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Seafood Preparation -
Handling your catch

When preparing your fish and seafood for recipes, below are some useful tips and information that make life easier!

Tips for Identifying Fresh Fish - Fresh fish have plump, bright eyes. If the eyes are glazed or dull and sunken, the fish is not fresh.....

Picture of a fresh whole fish. Notice the bright eyes- this is a very good indication of the freshness of whole fish. The longer the fish have been dead, the more the eyes are glazed or opaque, dull or sunken.

Picture of a fresh whole fish. Notice the bright eyes- this is a very good indication of the freshness of whole fish. The longer the fish have been dead, the more the eyes are glazed, opaque, dull or sunken.


Tips for Grilling (Broiling) or Barbequed Fish


How to tell if prawns | shrimp are cooked: The key to cooking shrimp is to avoid overcooking. When cooked correctly, shrimp will retain a firm texture and turn pink and slightly opaque. Some cooks use the spring test to ensure proper cooking times. This involves holding the shrimp upside down by the head and pulling the tail down. If cooked, the tail will spring back. If not, it needs to cook a little longer.

Fresh Cooked Tiger Prawns | Freshly cooked Tiger Shrimp

Fresh Cooked Tiger Prawns | Freshly cooked Tiger Shrimp

How to prepare the following for cooking:

How to prepare Abalone - How to prepare abalone for cooking. also Step by step photos


Bearding Mussels and How to Open Mussels - Using a stiff brush, scrub mussels well under running water, scraping shell with a knife to remove any marine growth......


How to open Oysters, How to Open Scallops - Scrub the Oysters under running water to clean shells.  Place Oyster, flat side up, on a board and press onto end opposite hinge using a cloth to protect hand.  Insert tip of oyster knife......


Clam, Cockle & Pipi Preparation - Place live Clams, Cockles or Pipis in a bucket of cold, salted water for 30-60 minutes so that sand and debris can be expelled by the shellfish.  Lift out and...


Cuttlefish Preparation, Octopus Preparation and Squid Preparation - Cut the body cavity on the soft side, open out, remove and discard cuttlebone and gut. If ink sac is intact....

Canning Fish and Seafood Processing Times

Seafood Recipes

Great Fish Recipes - From How To Cook


NOTE:  All dial gauges must operate at 11 PSIG.  Weighted
gauges operate at 10 PSI setting.

               Pack           Pint           Quart
               hot/raw        minutes        minutes
                              1/2 pint        pint   
Clams          hot                 60          70
Crabs          cooked              70          80
Fish           raw                 100        100
Oysters        raw                 75          NO
Tuna           hot/raw             100         NO
Smoked trout, whitefish, salmon or
grayling ONLY  hot/raw             100         NO

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