Zheng     Tel: +86-158-7652-0827     
M.H. Chen's Industrial Co. Ltd
- We're longline fishing equipment manufacturer in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Our main product have longline snap, tuna hook, fishing swivel...etc. Contact us for more information.
Contact: Mandy    Tel:  +886-6-2534752    Fax:  +886-6-2530770   
Uwon Marine
- A leading manufacturer specialized in longline fishing equipment in Korea. It manufactures swivel lines, rope longline, stainless steel swivel, and fishing hook products, and exports the products to Europe, North America, South America, and, Oceania.
Contact: Seungjae Lee     Tel: +82-51-266-6364   Fax: +82-51-266-6364    
Yuan Shun Marine Enterprise Co
TAIWAN - Yuan Shun Marine Enterprise Co. is a professional manufacturer of for longline fishing from Taiwan. We specialize in aluminum crimps (sleeves) and copper crimps (sleeves). Meantime, we also provide customized service, tailor-made to customers specifications is available
Contact:  Sandy Chiang
Tel:  +886 7 6211858         Fax: +886 7 6235869     Skype: happy-sandyja    
An-Liang Marine Lighting Co. Ltd
TAIWAN - MARINE LIGHTING A manufacturer of navigation lighting, marine ceiling lighting, marine power switch, marine power socket, all water proof. Signal lights, illuminative lamps, navigation lights, and switches for marine use and other relative products and appliances.
Contact: Emma Lin
Tel:  +886972014123      Fax: +886-6-2502592   Skype: linemma74     Email
Corderia Vitale Marine Ropes
ITALY - We are the Italian manufactured of the rope in synthetic and natural fibres in twisted and braided processing from 0.8 to 140 m/m we have the very good quality and the competitive prices we export 80% of the production
Contact:  Luciano Vitale     Tel:  +39 0818804165      Fax:  +39 0818801237     
Eversafe Marine Engineering Company
CHINA - Professional airbag ship launching and heavy transportation company and manufacturer of boat fenders and ship launching airbags.
Contact:  Mr Song       Tel: +86 2289747288      Fax: +86 2288386940         
Ferre Mar De La Paz
MEXICO - marine hardware and fishing tackle stores in Baja California Mexico. commercial fishing, sportfishing, diving items, fiberglass and composites, boats panga stile. etc. more 10,000 items in stock continuos.
Contact: Paco Rocha
Tel:  +52 (162) 128 6060   Fax +52 (612) 128 7070     Email
Dajcor Aluminum Ltd
CANADA - Fishing equipment parts. Dajcor Aluminum is the leading Canadian supplier of extruded, fabricated/machined and anodized components and assemblies to the fishing industry.
Contact:  Dabin Ahn
Tel:  1-519-351-2424   Fax1-519-351-2425    Email
Pesca del Mar de Ensenada
MEXICO - We sale nets, lines, hooks, dive equipment, marine hardware and we are in Ensenada Mexico with more than 20 years experience in commercial fishing
Contact:  Antonio Bautista
Tel +52 6461788905   Fax+52 6461788906    Email
Cudjoe Sales Fishermen's Warehouse
USA - Supplier of Commercial fishing supplies and equipment and Recreational fishing tackle gear
Contact:  Neil Rojas
Tel +1 305 745 3667   Fax+1 305 745 1992      Email
Seafarm Systems (The PFG Group)
AUSTRALIA - Suppliers of Aquasure cages and ice bins, filtering systems, ocean aquaculture solutions, steel stanchion cages, hatchery and feeding equipment, nets (best net prices - including Kikko nets), Aquamoor mooring systems, netweight hooks and consulting services.
Contact: Erin Hibberd
Tel: 0448090721   Fax: (03) 62740234    Email
National Plastics
INDIA - we are manufacturer of HDPE Monofilament Braided rope Size 0.080MM upto 3mm, Monofilament yarn, Monofilament Niwar....etc
Contact:  Nayan Patel
Tel:  +91 278 252 3343      
Chaohu Gongyi Fishing
CHINA - We have many years of experience on exporting fishing, especially nylon monofilament fishing net, fishing twine and fishing line. Our main business is OEM production for a lot of manufacturers or wholesalers all over the world in fishing nets.
Contact: Paul Zhai
Tel:  +86 150 2185 5445      Fax:  +86 565 872 8148   
Garware Wall Ropes Ltd
INDIA - Manufacturers of synthetic ropes and fishing nets. manufacturing all types of synthetic nets, fabricated nets, and ropes for fishing, aquaculture, sports, mooring applications. We are currently exporting to 70 countries world wide  with offices in U.K, Portugal, Chile, Russia, Canada and USA
Contact:  Gopakumar Menon
Tel: +91 20 3078 0337      
Pegasus Materials
CHINA - Pegasus Materials is a world leading manufacture of UHMW-Pe fibers and yarns and the only UHMW-Pe manufacture that specializes in producing thin denier fibers offering the strongest fibers in the universe with over 26 different specs of deniers. USES: strong fishing nets, fishing lines, mooring lines. rope, twine, deep sea fishing cages, crab cages, long line and much more.
Contact:  Mr Alex Gee
Tel:  +86 21 5855 0907     
Three Star Marine Service
BANGLADESH - we are the exporter of all kinds of 2nd hand ship's spare parts (M/E, A/E, Turbocharger, Compressor, Crankshaft etc), safety equipments and all kinds of navigation items (Radar, Gyro-compass, Gmdss Etc.) In Chittagong, Bangladesh. We are the well reputed in this field and having govt. Authorized license holder for this trade. We export these types of goods at any destination throughout the world.
Contact:  M.K. Ahmed
Tel:  +880 171 336 2344    Fax:  +880 31 251 4084     
Shark Shield
AUSTRALIA - Shark Shield is the new revolutionary shark deterrent. Currently used by Police, Fisheries, and scientific divers on a mandatory basis and also supplier to the Australian Military with NATO accreditation number. This unique product is also used by the commercial trawling industry to protect the cod end of nets and the fin, fish industry. The new FREEDOM 7 multi use product has both a commercial and recreation use.
Contact: Paul Lunn
Tel: +61 8 8440 0729     Fax: +61 8 8440 0749     
Fully (S) Pte Ltd
SINGAPORE - The leading supplier in Nylon Multifilament and Monofilament Nets, PE Nets, Twines, Ropes and Floats. Production capacity of 400 Mt per month. The only Fishing Net Factory which is fully integrated thus giving the cost advantage over other factories. Yarn is dyed before they are converted into twine and nets thus maintain breaking strength. The breaking strength of our nets are between 8-8.5 GPD.
Contact:  K.U. Kumar
Tel:  +65 9111 7145   Fax:  +65 6453 6787     
Dream Vendors Pvt Ltd
REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES - We can supply various sizes of plastic crates, barrels,  buckets that could be used in different kinds ways. Some of them includes to put fish, ice, cut offs, water, etc..
Fitec International
USA - Netting, nets, cast nets, ropes, twines, floats, etc.
Marine Delta International Co. Ltd
TAIWAN - Marine Delta can supply various fishing gears, nylon
twine, ropes, fishing net, cast net, floats, twines, working tools, frozen
squid bait, frozen sanma bait
Taz Exim
INDIA - We are providing provisional in ship , bonded stores, safety equipment, deck and engine accessories we have second hand engine, vessel repairs, freight forwarding, logistics....
Ianni Marine Accessories
AUSTRALIA - We manufacture ALL types of fender & Rope Covers.
Our fabric is designed & manufactured here in Australia 100% Australian
Anglers Center, Inc.
USA - Outfitter to the inshore and offshore saltwater fisherman since 1958. Complete selection of rods, reels, line, lures, clothing, foul weather gear and expert advice.
Flying Dutchman Marine
NETHERLANDS - Suppliers of Mussel Farming Equipment like buoys, mussel ropes, cotton socks, navigation lights, spat collecting ropes mussel floats. Processing equipment like declumping - grading and seeding machines
Q - Mumbai
INDIA - We are manufacturers of all types of Lead Sinkers Used in Fishing Nets
AUSTRALIA - Fiomarine specialises in securing and retrieving underwater equipment.  We manufacture the Fiobuoy: submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system. 
Ningbo Jessn Ocean Exploitation Co., Ltd
CHINA - an international MNC which is specialised in deck
machine, fishing equipment, sea fishing gear etc.
Siam Brothers Viet Nam Corp Ltd
VIETNAM - We are a biggest manufacturing and distributing synthetic
plastic rope, twine and yarn for maritime in Viet Nam
Dongguan Lotus Mould Plastic Co.,Ltd
CHINA - designing and processing of plastic moulds,that
is,hardware mould, die-casting mould,plastic extruding mould,and injection
Adware Flags & Flagpoles
AUSTRALIA - Manufacturers of flags and flagpoles.
Barreto & Guersoni Engenharia Ltda
BRAZIL - producers and suppliers of fishing lights for local industrial fishing process
Anping Hongchaoda Wiremesh Co.,Ltd
CHINA - we are manufacturer that produces iron wire and wire mesh
Drader Manufacturing
Repair fish totes.  Make your own boats, plastic tanks, fish gates, pens and feeders. Make high strength, watertight bonds. Drader manufactures plastic welding equipment and supplies.
Tidal Enterprises
CANADA - Manufacturers & Suppliers of Rope, Twine, Netting, Chain and Hardware.
Gurtan Plastics
TURKEY - Gurtan Plastic produce plastic crates since 1990.
Hai Seng Hin Enterprise Sdn Bhd
MALAYSIA - We offer for sale BISON Trawl Boards for mid water and bottom trawling.
Minco Trade Hansen
NORWAY - we are dealing with second hand equipment, machine for fishing vessel and industry.
Wudi Dayang Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd
CHINA - We are making nylon monofilament nets, pe nets, and fishing coop, fishing trap etc.
Fuzhou Wenfu Plastic & Rubber Co.,Ltd
CHINA - such as wall solid container, basket, bucket, trawl float, purse seine float, fishing float
Al-Qasim Trading Co.
PAKISTAN - manufacturer and exporters of all types Industrial Work Gloves and Industrial Safety Work wears
Roto Speed Moulding
MALAYSIA - Plastic thermal insulated boxes.
Shantou Everlucky Ropes & Twine Co.,Ltd
CHINA - We are manufacture of Nylon Anchor Line, Dock Line, Ski Ropes, Tow ropes and other ropes, twine.string
Sintex Industries Ltd
INDIA - Plastic insulated boxes inner core is filled with polyurethane(PU) as to maintain the temperature within.
Dexterous Export Line
PAKISTAN - manufacturers and exporters of sports gloves
Pesca Artesanal
SPAIN - Our company develops solutions for artisan fisheries, including selection of boats, fishing gear, equipment and catch handling.
StoneWorks Specialists International Corp.
PHILIPPINES - Manufacturer of heavy duty FRP buoys. Other products are FRP mud crab cage, FRP lobster cage, FRP aquaculture tanks, FRP insulated fish containers / tubs, plastic fish crates
North Sea Machinery AB
SWEDEN - We manufacture batchweigher, sorting machines for pelagic fish and lobster
traps, crabtraps.
Artipesca S.A.
ECUADOR - Fishing Gear
Gamrie Bay Prawn Trawls
SCOTLAND - Gambrie Bay Prawn Trawls supply trawl nets for shrimp, fish, squid and prawn lobster fishermen.
Guner Marine Plastik Co.
TURKEY - Fish cages, buoys, carriage & storage tanks for fish.
Articulos Para La Pesca S.A.
ECUADOR - Importers of fishing gear.
K.R. Associates
INDIA - Nylon line
SRF Polymers Ltd
INDIA - Manufacturer and exporter of Nylon Twisted Twine



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